Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Real Fears and Real Threats


The real fear is not feeling and realizing the threats; real dangers of the clear and present dangers posed to life, liberty and pursuit of salvation.

COVID-19 can cause serious sicknesses and death.  

Moreover, this deadly contagion spreads quickly and is contagious over long periods of time. 

People should at all times take this threat seriously and take precautions to protect oneself, family, friends and neighbors.  

The same goes for the practice of sins, especially sexual abuses, because unclean hearts, lewd, abusive behaviors corrupt minds and souls causing serious sacrileges to occur, thus leading to damnation.  

The real threats and dangers to mind and soul are not felt while Unholies are delighting in evil, but still damnation is occurring. 

People should at all times take the threats of damnation seriously and take precautions to protect oneself, family, friends and neighbors from sins and the harm and abuses caused by sinful and abusive practices.  

Just because you do not feel something is wrong, does not mean something wrong is not occurring. 

Therefore, you should let empirical evidence be the guide and follow the Law and Rule of Jesus and the prophets, "Do unto as you would have them do unto you.*"

How would you feel if the same things happen to you?

Take seriously the threats to life and soul, because the consequences could be eternally dire and tragic.

*Matthew 7:12

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