Friday, June 4, 2021

Why? How?


Were you able to answer, why true reality is humanity and the holy?  

The song "Row Row Row Your Boat" should play in the background while contemplating the answer to this question.  


Why not a reality of power, of Caesar, where money talks and the superficial gawks, where fear reigns and insecurity gains?  

It happens doesn't it?  

Abuses in power and crimes against humanity, greed, privilege…

The sins are real.  

Hate is real. Isn't it?  

No matter what transpires in life, the tragedies and the triumphs, it all ends in the end, downstream.

No matter our choices, beliefs, deeds or misdeeds, how we row, if we row, it still ends downstream (in death in Judgement on Judgement Day).  

How then can true reality be connected and subjugated to humanity and the holy (when clearly some false ministers would lead you to believe we are all sinners, thus sins rule; and social economic inequities would lead you to believe materialistic greed and power rule in privilege)?  


Thursday, June 3, 2021

Why Is True Reality.....?


Why is true reality connected to humanity and the holy?  

After all, there are unholy sinners, corruption and abuses that happen.  

Some people commit sins and crimes all the time.  

Was there not something about a Pandora's Box?  

Why, then, is true reality connected (or rather subjugated) to humanity and the holy?  


For "the earth and everything in it belong to the Lord."

                                       1-Corinthians 10:26

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The True Reality of Life


The underlying reality, grounded in humanity, is connected to the holy, the intangibles of love and life.

The distortions in power, selfish desires and sins, results in disconnections with humanity and the holy, causes a false reality and security.  

What can you take with you when you die? 

Anything you cannot take with you is not relevant to determination of your salvation on Judgement Day.

What do you and what can you present to the Lord on Judgement Day?

What is the purpose of life?  

What is then the purpose of power (not to further any selfish agenda or demented power trips in sins)?  

Building on the quicksand of materialism and power trips, the nothing-lastings of superficial insignificance, does not contribute anything to humanity, the stewardship of earth and the service of the Lord.

Having quacks, charlatans, liars, abuse of power abusers, grandiose super messer-uppers, delusional traitors, build upon quicksands of sins and power trips, does not ever accomplish anything relevant; instead causes harm and destruction (in inciting and grooming corruption, hate and sins).

What really matters is how the Lord will Judge.  

Therefore, whether you can pass your tests of character, achieve accomplishments that contribute to humanity and serve the Lord, are what matters and counts in the true reality of life.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dear Snowflake,

It is okay to take mental health days and care for yourself.  

"Life," as the great Sage once said, "is a marathon; the key is endurance."  

There is no need to make trying times more miserable, to make the worst of times worse. 

At times, physical health affects mental health and vice versa.  

Make sure you take care of both.  

While in COVID-19 lockdown, some of the depressed moods experienced may have stemmed from not getting enough sunlight, exercise and diversity of food proteins and vitamins.

Therefore, make sure you are hydrating, getting plenty of sleep, vitamins, such as D and E, and exercise.

Also remember, spiritual health impacts all aspects of life.  

And prayers never hurt. 

Try beginning with a Serenity Prayer…..


Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference."

Begin by giving control to the Lord and respecting yourself.  

Live life, not control it.  

Do your best in life, because that is all you can do and only what the Lord expects, and leave the rest to the Lord.  

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