Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Think You Know?


Not sure why the abuse of power obsessors are so interested in the Art of War, yet never know one self or the enemy, because of their inability and cowardice in facing the truth.  

How to know oneself in lies of self grandiosity?  

How to know the enemy in lies of wishful thinking delusions?

Are lessons from history ever learned, regarding the fall of tyrants and dynasties?  

Nero in ancient Rome hastened not only his death, but also the end of the Julio-Claudian dynasty with his tyranny, debauchery and personal cruelty. 

Yang of Sui, in ancient China hastened not only his death, but also the end of the Sui dynasty with his tyranny and immoral behaviors.  

You can look throughout world history where self-destructive immoral behaviors of tyrants hastened the end of their life and rule of abusive power.  

Were those tyrants feared?  

Sure in their time, but how are those tyrants remembered?  

As utter failures which laid waste to their dynasties by being the worst and most disastrous rulers of their time; known for their cruelty, debauchery and crimes against humanity.  

Sorry excuses for human beings; known not as leaders, but as embarrassments, lacking in character, abilities and ethics. 

Who should you fear more?

The ones which can lead people into tyranny, abuses of power, crimes against humanity and megalomaniac delusions, leading to destruction and hell? 

Or the ignorants which do not know anything but incompetence, abuses, fraud and waste, leading to destruction and hell?  

What of strategies?  

Are defensive and offensive strategies ever deployed?  

Are trash talking, lies, fraud, misdirection, abuses in crimes against humanity and sabotages the only "strategies" to be deployed?  

Are those underhanded cowardice, shameful "strategies" effective against real enemies, such as COVID-19, hackers, adversaries, downturns, infiltrators and traitors?

Can you imagine winning War War II, by lobbing only lies at the enemy, dividing oneself with misinformation, spreading contagions upon its citizenry, abusing its citizens and assets and destroying one's own leaders and capital in hate? 

What do you consider winning strategies?  

Know not yourself?  

Know not your enemy?  

Know not the Lord? 

Predict not the truth?  

Predict not the substantive, but nonsense?  

Think you know (the Lord's Judgement)?  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


"Where did he get such wisdom? 

Isn't he the carpenter's son?... Aren't all his sisters living here? 

Where did he get all this?' 

And so they rejected him.

Jesus said to them, 'A prophet is respected everywhere except in his hometown."

                                          - Matthew 13: 54-57

Who and what have you rejected and disrespected?

Think you know it all?

Have you ever heard of the expression, "time will tell"?  

Time will tell, if you let it, the truth; the wisdom (or not), the real abilities and talents, and the true character of a person.  

Experiences and situations will test a person's character and how that person deals, handles and responds to these tests will show a person's wisdom (or not), the real abilities and talents, and the true character.   

What is that person's track record and body of work (or not work, but lies, nonsense and destruction)?  

Take a good look at who and what you have rejected and disrespected; and on the flip side accepted without question.  

Did you truly know that person? 

What level of unknown are we talking about here?  

What level of false sense of security or ignorance?  

Did 2020 change any of your perceptions?  

How much did you reject, disrespect (on the flip side, accept without question)?  

Did you disrespect and reject the Teacher, because too fat?  

Did you reject wise counsel, because you thought you knew better?  

What are the consequences of this rejection and disrespect? 

How did you do in predicting or understanding anything substantive, especially predicting and understanding connections?  

What do you think will be the Lord's Judgement?  

Be honest.  

Do you have any idea?  

Monday, March 29, 2021


Be careful who you let in and trust.  

"Many deceivers have gone out over the world,...Be on guard, then so you will not lose what we have worked for, but will receive your reward in full. 

Anyone who does not stay with the teachings of Christ, but goes astray from it, does not have God.  

Whoever does stay with the teachings has both the Father and the Son.  

So then, if some come to you who does not bring this teaching, do not welcome them into your homes; do not even say, 'Peace be with you.' 

For anyone who wishes them peace becomes their partner in the evil things them do."

                                  - 2 John 7-11

Be careful not to conspire or be complicit to unholy sins of hate, lust or greed of power, because you might end up in hell with them.  

Those that practice hate and sins, get off on their damnation, will delight in kneeling on necks of victim(s) without regard to the harm and injuries and no reason in the world will reach them.  

It is difficult to not be in peace with everyone around you, but those that mean harm, such as hater-terrorist, there can be no peace until haters put aside hate and violence, sinners put down sin(s) and actually follow the teachings of Christ to love in fellowship.

You need to defend against sins not be complicit or be their partners in the crimes against humanity.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Did You Win?


When you play a game, do you play to win?  

How far will you go to win?  

Use questionable "special" people making grandiose claims to win?

What is so special about grandiose megalomania in delusional lies of superpower and abuse of power?  

What would you have won?  

The ability to heal people?  Or spread more sickness?

Raise people from the dead?  Or caused more death?

What would you have gained?  Or lost more economic wealth? 

Have greater intelligence?  Or lost more I.Q.?

Earned greater respect and respectability?  Or lost respect and honor?  

Have greater standing with people and the world?  Or lost standing and trust?  

Lead you towards salvation?  Or lead you towards hell?

Real abilities?  Or the grandiose boasts and lies?  

When you use grandiose super nonsense gibberish megalomaniacs, you are complicit to false idols, prophets and ministers practicing megalomania which are capital sins of greed for power; you are fools, guilty of idol worship, also a form of capital sin of greed for power headed for destruction and hell. 

As soon as you sell your soul to slaves of Satan, you become the slaves and you lose the ultimate game of life, salvation.  

Did you win?  

Do you know?



Hope does not come from wishful thinking, lies, ignorance or misinformation.  

True hope in salvation comes from redemption, an adherence to the teaching of Christ and ethical Laws and practices of the Teachings realized (kindness, compassion, charity, fellowship); the ability to pass the Lord's Judgement of character.  

The majority of the hurdle is in the try.  

There are clues to how the Lord will judge throughout scripture.  

If the corruption rises to the level of Sodom and Gomorrah* to where even angels are targets of rape, then Judgement will be severe.

Slights that rises to level of slaps across the face can be forgiven, but not unholy acts to where Jesus Christ will tell the wicked to get away or the unholy hypocrites that will be condemned to hell. 

The requirement (how you will know where you are in Judgement) in each case is how well you can receive the Holy Spirit, love and peace; it is not power or a force that will block the meek gentleness of peace and warmth in the heart to where you cannot receive.

If you think and live in terms of power, you will unlikely be able to receive the Holy Spirit, love and peace, let alone receive forgiveness for any sins repented and atoned.  

True hope in life comes from healing and giving hearts committed to serving the Lord and being stewards of the earth and humanity; people that will put their talents to work in finding positive solutions for the problems of the world.  

For example, the innovations in the vaccines for COVID-19 stemmed from people interested in finding cures to help people. Without the desire to help and heal there will be no will to work on the problem.  

People helping people and working together is what gives hope to any situation.

The Lord is always with you, you need only receive the Holy Spirit.  

Hope is always there even in the darkest of times, you need only find it.  

As long as there are helpers in the world, healers and healing hearts, there is hope.  

You must do your part, as we must all, to follow the Holy Spirit, adhere to the Teachings and to serve the Lord and humanity.

* The capital sin is in the rape not homosexuality (love is not a crime, but violations in lust is a capital sin).

Did You Pass Your Tests?


I can predict what you are thinking.  


To be honest, by the level of grooming.  

People want and need (desperate at times) to believe in salvation and forgiveness.  

Because we are fallible, we want to be forgiven for our mistakes, sins and even our faults, so that we can have salvation; therefore, we are easy targets for wolves and snakes in shepherd's clothing and false prophets.  

Manipulators who will take advantage of our desires, fears, wishful thinking and goodwill for power and greed.

When the truth is told, the good, the bad and the ugly, it becomes hard to swallow.  

How can someone who has been told all their lives that (s)he has been saved and will be saved, not be?  

After all Jesus Christ, as he hung on the cross with his dying words asked the Lord to forgive them, the unholy abusers of power; therefore, how could those unholies not be forgiven?  

If it was just a question of forgiveness by the victim, then heaven would be open to all sorts of unholies and Satan's minions.  

But is it? 

Heaven is a place of pure goodness and light.  

Those that are incompatible will not be able to see Heaven's Gate, let alone enter it (and if tried, the burning from the incompatibility will be unbearable to the unholy ones - like what you would see in an exorcist). 

Therefore, to enter heaven we must also be compatible in our hearts, minds and souls; our character must be good enough to pass the Lord's Judgement.  

Again, reflect upon your character.  

Have you passed each test of character?  

If not, what areas do you need to work on?  

Do you know?  

Did you pass your tests of character?



“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

                                           - Matthew 7:3 

Does this mean we are all with sin and are sinners?  


It means that the ones with sin are the ones desiring to throw stones; therefore, among them are the sinners.

The gentle to not have any interest in throwing stones or will think to throw stones at anyone. 

Calling out someone for bad behaviors is not the same as throwing stones.  

If someone is throwing stones, then that person is going against the teachings of Christ.  

Find out why someone would perpetuate assaults on another and in what kind of judgement (why) and prejudice. 

Again, ministers should not be preaching we are all sinners, especially when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, original.  

Any sins we commit after baptism is on us.  

And in order to cleanse ourselves of any sins of hate or prejudice, what must we do? 


Confess, repent and atone.

Unexcused Unholies


Think that the Lord will excuse ignorance?  

Sin is sin.  

Whether someone realizes or recognizes that he or she is practicing sinful behaviors does not matter; sins are causing them to be negative and unholy.  

Even if you did not have parents that taught you better or true ministers preaching real teachings in the Law, any sinful misconduct will fall upon the perpetrator of said misconduct.  

Unwise is unwise.  

If someone does not have intelligence or wisdom and does something foolish then it's foolish.  

No excuse in the world will change this fact.  

No matter what we think, in the end it is what the Lord will do in Judgement that matters.  

People will be sorted according to their character and deeds or misdeeds.  

Hypocrites can say or think what they like, but if unholy, Jesus will say, "I never knew you.  Get away from me you unholy wicked people!"*


And it would not be about forgiveness then or what you know about scripture quoted, it will be about damnation in sins committed and before the actual Judgement, it will be about condemnation to hell, warnings about sins committed.

"(You hypocrites)  You snakes and children of snakes!  How do you expect to escape from being condemned to hell?"


                                    - Matthew 23:33

The way to not being condemned to hell is to clean oneself up through the process of redemption in the confession of sins, repentance and atonement.  

Therefore, take the time to assess your character.  

Assess if your heart is pure, where you will be able to see the Lord and Heaven's Gate**.  

Assess if your mind is clean, where you will see beyond the gutter.  

Assess if your soul is holy without hate and sins, where you will be truly saved.  

If not, work to redeem yourself.  

Try to be a better person by following the Teachings of the Lord.  

* Matthew 7:23, Luke 13:27

** Matthew 5:8 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

How Accurate Were Your Predictions?


"The chess-board is the world; the pieces are the phenomena of the universe; the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. 

The player on the other side is hidden from us. 

We know that his play is always fair, and patient. 

But also we know, to our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance."

                         - Thomas Henry Huxley

How is your chess game thus far?  

Do you think the Lord excuses or makes allowances for ignorance, mistakes or sins?

Do you think you can get away with ignorance, mistakes or sins?  

Let's say you were raised in hate and prejudice; thereby thinking and abusing those that are different from you, forgetting the Lord's Commandments and disrespecting what belongs to the Lord.  

Let's say you were never corrected by those around you, in fact you were groomed and encouraged to participate in slavery, racism and hate.  

You were never caught by Caesar or held to account for your hate or abuses.  

Do you think the Lord will hold you to the same standards of hate?  

Will you ever be able to get away from your character of hate?  

What if you are misogynistic and sexist?  

You went as far as disrespecting Jesus Christ's mother Mary.  

Will Jesus Christ excuse and forgive your disrespect?  

There are those that think yes, you can disrespect and hate and get away with it.  

Think that the Holy Spirit cannot see your heart every minute of every day.  

Think that there are no consequences to your heart, mind and soul.  

Perhaps, you should think again.  

Do you think you can predict what the Lord will do every day or on Judgement Day?  

How about predicting chess moves?  

How many moves ahead?  

If you cannot see the whole chess board, all the players (phenomena of the universe) and every possibility (present and into the future) then are you even on the board?  

With substantive predictions and effective moves?

What phenomena of the universe are you able to identify, let alone solve?  

How many lights have you created thus far?  

How many holy connections have you understood and exemplified? 

Where are you in your chess game with the Lord?  

Did you predict every substantive connection for today?  

How accurate were they?


Prove It


Guess the topic for today.  


What kind?  

How many and how many would be accurate?  

Do you have any idea what level of sin to disrespect what belongs to the Lord, especially the real prophets and priests held in high esteem by the Lord?  

Not the ones that have fooled you and are hypocrites, but the holy you have rejected out of prejudice, narcissism, megalomania and sinful greed for power, lust and control. 

What makes you think you are better than they; can predict better, can preach better, can do better in deeds and innovations?  

What proof do you have?  

Do you even know the rules, the Laws as laid forth by Jesus Christ?  

Practice any of Jesus Christ's teachings much, especially love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind and love thy neighbor as yourself?  

Why would the practice of hate be a capital sin?  

Do you know?  

How did Christ define thy neighbor?  

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Christ gave you all you need to know as what it means to be a good neighbor.  

Are there any excuses to disobey these two Commandments?  

You can argue all you like, but in the end the Lord has final Judgement on your character.  

Think you are better?  

Prove it.

What Have You Learned About Predictions?


What have you learned about predictions?  

Who, what, where, how and when something is going to happen, real or fake?, accurate or distortions and lies?, then purpose and consequence of the happenings, impacts upon positive or negative, cumulative and compounded, butterfly effects and domino effects, and the physics of it - quantum physics, metaphysics, and what is the macro and micro changes and causes (by a particular predictions and actions upon beliefs and thoughts).

Ultimately, the answer to the unknown or greater questions into the unknown?  

Let's take a prediction now true, such as COVID-19.  

Even when we live through its impacts and effects, do we realize fully all its consequences on all levels?  

Will we ever stop COVID-19 and its mutations? How many more sicknesses and deaths?  What are the economic impacts,...? 

Ultimately, how do the predictions impact your salvation?  

If you are corrupted into using predictions for personal gain, abuse of power, crimes against humanity, service of a tyrant or Caesar, how will it impact your salvation?  

How will it impact your future with the Lord?  

What Should You Do With Predictions?


What should you do with predictions?  

Do you know?

Do you know the purpose of John the Baptist?  

He prepared the way for Jesus Christ and preached about preparing for the Lord's Judgement (through repentance).  

He was a prophet and knew of the coming of Jesus Christ.  

What did he do with his prediction?  

He prepared.  


By paving the way for Jesus Christ and his ministry.  

Now, what are you supposed to do with predictions?  

If you are not a prophet or an accurate one, you need to first discern if it is even future intelligence; substantive, accurate, or actionable.

Or it could be utter nonsense, superficial and misleading. 

Then, what? 

Take a good look at the source, his or her character.  

What is the purpose and consequence?

Where is it in the Lord's Design?  

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven."

                             - Ecclesiastes 3:1

What happens when the time for a purpose is all messed up?  

Let say, during the time of Leonardo da Vinci, you can predict one or two of his inventions and you messed with him to make those predictions come true, what happens to his other inventions?  

Or if you decided to disrespect the Lord's Choice and mess that person up because you do not like based on looks (too fat, too old….) or prejudice?  

What would have been the impact of, let's say, destroying breakthroughs in vaccines or treatments?  

What would have been the significance of a light destroyed?  

What happens when you disrespect and mess with what belongs to the Lord?  

Use predictions for your own selfish gain, selfish desires or greed in money and power?

Do you imagine that if you put in play incompetents or fools or megalomaniacs in power that you will get out the future predictions and reality of competence, excellence or wisdom?

So, garbage in and not garbage out as long as it is in future predictions or rather future delusions? 

What are you supposed to do with predictions?  

Do you know?

What is the purpose under Heaven?

Do You Know?


How's it going on your March Madness predictions?  

How many teams do you have left in your brackets?  

Making the wrong predictions in college basketball will not be earth shattering and will not usually impact the course of future events; however, making the wrong predictions in real world events and connections might, especially if you have those working to manifest these predictions into reality.  

If you are not interested in March Madness, it is unlikely you would even look at a bracket, let alone predict the winners.  

What predictions are we missing that will cause us to be blindsided by the course of events and hampered by incorrect connections?  

How many on December 31, 2019 saw COVID-19 coming?  

Wait, since it was already reality back then, let's move the prediction back a year to December 31, 2018.  

Did you predict it back then or earlier, when?  

What did you do with this prediction?  

Rolled over and played dead?  

Allow it to sweep the nation?  

Increased its spread?  

Or did you try to create vaccines and treatments, prepare to protect the people, contain and eliminate the contagion?  

And even if you knew COVID-19 was coming, did you have the vaccine knowledge or innovation and from where did the breakthroughs come?  

How many of you were blindsided in 2020?  

What are predictions based upon? 

The interest and character of the predictors.  

How accurate are they and what you do with the predictions are also character and talent based.  

Are you interested in predicting the course of world events and how they will impact you and your family?  

What will you do with these predictions, accurate, substantive or misleading and superficial?  

Are you interested in predicting whether you end up in heaven or not?  

Do you know?   

Friday, March 26, 2021



Are you beyond reproach?

If not, before you can be resurrected in Christ, bring your soul crawling to the Lord, you need to first take a good look at what needs to be torn down, in order for you to receive.  

Tear down...


(What are you ignorant of?) 

(What are we not ignorant of?) 


(How are you arrogant?) 

(How are you arrogant?) 


(What are you prejudiced against?)

Basically, remove the sins of ignorance that will keep you from being resurrected in Christ and receiving the Lord through the Holy Spirit.     

Shammers and Liars

Shame, shame, shame-  Those that use parasites, contagions and other forms of harm, especially sexual abuse are nothing but parasites and co...