Friday, July 31, 2020

Timing in Bad Times


Thank you for the reminder to hold to the ideals and purpose set forth by the Lord and to remember to the beginning of self.  

It is easy to become stressed out in this very stressful times. 

It's okay to vent (nonviolently).

Ask yourself, would it be worth risking your life or that of your love ones, for convenience?  

Ever heard of the expression "live to fight another day"?

Well, you actually have to survive this pandemic in order to live and fight another day or work another day.  

That means decreasing the risk of exposure; and unless everyone is outfitted in full protective gear in N95 masks or respirators, the risk will not be zero.  

The higher the neglect, the carelessness and the disregard, the greater the risk of inflection.  

It will be difficult whatever your choice, but to risk sickness and death that should not be part of the equation.

There is a lag time in economic indicators and also a lag time between inflection, sickness and death. 

Times are bad, but bad timing will only make it worst. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Human Cost and Humanitarian Crisis


You and your friends have the power to change the world.  

I hope you will choose to change it for the better.  

You should ask your friend to curtail his desire for power at the expense of civilians and humanity.  

There is no honor in causing the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians (thru the spread of lies).  

The human cost is too great.  

Please consider humanity and what Jesus Christ would have you do.  

The power plays and games in this type of humanitarian crisis are not appropriate, especially when the focus should be upon saving of human lives. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Real Security and Real Christianity


Again, do not have your so-called friend blame the Lord for the sins of man.  

Do not blame the innocent; blame the guilty. 

You need to hold who ever is responsible for the sin(s) responsible. 

Sinners are responsible for the sin(s) and crimes against humanity, not the victims.  

I say this because when you question why this is happening, it is because bad apples are allowed to perpetrate bad practices, crimes, sins and abuses of power.  

It is not due to some abstract reason where you cannot trace the problem and find evidence of the patterns of bad behaviors, crimes and sins.  

Just like the COVID-19 tragedy can be traced and evidence can be found of sickness and death in hospitalizations, the morgue and funeral homes.  

Again the only way a virus, a pseudo alive organism, can spread is if people (allow themselves to) become hosts and spread the contagion which is due to bad practices. 

Too often people are groomed or intimated into allowing for bad practices, sins and crimes against humanity as if the blame is on something or someone else other than the bad practices by the perp(s) or sinners.

When this happens, bad things continue to happen (spreading of contagions, sins, crimes against humanity and abuses of power).

If there is no enforcement of security and safety protocols and best practices then there is no security or real safety.  

It does no good to have constant vigilance if you are going to ignore the vigilant and not follow it up with accountability and responsibility or best practices; bad practices allow for spreads of contagions, sins, bad behaviors, fraud and Judas-acts.

Do not imagine you have security when you have nothing, but grandiose delusions and lies.  

Real security requires braving the truth and enforcing best practices (not bad practices, sins or hate).  

Real Christianity requires braving the Truth and enforcing Best practices (not Bad practices, sins or Hate).

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Not Sure Why?


Does your so-called friend not believe in intel?

Actionable intel, substantive intel, current most updated intel? 

When confronted with a deadly contagion, how many deaths is needed to be alarmed?

Most normal instances for alarm would be one sickness and if it leads to death, then possible deadly contagion, pandemic.  

So how many dead children does it take to investigate possible mutations of COVID-19, making kids symptomatic and causing death? 

Read a (one) alarming news story yesterday detailing death of children from COVID-19 in Florida.  

But there are tens of news stories today on school openings.

Not sure why? 


Friday, July 24, 2020

Why the Insistence on More Sickness, Death and Destruction?


I am extremely worried and concerned for our leaders, our children, our teachers, people and humanity.

Perhaps I am talking to the wall, this impenetrable, unreasonable, uncaring wall.  

When we opened our businesses too soon, COVID-19 wildfires rage out of control.  

What do you think will happen if we open our schools too soon?  

Over 50 million school* age children and 3.7 million teachers will add that much more fuel to the COVID-19 wildfire.  

If children over 10 years of age transmit the contagion as fast as adults, you have added over 30 million fuel to the wildfires. 

If you calculate at risk children at 2 percent, that is over 1 million children needing hospitalization and/or burials. 

Then there is the nature of a virus, pseudo alive, but once inside a host replicate and mutate.  

If the mutations become more efficient and inflect greater numbers at younger ages or the virus mutates greatly from the original strain, then younger people will have higher symptomatic risks and vaccines developed with the orginal strain may not be as effective or completely ineffective.  

Therefore, the goal is to have containment, not add more fuel to raging wildfires.  

If you calculate the length of time of COVID-19 infiltration, 1 to 2 month then deathrate skyrockets.  

Then the target range for another round and this time greater and huge skyrocketing deaths and hospitalizations will be middle to end of October with exponential increases into the holidays.  

The strain of the economy will be even greater then and hospitals will be way over capacity.

Why constantly increase the risk of sickness, death and destruction of the economy and hospital systems?

Why the insistence on more sickness, death and destruction? 


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Why Not Survival First?


The road is long (reminds me of a song), much longer than a marathon.

Endurance is the key.  

Difficult to lose brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors along the way.  

Will they reside in our memories?  

Will they still have a place in our hearts? 

These should be easy answers, but I wonder....


When polled over 50 percent say they are concerned about COVID-19. 

Why not 100 percent? 

The assumption that all people would care about their own survival of family and friends and that of human race is not accurate, at least according to the polls.   

You can say a small majority care (enough to win a vote), but not a large majority (enough to gain salvation).

How disconcerting should we be at the lost of humanity? 

The safety and well-being of people should be first and foremost in our priority, because obviously our mutual survival depends upon it.  

What come after nonsurvival, death and destruction or after the human race, matters only to the non human race.  

If someone does not survive, what need would the dead have for money or power or learning?  (It is not like he or she can take it with them when dead.)

Why don't we make sure we survive first? 

What will happen if we don't survive after? 

It is up to the Lord. 

Before that, it is up to us. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Do Not Know Continued...


Since your so-called friend and minister do not know who I will give to and who I will not give to or how I will respond, I am not understanding the arrogance or the abusive behaviors associated with these so-called people of God.  

I find them devoid of respect, honor and consideration.  

In addition, the complete lack of regard for humanity in this times of crisis is appalling.   

Churches should not be leaders in the spread of COVID-19.  

They should be the leaders in the care of humanity and be advocates of the containment of COVID-19, not super spreaders of sickness and death.

Their schools should not open up, just in time for fall flu season, and be hosts of a deadly contagion, spread and aggravate and exacerbate an already bad situation of sickness and death.  

If there are 15 million school children at 2 percent at risk, then we are talking about 300,000 children needing hospitalization and burial.  

What kind of Christian turn a blind eye to this very real reality? 

What Is the Significance of a Particular Tree, Light or Connection?


If you look to the significance of lights or connections and trace it back to its origins, you can better understand why it had to be (a certain way). 

What if, back then, the seed to a certain (time sensitive) tree was not created and sowed or if it was destroyed?  

Obviously, you would not be able to reap the fruits from that tree.

What happens when you do not have the fruits of that fruit tree?  

What is the significance of not having a particular tree, light or connection?

Time will tell (but only if you seek out its significance).  

The importance will reveal itself in the consequences.   

And the impact will reveal itself in time.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Do Not Know How


When you do not know how something will impact your life, it can raise doubts and fears in uncertainty.  

It becomes a greater problem when you do not know how some decisions would impact your character, soul.  

A even greater problem when you do not know how to receive salvation.  

If the love and charity of being a Christain is a pretence, an exercise in hypocrisy, then you should know you are in trouble with the Lord.  

If the love and charity of being a Christian is true, then show it in acts of kindness and consideration.  

Not knowing how to do something wise is only a problem when you stop listening to the wise.  

Not knowing how to have salvation is only a problem when you stop working towards salvation.  

Only you can decide which road you are going to take.  

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Road Not Taken

The road not taken*
Now full of sorrow 
And filled with many of sighs.
Far away from the advice 
Of the Wise.

Now I cry.
Cry for the suffering.
Cry for the poor.
Cry for the dead,
Laying in the rows and rows of grave sites ahead.  

I cry in
Rage against the injustices.
I cry in
Rage against the inequalities.
On and on I cry.  

We will be telling in tears,
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood,
Sad we took the lesser by,
And that has made all the difference.

*"The Road Not Taken", the original, is a poem by Robert Frost.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Yes or No


Are you able to galvanize some people to take this pandemic seriously? 

Some are still in varying states of delusion. 

The question is simple: yes or no to saving lives?

At over 70,000 new cases per day, that is over 490,000 inflected per week and about 2 million infected per month. 

Next month, roughly the death rate of 2,800 people per day, about 20,000 people per week, and over 78,000 deaths per month.

By September, unless we stop the spread, we will have total of over 200,000 deaths.  

It is not as if we cannot do anything about saving lives, it's that we lack the collective will to do it and aggressively tackle COVID-19.  

It is a straight forward question are you going to put saving lives first as Jesus Christ would or not? 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Mask For Safety


I have to concede some people do look annoyingly good with masks on.  

It's probably the bone structure or the mysterious look that adds to the mystique.  

But this is not about whether someone looks good in a mask, it is about safety, personal safety and well-being of others.  

Whether someone turns it into a fashion statement is besides the point.  

The point is to wear a mask for personal safety and for the safety of others. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Follow the Lord


Ever known the Lord to be wrong?

Ever known the Lord to have less than the best practices or standards? 

Know of anyone higher or greater than the Lord? 

Why not, then, follow implicitly the Commandments of Jesus Christ to treat people as you would like to be treated in love and fellowship?  

Why not have consideration for the well-being of self and neighbor by practicing and enforcing personal protection protocols?   

In trouble times, the Holy Spirit will have the best possible answer, solution and outcome.

Therefore, by following the wise advice of the holy, you mitigate tragedy and maximize hope for the best outcome.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Time of the Tabula Rasa


Take a step back, no further back, to the time where everything was yet to be formed in your mind, the time of the tabula rasa.  

Before the lies, the grooming, the gaslighting, before being bent out of shape, the twisting, the scheming, the puppeteering, before not knowing who to believe, before the compromised and sinful behaviors, before the cowardice, before the immunda rasa.  

Now look through these eyes of tabula rasa, what do you see?

Who you have become?  

Can you see true colors (without the prejudice or selfish interest)?  

Can you see reality in the way the Lord would See?  

Step back to the time of the tabula rasa and begin to see.  

Monday, July 13, 2020

Matter of Life and Death


This battle that we are in is a battle with life and death.  

It is not a game.

The objective is containment of the contagion.  

To prevent infection and spread.  

No other quaint or quack notions should be entertained, because all are delusions.

If we do not STOP this, more people will get sick and more people will die.  

This quaint notion that by opening up it will somehow keep the economy afloat is not sustainable.  


There is a deadly contagion in its mist.  Because just like the airline industry, there will be a drag; it will continue to drag and the longer this drags on, the greater strain.  

We will never get back to full or even half full capacity until we get this contagion under control.  

And all it takes, believe it or not, is  consideration and common sense. 

Have consideration for yourself and fellow neighbor by putting on a mask, social distancing, sanitizing and washing hands.  

Have common sense by not taking unnecessary risk.  

The coronavirus is driven by people in the number of inflections, which means at some point, people put themselves and others in harms way by allowing the coronavirus to get close enough to infect them.  

If we behaved properly and take the necessary precautions, then the likelihood of inflection and spread decreases significantly for everybody.  

We can win this battle, but only if we work together and keep in mind the objective to contain and prevent infection and spread of the contagion.

By doing our part, we can save lives.  

Sunday, July 12, 2020

STOP This Already


Abusers are abusers; and will abuse daily, regardless of their unholy lies.  

Sinners are sinners; and will sin daily, regardless of their unholy lies.  

You should do what you must, regardless of the lies.  

STOP the already incalculable harm by not doing what was best for people from the beginning.  

Masks should be mandatory, not voluntary.     

Schools should not open, because offering up our children as host for a deadly contagion is unconscionable and wrong.  

What?  You're going to social distance from your kids or wear masks at home?  

Even if you do not think your kids will get deadly ill, you might (if your kids become carriers of a contagion that can get people very sick and possibly die).

The longer  COVID-19 is allowed to hang around, the more mutations, the more mutations the more chances it will evolve to be more infectious, to have more symptomatic issues and greater risks that the vaccines designed for the old coronavirus might not work on the new coronavirus.  

STOP this already;  STOP the spread by not allowing it hosts to replicate and mutate.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

This Reality of Today


What to say at this point?

The failure to hear divine direction and warnings are clear in the tragic outcomes of today's reality.

Today, there are more than 60,000 cornavirus infections per day which translates to over 420,000 infections a week, over 1.6 million in a month and over 21 million inflections in a year. 

The death toll (in less than two months) will be over 2,100 person dead per day  [translates to: over 14,000 person dead per week and over 63,000 person dead per month and over 700,000 person dead per year].

This reality of today is more than 135,000 persons dead.

Tomorrow will be a greater tragedy, unless we STOP and end this cycle of inflection and spread.  

And STOP this uncaring and irresponsible approach to a contagion that is deadly, which means it kills people.

Friday, July 10, 2020



Stop thinking in terms of right or wrong, because the coronavirus does not discriminate or care what you think.  

If you offer yourself up as a host, it will replicate in you and spread.  

Depending upon your risk factor, you may or may not get seriously ill and die.  

Why risk it?  

And why put others in harms way?  

It is not just our lives on the line, but our souls as well.  

It is completely unholy to not care about the well-being of people.

This time is a test of our character, our fortitude, our resolve.  

Whether or not we all pass this test remains to be seen.  

Whether it results in somes damnation remains to be seen.  

How we live through tests of trials and tribulations matters.

It defines us as a people and shapes us as a nation.  

We were close, very close to getting this thing under control, we simply made a mistake and opened up too soon.  

We can correct this mistake.  

We can adapt to the problem and situation at hand, because we are intelligent beings.  

We can manage a simple, not even technically alive, microorganism, COVID-19, that cannot even begin to do anything unless we give in to it and offer ourselves up as hosts.   

Let's do what the Lord expect us to do and behave in a manner that takes into account the well-being of our neighbors. 

Let's pass this vital test of our character together and in a manner acceptable to the Lord. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Grave Concern


A debate rages on inside my head, "Should I or shouldn't I express worry?  Should I or shouldn't I express worry that is beyond grave concern?"

As the coronavirus rages on, the stress of worry increases with each escalating increases in infection rates.  

I find my temper tested.  

My faith in the Lord is fine, but my faith in some people sorely tested.  

Economies can be rebuilt (as it has after times of war and economic downturns), but people that has died cannot be brought back to life.

I am gravely concerned for people, especially those that are at high risk of getting seriously ill and dying.  

We, as a people, can do better.  

In this humanitarian crisis, we must put people first and save lives. 

Where Is The Care?


Where is the care?  

Where is the responsibility? 

We should care about the well being of our fellows, we should care about people.  

We have a stewardship responsibility to be a Good Samaritan, not to cause harm or be the cause of harm.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020



Sad that we, as complex beings, cannot beat an organism that physicists and biologists do not even consider technically "alive".  

The coronavirus is "pseudo-alive" meaning it requires a host to even begin to function.

Without a host, it ceases to function and end its pseudo life.

In other words, COVID-19 cannot spread unless people help it to spread.

If we all practice social distancing, wear masks, wash our hands, and aggressively contact trace, we can stop this "pseudo alive" virus in its tracks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Under the Guise of Super Powers


There is a limit to human ability, but when those making up grandiose stories fail to recognize these limits and try to act as if fiction is reality, then these grandiose "super heroes" are lost to reality (in perpetual lies). 

The gross false notion of some "super hero" having special powers that  entitles them to be above the law or greater than humanity is asinine and absurd.  

Under the guise of having super powers so-called super heroes have committed fraud, sabotage, malfeasance, abuses of power and crimes against humanity.  

Why the confusion as to who is a "super hero or super villian"?  

Because some would like to make it determinate upon which side, tribe, you are on; another delusion.  

Heroes do not have to have super power or super anything.

True heroes are the ones that put their lives on the line, sacrificing to save lives; regardless of special ability.  

It is strength of character and living up to the Lord's expectations that make up a true hero.  

Monday, July 6, 2020



Unholies by nature are toxic and sinful.  

Toxic practices can spread like the contagon coronavirus, Covid19.  

Why am I stating the obvious? 

Because in the fight for justice and equality, fairness and truth, it can get arduous and difficult.  

It will test your patience and your resolve.  

Do not let toxic processes get to you; in other words, do not become the monsters you wish to fight.

Remember to hold on to your beliefs, values and standards of conduct.  

Behave as if your salvation depend upon it, because it does.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Dear Enlightened,

Thank you for all your wonderful teachings; it has been very helpful in passing tests of character and basic endurance.

Thank you for focusing on substantive ideas or issues, not on the superficial.   

Those people that hate or sin do not know what they are missing (in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and humanity).  

Pity that the criteria the Lord will use on Judgement Day will be lost on them.

Enough about the negative; let's focus on the work the Lord gave us to finish and make time to learn from each other.   

Friday, July 3, 2020

Abuse of Power and Crimes Against Humanity


Do you gaslight prisoners?

What about rendition them by turning up the volume with loud incessant noise for hours, days, months and years on end? 

What about sexually abuse the prisoners in their cells?  

Usually the answer is no, because all are felonies, crimes against humanity, cruel and unusual treatment, and fragrant abuse of power.

All violate the following laws: 18 U.S.C. Section 2241, 2261-2266,  18 U.S.C. Section 113-117 and Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment,18 U.S.C. Section 242.

But what if these crimes were to happen to you in your own home?  

What if all occured to you more than once?  

How many times would be enough?  

What would say if this was just the tip of the iceberg?  

Crimes perpetrated by color of law, violating the sanctity of the home, is more heinous.  

It violates Amendment Four of the Constitution, against illegal (abuse of power and crimes against humanity) entry.

How much abuse of power, crimes against humanity, cruel and unusual treatment, and deprivation of human rights against your person are you willing to accept?  

None, am I correct?

Anyone perpetrating these crimes should be held accountable on each count, especially if these felonies have occurred continuously for the past seven years.  

Anyone concealing or failing to report abuses and felonies are also guilty of coverup (18 U.S.C. 4).

Anyone aiding, abetting, counseling, comnanding, inducing, or procuring another to commit these crimes and others are guilty of aiding and abetting (18. U.S.C. 2). 

Yes, our country is a Democracy, but you cannot vote to perpetrate illegal activity (abuse of power, torture, abuse deprivation of civil rights and other crimes against humanity) because then it is not a Democracy, but a criminal conspiracy (18 U.S.C. 371) and premeditated criminal intent.  

We must, as we take a look at police brutality and other abuse of power positions, hold those causing harm and continuously breaking the law to account and remove the "bad apples" in order to not taint the whole organization.  

It would be inconceivable for the church, government or any institution of power to perpetrate these crime against parishioners, ordinary citizens, allies, friendly and assets, but sometimes the inconceivable does happen; at how many counts of abuse and felonies still remains to be seen.   

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Your Brothers and Sisters In Christ


Do not cause harm to your brothers and sisters in Christ (or humanity), just because they might differ in thoughts, opinions, skin color/race, gender or politics.  

We are all God's children and created equal.

Because we were all created by the Lord to be individually different and unique like a snowflake, there is no way to have the same thoughts or opinions all the time or even some of the time.

Therefore, we must learn to work together and help one another through crisis, because our mutual survival depend upon it.  

Why not respect the Lord's choices and respect and honor what the Lord Created?

  When threats go unheeded, tragedy strikes, especially when brothers are turned against brothers and friends against neighbors. So many peo...