Saturday, October 31, 2020

Realize Who You Must Be


Do you think hatred has any place in heaven?  

Do not fill your heart with hate, aggression or stones, because it will block out love, peace and light.  

Work to develop the kind of heart that will be compatible with the Lord in heaven.  

Keep your mind positive and true, for your thoughts dictates your actions and deeds.  

Do not give footholds in sin(s) for sins will overrun and rot your soul.  

Realize who you must be in order to pass the Lord's Measurement and tests of character and what you must have in order to enter heaven.

"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."[5]

                                         - Matthew 18:3


Are You Compatible With (the Lord In) Heaven?


It's the night before All Saints Day, commemorating both known and unknown saints who have attained heaven.  

A saint is a person who is virtuous, kind and holy; having the positive character attributes that one associates with heaven and being able to enter heaven after death. 

Jesus Christ indicated many times the standards for entering heaven is very high and not everyone will be able to enter.  

It is stated in not so many words defined, but it would appear that mainly true saints can enter heaven.  

"For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven." 

                                                 - Matthew 5:20

Look at your character and see if it matches that of heaven, because Judgement will not be based solely upon what you believe.  

Are you compatible with (the Lord in) heaven?  

Friday, October 30, 2020

Brave The Crisis


After the blame, the anger, where are the jobs? Where are the answers to prosperity or the peace required for prosperity?

When society is destabilized by division, hatred, COVID-19, violence, nothing gets accomplished; only added strains upon peace and prosperity.  

Factories are run by people and people cannot run factories if sick or dead or if factories are shut down or run down.  

Creating products no one wants or needs, does not keep factories running.  

Without innovation and the people that can bring about innovation and build it, there is no prosperity.

Therefore, firstly, we must get COVID-19 under control.

We might be tired of what must happen in order to keep people safe, but the alternative in collateral damages from sickness and death and perpetual spread only adds progressively greater strains upon healthcare systems, businesses, economy and all other aspects of life.  

We must have the bravery to face the truth and brave the crisis in order to move forward toward peace and prosperity.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Sinful and Damnable


If you are sexualizing, you are not spiritualizing.  

This grave and sinful problem becomes even worse when some are groomed to believe there is nothing is wrong with inappropriate and indecent behaviors.  

When there is objectification of a person, then there is a separation from the humanization of the person; therefore, no relationship and no connection.

Inappropriate and Indecent behaviors causes unclean minds, impure hearts and souls which prevent any possibility of salvation in causing inabilities to see the Lord, Matthew 5:8, and blocking the connection to the Holy Spirit and humanity with its uncleanness.   

When the mind heads towards the gutter, so too does your heart and soul.


Any practices in inappropriate and indecent behaviors opens up direct connections to hell.   

Creating Sodom and Gomorrah conditions and corruptions in sins of the flesh and abuses, is heinous, damnable and Grimable.  

Ultimately, it is sacrileges to disrespect and dishonor people that belong to the Lord, because not only is inappropriate and indecent behaviors disrespecting and dishonoring that person and humanity, it's disrespecting and dishonoring the Lord.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What Are You Fighting For?


What are you fighting for?  

Usually when you take a stand, you stand up for a greater purpose.  

Hopefully that purpose align itself to the Lord's covenant.  

What is that covenant?  

Being stewards of the earth mean that each person has a specific purpose and role to play in order to fully care for the earth and it's inhabitants. 

Whether it is social justice, environment, health care or world peace, the purpose and roles played in each are varied and diverse. 

In order to bring about positive change or stability, peace, prosperity and well-being in the world, it really does take a village and fellowship.

Therefore, what are you fighting for?  

Monday, October 26, 2020

Dear Snowflake,

There will always be the poor among us, whether it is poor in spirit or poverty.  

It is impossible to go through life impervious to the tragedies, challenges and hardships that face  humanity.  

We are capable of feeling in empathy the sadness and compassion for the tragedies facing humanity and at the same time with bravery, strength, truth and integrity fight with the Lord for what we believe in, help those in need and work toward our hopes and dreams for the future. 

Each one of us must also live through the cycle of life.  Our bodies will not live forever, health and mental well-being in constant flux.  

Relationships are not always smooth, lasting or constant.  Heartache and heartbreak part of finding love.  

Whether you come to find yourself, happiness, love and/or purpose, depend upon you and your choices.  I will not add providence, because you can still find yourself, silver linings and purpose even in the face sickness or tragedy. 

Picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, taking a stand for yourself and humanity will give you the chance to realize who you are, who you can be and to prove yourself to humanity and the Lord.  

What are you true colors?  

Who you are and your constant evolution into who you can be with the Lord cannot be determined without passing tests of character.  

Keep focus upon the holy, the goodness inside of yourself and the love of the Holy Spirit.  

Remember where ever you are, you are love and loved. 


Sunday, October 25, 2020



Life is a journey whereby everything works within a process, much like the circle of life.  

If the process is disturbed, distorted or destroyed, then the process in future outcome will also be the same (disturbed, distorted or destroyed).

In order to stop nonsense or non-existent processes that lead negative outcomes, today and into the future, there must be best practices to safeguard best processes and positive outcomes. 

The how-tos of solving a problem with positive outcomes or best possible outcome depends on your ability to understand the problem and figure out the best process by which to handle or solve it.  

What are your processes on the how-tos of handling the problems facing our family and world, and tests our character and souls?   

Let us say you want an outcome of salvation on Judgement Day.  

How do you go about achieving the goal?  

The process by the way you develop positive character attributes, grace or good karma determines the development of your soul, holy or unholy.  

If you do not wish to become unholy and forsake the possibility of salvation, then the process by which you develop your character and soul cannot be negative in bad behaviors or sins.

Bad behaviors lead to sinful outcomes and patterns of bad practices lead to continuous and cumulative sinful outcomes leading to damnation.


To avoid pitfalls into damnation, it is important to find positive processes that will lead to salvation in a journey of grace.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Before Stepping Into the Future


Before consulting a crystal ball, you should first consult what?  

Some people that are interested in the future do not see the reality of today.  

The problem arises when one tries to skip ahead to future points without first living out current points.  

Also a problem, when one does not begin with anything in the way of talent or ability, but expect to have ability or talent out of nothing in the future.  

For example, if one begin with a mind that is at not at genius level, but expect in the future to be able to be at genius level intelligence without IQ or merit,  it is not possible, even if the future has infinite possibilities, you still have to go by what is there or will be there.  

Grandiose predictions of the future are nothing  but delusions in future grand misinformations which will not have any basis in future reality.  

Therefore, consult the Lord, make sure your compass is aligned to the Holy Spirit and face today's reality, before taking one step into the future.  

Thursday, October 22, 2020

No Big Deal


Do you think the soldiers, the people, bandits or chief priests, thought it a big deal to make fun, insult, abuse and crucify Jesus Christ?

What you think is no big deal might not be no big deal (according to the Lord).  

What you think is a big deal might not be a big deal (according to the Lord).  

What actions you take might not seem wrong or a big deal, but it might be to the Lord.  

Before you dismiss your attitudes, actions or people as no big deal, consider the consequences and how the Lord will view your behavior, actions, attitudes and character.



Do you think the soldiers crucifying, abusing, making fun of and insulting Jesus thought it was wrong?  

What about the chief priests and teachers of the Law?  

It's funny how those that are committing crimes against humanity feel justified and right to do so and delight in doing so.

Even if the law at the time allowed authoritarian violations of law and abuses of people, it does not make it right.  

Where do you think the perpetrators of Jesus' crucifixion and abuses ended up on Judgement Day?  

Some might believe that because of Jesus' forgiveness that it translates into forgottenness of sins or as if the sins never occurred and therefore the soul returns to a purity of state before the sins corrupted the soul and crimes against humanity occurred, but that is not what happened nor did a turn back of time occur.  

Forgiveness by the victim (action of victim) does not change (actions of sinner) the sins already perpetrated, the sinful mindset of perpetrator or give understanding of why the sins were so wrong or make the sinner be in a state other than aggression of sins in order to receive the forgiveness.   

In other words, forgiveness does not change the character of sinner or the harm and injuries already committed or prevent future sins or injuries, because sinner or perpetrator is still unrepentant (sinful and ignorant).  

And do you think Jesus was the only one that those sinners made fun of, abused or crucified?   

When there is a pattern of bad behaviors, practices and sins then you can be sure that Jesus was not the only one crucified, made fun of, insulted and abused.

A slave can forgive a slave master, but will it change the practice of slavery or prevent the slaver from owning more slaves or stop the abuses?  

Ultimately, when people abuse, make fun of, insult and hurt people that belong the the Lord, who's forgiveness is also required?  

Ultimately, Who was offended?  

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Placement in Heaven


Before the soldiers crucified Jesus, the soldiers put on him a purple robe and a crown of thorns on his head.  Then beat him over the head, spat on him and made fun of him.  

After Jesus was crucified, the two bandits crucified with him also made fun of Jesus.  

While he crucified, people passing by Jesus taunted him.  

The chief of priests and the teachers of the Law also made fun of Jesus and insulted him, as did the two who were crucified with insulted him.  

Even after the soldiers, the bandits, the people, the chief of priests and the teachers of the Law "won" through crucifixion, it was not enough; and continued make fun, insult and treat Jesus cruelly.   

Did the soldiers, the bandits, the people, the chief of priests and the teachers of the Law feel any compassion toward the crucified or toward the crucifixion of Christ?

And if that was not enough, even the crucified bandits, felt themselves above Christ and made fun and insulted him.  

Isn't it funny that some people feel it is perfectly fine to crucify, make fun, insult and abuse another without regard and then think themselves above the other person?  

And all without regard to that person's placement in heaven?  

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

No Clairvoyance


When you are uncertain of the future, it is difficult to know who to trust.  

Risks are high when lives, liberty and freedoms are at stake.  

Built into risks are the fears of consequences.  

For some, the consequences will be greater; possible loss of revenue does not compare to loss of life or civil liberties. 

If only we can know and prevent from harm to lives and humanity.  

We can pray for peace, for prosperity, for respect of life and civil liberties, but knowing how to bring it about and who to trust to help bring it about is difficult to know.  

Unfortunately, praying does not give clairvoyance to the blind.  

When the Lord grants us free will to freely determine how we should create our society and the kind of person we choose to be, there are no intercessions unless it becomes so unholy it harms most everyone and corrupts the masses.  

Monday, October 19, 2020

Whom Should You Fear?


Whom should you fear?  

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather be afraid of the Lord, who can destroy both body and soul in hell."

                                                  - Matthew 10.28

Pay attention to the last two words of the above scripture passage.   

Where and when does God destroy the body and soul?  

Destruction by the Lord occurs when there is hell on earth and in hell.  

When people incite Sodom and Gomorrah -like conditions, temptations and sins, then the possibility of destruction by the Lord greatly increases.  

Some people's temptation into sins of the flesh, abuse of power and superpower only accelerate hell -like conditions leading to destruction and damnation.  

Imagining yourselves saved while practicing sins of the flesh, abuses of power and corruption only continues on down the path of damnation and destruction without possibility of redemption, because of the lack of remorse and confession, repentance and atonement.  

When some supervillains imagine having super powers while committing super abuses in harm and injuries as god-like, those that understand wisdom and faith, view it as super weaknesses in feeding sins and thus super accelerations towards hell and destruction.  

"Then the disciples came to Jesus in private and asked him, "Why couldn't we drive the demon out?"

"It was because you do not have enough faith," answered Jesus.  "I assure you that if you have faith as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this hill, 'Go from here to there!' and it will go....."

                                                 - Matthew 17.19-20

Why couldn't some superpower that are unholy drive out demons?  

Because closer to being one than faithful ones.  

Practices of sins and temptations remove faith in the Lord. 

Instead of being faithful servants to the Lord, the unholies become slaves to sins and Satan.

Whom should you fear?  


Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Lord's Measurement


Do you really believe that the Lord's Measurement (in life) or Judgement (in death) is based upon money and power?  

Do you really believe that the Lord's Measurement or Judgement is based upon the color of skin or gender? 

Or even religion.  Can you take your church with you when you die?  

Do you think that the Lord's actual Measurement or Judgement are based upon the things of earth (that you cannot take with you when you die)?

What is the Lord's Measurement based on?

Knowing the Lord's Measurement will give you an inkling of the Lord's Judgement.  

The Measurement is very much a part of the compass of life.  

What happens when you go through life without a compass towards the Lord?  

What happens when you offend the Lord with constant and continuous sins and sacrilege?

Does The Lord Know?


Are you under the impression that you can hide from the Lord?

That somehow the Lord is unaware of what you have done or who you have become? 

At what level of heinous crimes or sins does the Lord intervene?

Or do you think the Great Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah are myths? 

Do you believe that the Lord never intervenes and grants free will without exceptions or consequences?

Therefore, you can do whatever you want regardless?  

Do you imagine you have people that are all knowing?  

Substantively accurate at all times in all areas?  

Do you think the Lord will approve of what has happened?

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Groomed For Damnation

When you are groomed for dishonor, you disgrace yourself and the Lord.  

Because as you practice the sins of dishonor, sins of the flesh, you become unclean, unpure and unholy.   

When you fail to respect and violate a person, you bring sins and shame unto yourself and your family.  

When you are groomed to hate, you fail to love in fellowship with respect and regard; therefore you fail Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Lord. 

As you practice hate, you beget more hate and the injuries caused only brings about more sinful hate.  

All sins are damnable.  

Whether groomed for dishonor or hate, you are groomed for damnation.  


Unless you stop this unholy practices, you will be complicit in allowing for the practice of crimes against humanity and sins.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Words Matter


Words Matter.  What you say,  what you do matters; all will count on Judgement Day.  

The idea that acts speaks louder the words, does not mean words do not matter or whatever transpire from your words will not count on Judgement Day. 

Therefore, do not use words to incite or activate harmful actions or sins, instead use your words to inspire actions that will bring forth the holy.  

What you forth in life, the good or bad will all count on Judgement Day.


"A good person brings good things out of a treasure of good things; a bad person brings out of a treasure of bad things.

You can be sure on Judgement Day you will have to account for every useless word you have ever spoken.

Your words will be used to judge you- to declare you innocent or guilty.".       

                                            - Matthew 12.35 - 37

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Choice Is Up To You


Do you find it strange that some people would want to hurt leaders that actually try to keep them and their family members safe (and protected from harm)?  

Do you find it strange that some people would rather go with idiots or corruptors that would let them do whatever, including harming self and others, than Einstein that would stop them from harming themselves, family and humanity?  

Do you believe in the strange grandiose lies or wishful thinking of the subpars or unholies?  

The truth will out eventually, because lies and bad practices that lead to harm and destruction cannot be sustained indefinitely.  

The question again becomes will you let bad practices and bad behaviors stand and rise (within yourself or society)? 

At some point, the consequences will be felt (if not already) on earth, and after in the Judgement hereafter.  

You can wait for the Lord's intervention to where you, people and society becomes as bad as the paces and peoples of Sodom and Gomorrah 

or wait until Judgement (one way or the other)

or do your small part, fulfill your calling and purpose in the Lord's peaceful and loving Blueprint by establishing and enforcing best practices and good behaviors.

Again, the choice is up to you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Without Respect


Do you think you can truly see a person without first having respect for that person?  

Without "due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions the other*" person or respect, what exactly are you seeing? 

Some people say you have to earn respect, but does that mean you first give disrespect or no respect? 

You earn greater respect, not by fear, but by passing tests of character, demonstrating good character in respect, honor, bravery, integrity and grace.  

You lose respect by disrespect, dishonor, cowardice, corruption, disgrace or failures of character. 

To project your selfish desires, your preferences, your objectification onto the other person, is not seeing that person; nor is it reading or comprehending anything based upon the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of that person. 

Without respect there is no true connection and therefore, absolutely no relationship.  

Any violation(s) of respect, honor, dignity is a betrayal of humanity and a betrayal of the Lord, for we are the Lord's creation, children of God; therefore, we, the people, belong to the Lord.  

We demonstrate respect for the Lord by first respecting the wonders of the Lord's creation, which includes people.  


*Dictionary definition of respect.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Why do some people view diminished character as good?  

At the close of life, what is the ultimate goal?  

(No, you cannot live forever.)

What ultimate test do you hope to pass?  

In order to pass the Lord's Judgement, you have to pass your tests of character in life.  

If you fail your tests of character, where you are diminished in honor, diminished in integrity, diminished in bravery, diminished in empathy, diminished in love.....then you are diminished in hope to ever be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why then do some  people feed their sins, bad practices and abuses of power?  

Failures in the defense against sins, bad practices and abuses of power only leads harm, diminished character and ultimately to damnation.  

Are you sure you are eyeing the correct ultimate prize, salvation and not temptation of damnation?  

Diminished character translates to diminished standing with the Lord and with humanity; and it also translates to diminished trust and betrayal of self, of humanity and of the Lord. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

Which Path Are You On?


Are sins threats to your life (your character, your mind, your soul and any harm stemming from acts and crimes of sin(s)) and salvation? 

How come you have people not recognizing them as threats, but accepting, participating, colluding or conspiring in sins? 

When you offer no resistance to sins, with the expectation of forgiveness and salvation, you have no defenses against sins or damnation.

When you are tempted, corrupted or fooled into allowing for sins and bad practices, you are not actually following the Teachings of Jesus Christ (not walking the walk).  

Is it enough to talk the talk, but never walk the walk?  

Hypocrisy is all talk and never any walk; it is the state of existence when you have fooled yourself believing in the lies you tell; where you are played yourself into the tells you tell others when in reality you are slaves to sins and Satan.

Just answer, would you like or want the same things to happen to you?  

How any crimes, abuses, bad behaviors and practices would you like to happen to you?

How many sins, if any, have you participated in or allowed?

Are you sure you are on the path to the Lord and Heaven's Gate? 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Do Not Kowtow


Do not kowtow to abusers, sinners or unholies.  

If you do, it means complicity or conspiracy to abuses, sins and damnable behaviors.  

It may be more difficult for some, because of false beliefs, grooming, compromises and false promises.  

But to continuously downplay the threats to life, liberty and salvation, only increases the threats to life, liberty and salvation. 

Failures to put up adequate defenses against COVID-19, attacks to the Constitution and sins, only causes more sickness, death, tyranny and damnation.  

You can believe in many things, but the Truth is the Truth and reality is reality. 

You can believe that COVID-19 is not a threat or dangerous to life, but it is not the reality; because the evidence is in the dead bodies of over 213,000 that have died in the States from COVID-19 in less than 9 months.

You can believe that if you turn your mind unclean, your heart impure and your soul unholy that you will be forgiven and be able to enter heaven, but it is not the reality; because Jesus said, you have to be pure in heart in order to see the Lord, Matthew 5:8, and Jesus said for the unholies to get away, Matthew 7:21-23.

The reality is that sinful and unholy people, wicked in abuses, sins and thoughts, is incompatible with the holiness of heaven.  

If you value life, liberty and salvation, you must defend and protect it from threats of harm in ignorance, hate, crimes and sins.  

Whether you kowtow to the ignorant, the hate, perpetrators or sinners, will determine the course of your character, life, and the world.

Your future and the future of your children depends on your ability to defend and protect from harm the threats to life, liberty and salvation.  

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Please Update and Revise


Will you please update your intel based upon the most current and accurate information on the airborne virus, COVID-19.  

Try to understand that all viruses mutate and can and do get more contagious and effective as it mutates.

COVID-19 can be deadly for some now and could be deadlier in the future and impact younger age groups; and there is yet to be a cure or vaccine. 

Treatments are not cures and are not 100 %  effective.  

Again, viruses require a host to infect in order to be active.  

If you do not offer yourself or your children up as hosts to a potentially deadly virus and protect yourself, your family and neighbors by wearing protection, such as masks, then you cannot get infected or decrease the likelihood of getting sick and possibly dying from this disease.

Since COVID-19 is a threat to public health and to national security, anyone in government not wearing masks or taking proper precautions must be disciplined. 

The response to COVID-19 must be based upon the health and well-being of the people. 


Difference Between Holy and Unholy


How would you know the difference between holy and unholy if you are compromised in sin(s) or groomed to accept sin(s)?

When you are practicing sin(s) and bad behaviors, you will not notice or admit the state of your soul until you hit some kind of bottom, and even then you will make excuses to not see.  

When you are complicit to sin(s) and bad behaviors, you have already made a conscious choice to turn a blind eye to sin(s); therefore, you will not see or admit to the consequences with the unholy. 

You can assume someone quoting scripture is good, but if not used for good, but for grooming, manipulations or selfish gain, then that person is committing sacrilege and is not good, but unholy.  

It depends upon intent.  

Whether some spin or cover-up relates to something sinister, treasonous, lascivious, fraudulent or innocuous, depends upon intent, reason and character of the person behind it.  

But the excuses for practicing abuses, harm and sins are many.   

And many are lulled into complicity and even more tempted into sins.  

Selfish desires are no excuses to do something to someone without consent or to steal or to do harm.

In the end, there are no excuses for bad behaviors and sinful practices, because all unholy ways are but pathways away from the Lord and toward Satan.  

Do not pretend you have prophets or prophetic predictions when you do not follow the Law of the Prophets and cannot tell the difference between good and evil, holy and unholy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

How Is It Going?


So you allowed saboteurs and Unholies to do their worst.  

How is it working out for you?

So you think that allowing for inaccurate or false predictions will get you to the reality of what will be?  

Super incompetent predictors with predictions in super nonsense while practicing aggravated abuses, will not magically translate into excellence and competence.  

Will it?

How is it going thus far?  

So you thought it wise to remove Einstein (for super idiots or super grandiose power ignoramuses)?  

Who are you going to copy from now, if not from Einstein?  

Even if you have the ignorant copying then changing the answers so that it no longer is the answers, because incapable of assessing reality; what is good or what is catastrophic. 

How would you ever know what the consequences will be good or bad, if you cannot tell the difference between good or bad?

Then what are you predicting?  

Will it have any basis in reality?

What will the end result be?

Perhaps you might find a clue in answering:

How is it going thus far?

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

At the End


I often wonder how we are viewed by other countries around the world.  

Why the most outrageous opinions seem to get so much play and how these opinions can even get a voice, let alone a platform.  

In a democracy, every person gets a vote and a voice, no matter how outrageous.  

It can get scary on both sides of the spectrum when everything is outside one's comfort zone.  

But whether something is inside one's comfort zone or not, you still have to consider the overall consequences or end result.  

How things will work or turn out is not based upon opinion.  

How things will work or turn out is based upon fact, the truths in the laws of physics and of the Lord.  

Your choices, shaped by your opinions, will determine your character and what will be in your life and at end of life.  

But know that at the end, you can argue, voice your opinion, but the Lord's Judgement is the Lord's Judgement;  It will be based upon your character, actions and choices, not on your opinion. 

Real Fears and Real Threats


The real fear is not feeling and realizing the threats; real dangers of the clear and present dangers posed to life, liberty and pursuit of salvation.

COVID-19 can cause serious sicknesses and death.  

Moreover, this deadly contagion spreads quickly and is contagious over long periods of time. 

People should at all times take this threat seriously and take precautions to protect oneself, family, friends and neighbors.  

The same goes for the practice of sins, especially sexual abuses, because unclean hearts, lewd, abusive behaviors corrupt minds and souls causing serious sacrileges to occur, thus leading to damnation.  

The real threats and dangers to mind and soul are not felt while Unholies are delighting in evil, but still damnation is occurring. 

People should at all times take the threats of damnation seriously and take precautions to protect oneself, family, friends and neighbors from sins and the harm and abuses caused by sinful and abusive practices.  

Just because you do not feel something is wrong, does not mean something wrong is not occurring. 

Therefore, you should let empirical evidence be the guide and follow the Law and Rule of Jesus and the prophets, "Do unto as you would have them do unto you.*"

How would you feel if the same things happen to you?

Take seriously the threats to life and soul, because the consequences could be eternally dire and tragic.

*Matthew 7:12

Monday, October 5, 2020

What Is Your Legacy In Truth?


Try to understand the purpose of your existence.

What is your original purpose set forth by the Lord?

Why is it important to pass every test of character? 

And understand what is going to be passed down to succeeding generations. 

What is your legacy* in Truth (with the Lord)? 

*The example of character and reputation that will be passed down

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Power To Save


Have you ever heard of the expression knowledge is power?  

And if you believe in that adage, then define  knowledge.

Knowledge is _________________________. 


Let say you are sick, the person with the knowledge to heal you has the power to save you.  

But if that knowledge is lacking, then the chances of finding the most effective treatment greatly decreases.  

And if researchers have yet to find a treatment or cure, then chances for survival decreases even further.  

What is my point? 

Knowledge is ever evolving.  

With each new problem or disease, knowledge of new treatments, cures or solutions must be created, invented or found.

Believing you know one tiny aspect of something or someone is not total knowledge. 

Failures to apply knowledge correctly is the same as not knowing anything at all (having no power or completely powerless against disease or circumstance).  

In other words, will power create, invent or find solutions or the wisdom to apply any aspect of knowledge correctly, efficiently or effectively?  

Will power give you health, wisdom or salvation?  

What often is forgotten is knowledge of the Holy Spirit and spiritual well being.  

Why is it important to have knowledge of the Lord or Enlightenment?  

Because it is the difference between spiritual life and death.  

The power to save you spiritually in life is the knowledge of the Holy and the practice of the Commandments of the Lord.




As we remember the over 200,000 lives lost to COVID-19, we need to also pay tribute to the first responders, healthcare workers, teachers and public servants working tirelessly to help our kids cope, save lives and contain this pandemic.  

Also remember to send well wishes to those that are impacted by this terrible disease.  

One of the ways to wish well and have consideration so that more people, children, women and men do not get sick and/ or die, is to remember to wear a mask.  

National COVID-19 Remembrance Day will be at the Ellipse in Washington DC starting noon EST.

Let's pray for all the lives lost and families impacted by this terrible tragedy; and continue to work to contain and prevent more losses and harm.  

Saturday, October 3, 2020

What Constitutes A Good Parent?


What is the job of a parent?

What are the attributes of a good parent?  

Love, care, kindness and ability to nurture and instill love, care, kindness, trust, honestly, integrity, honor and many additional attributes in their kids.  

Would you consider a person to be a good parent if he or she let their children harm themselves or others?  

Let their child do whatever he or she wants without regard to the consequences of harm to self and others?

Which is kinder and demonstrates true love? 

Let child recklessly fall off a cliff, get into harm and hurt self and others, develop into a monster and into damnation 

or stop a child from reckless endangerment, prevent from harm and injuries, discipline and nurture into good person, steward, and have the possibility of salvation?  

What kind of future do you want for yourself and your children?  

Would salvation be at the top of that list? 

Friday, October 2, 2020

What Is Your Reality?


Do you think churches should have ___________ the highest moral standards and ethical practices, reasonable moral standards and ethical practices or non-existent moral standards and ethical practices?  


How do you think Jesus Christ would answer this question?  

What is the reality in most churches?  

The middle choice is a tricky question, because what does reasonable mean in this case?  

Compromises in moral standards and ethical practices?  

Sins and sinful practices will be accepted until it's not?  

Corruption of thoughts and practices? 

Just because people are capable of bad and sin, does not mean everyone practices bad behaviors and sins; therefore, we are not all sinners. 

Not everyone gives in to their most debased instincts or even have those instincts (does a baby have those instincts, no; learned negative behaviors practiced until it becomes instinct). 

What is the reality when churches do not practice highest moral standards and ethics? 

It becomes the reality people live and are taught; live a church life and go through life taught to give

footholds in sins, mediocre practices in morality and standards and become susceptible to sins and grooming.

What is your reality?

Thursday, October 1, 2020

In Order


Do you know what position a particular person holds in heaven? 

Do you have any idea of the purpose assigned by the Lord to that person? 

Or where in the process that person must be, in order to have the Lord's blueprint fulfilled?  

Do you think just anyone can accomplish the tasks assigned to that person?  

Do you really think that the Lord assigns talent or purpose by skin color or base these assignments on someone's power?  

And do you think that there are no consequences for messing with the Lord's blueprint or people that belong to the Lord?  

When you purposely mess up position and order of purpose (where the cutie marks are all out of order), things will not go according to the Lord's Plan, but devolve into chaos, incompetence and destruction (and go to hell in a hand basket).  

What must you do, in order to fulfill your covenant with the Lord? 

In order to prevent from harm? 

In order to not end up in hell?  

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