Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tripping on power,
Delighting in deadly sins- 

The less than a man
Notched his conquests
In sins of lusts
With a cut.

So excessive and abusive
In indulgence, excesses and 
Deadly sins
That the less than a man
Not much of a man,
More of a cockroach.

A legend in his own mind
The cockroach 
Continued his path of 
And continuous sins,
Using brutality and force
To destroy.

With No honor, 
And no decency,
Only deadly sins and cruelty
On his mind,

This not much of a man
A prisoner
Trapped in sins;

A prison of ignorance and Self-indulgence;
Surrounded by walls 
And walls
Of his trophies 
Marking his damnation.

This not much of a man,
Is less of a man,
More of a crime,
A crime against humanity.



Life is not the Game of Life, spin the wheel, pick up a wife, kid(s) and a profession.  


Because, we are playing on the Lord's board and we do not get to spin the wheel.

We are dealt the cards of fate and how we play, what we choose to do, determines our destiny.  

What we play for, what is on the line, is our immortal souls.  

Fail our tests of character, practice harm and misdeeds and what we win is a trip to hell.  

If you imagine that you are the chess master and that you control every fate and variable including your own, then you are playing with yourself on a very small and tiny board;

And quite missing the point of life.

Our purpose is not to delude ourselves in the power of gods and fail our tests of character as we covet what belongs to the Lord in sins, our purpose is to be stewards, not rulers, not conquerors conquered by sin.  

As stewards, we have responsibilities (within our purpose/talent/calling) and must fulfill our responsibilities with standards of care and meet the Lord's expectations.  

Failures simply mean an unfulfilled life incomplete in its purpose.

When we are weighed at the end by the scales of the Lord's Judgement, our character and deeds or misdeeds determine the outcome.

Incompatibility of heaven means corruption of the soul and damnation.

Therefore, before you treat life as a game, know what is really in the line and what and Who it is you are really playing for.  

Monday, May 29, 2023


The strange thing about power and control is that the perpetrator abusing always believes that he or she is in control, especially while tripping on the power to abuse.  

The victim is always abused and helpless, suffering in pain, cruel and unusual treatments; always without power or control.

However, is the sinner really in control of the sins, especially the deadly ones, consuming them?  

Or do the sins, like any drug, take over in addiction?   

The more the power trips, the more abuses in sins, the more addicted and out of control the sinners behaviors become; 

escalating usually in the death of the victim at the hands of the abusers or incarceration of the abusers.

Believe it or not, if the victim lives long enough, eventually, in the end, when salvation is on the line for the sinner/abuser, and redemption is required, the power shifts from the perpetrator to the victim, because only the victim can grant forgiveness.  

Eventually, we all have to make peace with the Lord.

And to do that we have to confess our sins, repent and atone.  

Without the process of redemption, there is no possibility of salvation (for the sinner/abuser).



Heaven is not based upon power. 

Therefore, you can have all the power in the world and still not be able to enter Heaven's Gate.  

What is heaven based upon?

What happens when you fail your tests of character? 

Sunday, May 28, 2023


Let's say that you are solving a problem on a test, do copycats ever figure into the solution?

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Let's say you have the ability to see into the future. 

And let's say you see a writing on the wall. 

Will you be able to see it if the writer did not first think up and write on the wall?

And what if the writer decided not to write on the wall, will you still be able to see any writings?

What if you decided to interfere with the writer and distorted the writings, so it will be your words on the wall.  

Who's words will you be reading yours or the writer's?  

What will you be able to learn about the writer's ideas if the words are no longer the writer's, but yours?

Monday, May 22, 2023


It is a complete fallacy that pain will get a person to talk about relevant information.  

Agitation and aggravation and pain may get a person to talk, but the person will likely talk about what is on her or his mind which will be the pain and aggravation.  

Torture and the first thing that comes to mind is the pain; the second most likely expletives, followed by what you would likely do to the torturer if you had the chance to get back at them.  

Break a person, you might get one-off information that might be relevant, but that person would be useless for any other information after, because of total debilitation and the inability to function normally afterwards, let alone produce or create anything substantive.

How do you know if this is true? 

Try it on yourself or follow the physics of wave particle duality and cause and effect.  

Negative stimuli cause negative responses.  

Garbage in, garbage out.

Slap yourself and see the response would be pain followed by an ouch or expletive(s), not conversations in intellectual thought.

Up those slaps into injuries that are permanent after constant and continuous aggravated agitation, aggravations, abuses and assaults and you will unlikely be able to function normally, let alone access higher functions needed to be productive.


All the abuses, pain and suffering, cruel and unusual treatments are not inspirational or helpful in the creation of innovations; 

and are a complete waste of time and damning in its abusive, cruel and unholy nature;

and will never get you to lights or salvation, only damnation.


There is a stark difference between torture of an innocent and torture of a terrorist.  

To inflict harm on an innocent is a terrible crime against humanity and sin (Deuteronomy 27:25, Proverbs 6:16-19, 17:15, Matthew 18:6).  

To inflict constant and continuous harm on an innocent is damning to the deepest parts of hell and to jail oneself in the chains of abusive sins and insatiable grandiose delusions.

To be destined for hell is a tragedy because hell is a "place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Matthew 13:42) and fiery torment in endless agony (Luke 16:23-24).

And just because torture exists does not mean it is effective or justified.  

Jesus Christ, himself was tortured again and again before his torturous crucifixion.

As were many of the apostles, saints and martyrs of Christianity tortured. 

And though Christ had the power to abuse his powers, he never did and was never the torturer or the tormentor.  

He never practiced Satanic possession or unforgivable curses, because to do so would make him unholy.  

We know Jesus would not practice anything unholy, because he passed his test of character in his 40 days and forty nights spiritual battle with Satan (Matthew 4:1-11) (Luke 4:1-13).

We also know Jesus Christ resisted the temptation to rule the world, because he believed in serving only the Lord (Matthew 4: 8-11) and rendering unto the Lord what belongs to the Lord (Matthew 22:20-22).  

Therefore, we know that Jesus Christ resisted temptations and was always the healer, never the abuser.  

If we are to walk in the ways of Holy, the Lord and follow the teachings of Christ, we should never harm, never abuse and never torture, especially that of the innocent.

Sunday, May 21, 2023


To have clarity of eye, you must have purity of heart.

Friday, May 19, 2023

What is forgiveness?



Forgiveness is about the victim doing the forgiving; the act of forgiving does not absolve the perpetrator of the sin. 

It means that only the victims have the power to forgive, not the perpetrator.

It means without the confession, the remorse and the ask for forgiveness, there is no redemption.

No redemption means to the sinner only eternal damnation and no salvation.

Thursday, May 18, 2023


Pass on to the Mes,

Life is not based upon what you want;

And neither are any of the spiritual laws based upon what you want.

If you base everything upon what you want and see through the eyes of selfish desires and power trips, then all your perceptions will be wrong and not based in reality or the truth.

Narcissistic views are simply projection of self in selfish desires and wants;

And those type prognosticators will end up with shallow and unreliable predictions, not accurate or substantive, mere super bs.

If you shut your eyes to reality, real threats, like deadly contagions, will rage out of control.

If you fill your insecurities with rage, with hate, with power trips, it still will not address the real problems and roots of your fears.  

Covering them up with pretense, with blame, with alcohol or drugs, still will not address the real issues and problems at hand.

Cheating, lying and conning your way to the head of the pack to get what you want, does not make you a great or wise leader.  

All below will have to follow your the ignorance and incompetence and the unholy practices covering up those faults.  

Garbage in will not result in excellence.  

Garbage in will result in garbage out.  

Ignorance in, will not result in wisdom.

Ignorance in, will result in stupid outcomes out.

Abuse in, will not result in love or innovation.


Because abuse or torture is not love or inspiration and causes only harm, disincentives and crimes against humanity.

In the end, it is not what you think that matters, but how the Lord will judge.

Imagining yourself saved is not the same as actually being saved with the Holy Spirit, especially if you are not compatible with the Holy and cannot see the Lord.



Racism is the practice of hate against another kind of the Lord's creations.  

It's the practice of believing one kind of skin or "book cover" is greater than another kind.

Sad, heinous and unholy practice of judging each book by its book cover and destroying books with book cover colors that are not to one's liking.

Because racism seeks to harm creations of the Lord that are different, it is a grave sin.

And because racism hates creations of the Lord that are different, it is an ultimate sin.


Because it goes against the basis of all spiritual laws (Matthew 22:40) the commandment to Love the Lord (Matthew 22:37) and thy neighbor* as self (Matthew 22:39).

Does disrespecting the Lord by hating the Lord's other creations demonstrate love?

And when asked "who is thy neighbor"* in love thy neighbor as you love yourself?  

Jesus' response to this question is in the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)*;

Where the neighbor is described in essence as any human of the Lord's creations.

And a good neighbor is someone who shows kindness and care for another (one of the Lord's creations) regardless of race.

Therefore, racism goes against the Lord's the basis of all spiritual laws to not love in fellowship and thus, is an ultimate sin of hate and damnation.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023



Eventually, Ponzi schemes will fail.

Eventually, doubling down on liabilities will become unsustainable.

Eventually, tripling down of sins will become damning to the deepest parts of hell.

Eventually, the truth will be revealed.

Eventually, you will know how karma works.  



Dear Snowflake ❄️,

In this instant gratification world, instant wins feels like everything, but in reality it's not anything, but a tiny breath in the very long marathon of life.

And it feels like everything hinges on that breath that brief moment in time, but it doesn't.

It hinges upon you passing your tests of character so that the process of "winning", the journey of life is meaningful and in line with the Lord, the Holy.

Do you know what happens when you fail your tests of character?  

Every win will be hollow.  

Every moment shallow; a pale imitation of yourself.  

Life is not based upon who you know, but who you are in the here and now, because who you are dictates every choice and move you will make and it then becomes your destiny.  

I hope you will choose the very best parts of yourself and shine that light for the world and contribute in deeds, not misdeeds.

For in the end, it is who you are that matters;

And it is upon that (character) which the Lord will judge.


What does resigning from an organization mean?

What does wanting nothing to do with them mean?

What does having no trust and no confidence in them mean?

What does total lack of respect and dishonor by them mean?

Monday, May 15, 2023


What does it mean to read whatever you want into the tea leaves?

Nothing. Not a darn thing.

What does it mean to believe whatever you want, especially in the fake readings of tea leaves?

Misinformation, lies, frauds and misdirection. 

Never living in reality; never living in real dreams; only living in delusions.

Never recognizing real threats.

What happens when you make and self manifest each nonsense prediction, especially the shallow and abusive ones, into reality?  




Just because the questions you ask the tea leaves are based upon your wants, to see what you want to see (in order to do whatever you wish), does not mean the question asked is relevant or substantive. 

What Does It Mean?


What Does It Mean?

What does it mean to switch out spirituality with sexuality?

It means never knowing the Lord, the Holy Spirit and seeing Heaven's Gate*.

It means never understanding the teachings of Christ.

What does it mean to switch out sexuality with sexual abuse?  

It means eternal damnation in Sodom and Gomorrah practices of deadly sins.

What does it mean to switch out assets with liabilities?

Perpetual liabilities, compounded liabilities and eventual bankruptcy.

What does it mean to switch out grace with sins?

It means switching out your blessings with curses and eventual damnation.  

Not every sinner will be forgiven by the Lord; evidenced by the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah**.

No sinner will be recognized by the Lord; evidenced by Jesus Christ stating to the unholy sinners, 'I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness'.***

It means you should consider carefully your choices and your options because the consequences for you, for your reputation and legacy, for children and for humanity may be greater than you think.

Once the dominoes fall, you never really know how far it will go (down).

*Matthew 5:8

**Genesis 19: 12, 24-25.

***Matthew 7:21-23

Saturday, May 13, 2023


Instead of choosing lights, real lights, peace and prosperity, your unholies chose power to abuse, not power, but abusive power and crimes against humanity;

And chose to read whatever the unholies want into the clouds and stars.

Well, guess what?  

Anyone can read whatever they want into the clouds and stars.


Because it does not take talent to read whatever you want into the clouds and stars. 

Nor does it take talent or brains to abuse.  

And in the past I would have included it does not that talent or brains to copy either, except your superpower Unholies disproved that axiom.


Pass this on to your morons,

Switching out your blessings for curses only means damnation and destruction.

Why would you switch out your blessings with sins?

Why would you switch out your Dumbledore, your Einstein, your Da Vinci, for Voldermort, idiots and Nostradamus?

Because too fat, too ugly, too what?

Gave you too much actionable intelligence? 

Need predictions to be as vague, as superficial, as nonsense, as obvious as humanly possible?


Needed more misinformation and selfish desires to pump up more of your grandiose delusions and ego?

Needed more sins and dishonor to secure your place in hell thru legendary incompetence and destruction?

Or more Sodom and Gomorrah grooming and practices to make triply sure your place in the deepest parts of hell?

Friday, May 12, 2023

By one's own nature will life's
outcomes be done.

If true to the Lord,
True nature will come to pass.

If false, that nature becomes corrupted, rotted to the core,
Then what dominates all outcomes will be rotted to its core.  

Unholy it will be
And Unholier still it will become 
in outcomes of destruction, depression and rot.

Therefore, be warned 
and be true; 
be true to the Lord, 
be true to thyself and be free 
(from rot).

Monday, May 8, 2023


Pass the word to your Ignorant Ignoramus:

Stealing, turning yourselves into copycats, thieves and pirates, so that you can pave the way for your children to become thieves and pirates, is not giving your children a bright future.  

Destroying inspiration for psychotic power trips and abuse of power is destroying humanity and your children's future prosperity and peace.  

Because instead of raising future innovators and saints, you are raising future terrorists and sinners.  

Because doubling down of liabilities and tripling down of sins perpetually, is not sustainable and will eventually destroy all assets and grace.

The only things you will have left are the liabilities and sins in damnation.

And becoming so ruthless and cold-blooded that you never practice wisdom, but promotions of ignorance in self aggrandizing, abuses and sins, will run all into the ground, turning the world into a wasteland of depression and starvation.  

You will become too cruel to even set up a bread line for all that would need it and even if by some remote chance you even think of setting up a bread line, there will not be enough to go around;

Because the aggravated accumulations in compound liabilities and sins leads only to aggravated depressions and damnation.

This is the type of world and legacy you will leave for your children and future generations.

Sunday, May 7, 2023


Doing good for Satan is an oxymoron, because there is no good in any kind of abuse, no matter the excuse. 

Doing imaginary good while stealing thru abuse is just committing crimes against humanity in sins.

To know how sinful, ask, what if the same things were to happen to you?

How would you feel?

Friday, May 5, 2023


Supposed Superpower and imaginary gods,

What did you forsake for lust, for power, for the illusion of control?

What did you forsake for glory, for greed, for conquests?

Did you steal?

Did you abuse?

Did you cheat?

Did you read whatever you wanted into the stars?

See what you wanted to see?

Manipulate into whatever you wanted to have?

Did you force yourself on an innocent and sinned as in Sodom and Gomorrah?

How do you think the real Lord will judge your actions?

Thursday, May 4, 2023



I never thought I would have to say that the crueler, the more unusual the treatment the greater the harm; 

And the greater the harm, the greater the injury;

The greater the injury, the greater the pain and suffering;

The greater the pain and suffering, the greater the misery;

The greater the misery, the lower the morale; 

The lower the morale, the lower the productivity and inspiration;

The lower the inspiration, the lower the innovation and lights;

The lower the innovation and lights, the lower prosperity;

The lower the prosperity, the lower the stability and therefore, less peace and to the abusers greater crimes against humanity, sins and damnation because of it.

Monday, May 1, 2023



I wish you would stop using forgiveness as a means to manipulate, whitewash and bypass redemption and salvation.  

There is no forgiveness received without first confession of sin, without repentance and without atonement.  

You cannot read whatever you want into wishful thinking and imagine forgiveness without redemption.  

When in the course of human events, you chose dishonor in game cheats, power trips, abuses and indecency to get what you want, then unclean and abusive you shall remain until you clean yourselves up and atone.  

The innocent forgiveness of the victim has nothing to do with the sins of the perpetrator sinner.

Innocent forgiveness helps to heal the victim and has nothing whatsoever to do with the redemption of the perpetrator which begins first with confession of the sin(s).

Without the desire to repent and atone then unrepentant and unclean, shall the perpetrator sinner remain.  

Without the remorseful heart to ask and then receive forgiveness then unforgiven, shall the sinner remain.

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...