Monday, October 12, 2020

Which Path Are You On?


Are sins threats to your life (your character, your mind, your soul and any harm stemming from acts and crimes of sin(s)) and salvation? 

How come you have people not recognizing them as threats, but accepting, participating, colluding or conspiring in sins? 

When you offer no resistance to sins, with the expectation of forgiveness and salvation, you have no defenses against sins or damnation.

When you are tempted, corrupted or fooled into allowing for sins and bad practices, you are not actually following the Teachings of Jesus Christ (not walking the walk).  

Is it enough to talk the talk, but never walk the walk?  

Hypocrisy is all talk and never any walk; it is the state of existence when you have fooled yourself believing in the lies you tell; where you are played yourself into the tells you tell others when in reality you are slaves to sins and Satan.

Just answer, would you like or want the same things to happen to you?  

How any crimes, abuses, bad behaviors and practices would you like to happen to you?

How many sins, if any, have you participated in or allowed?

Are you sure you are on the path to the Lord and Heaven's Gate? 

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