Friday, February 28, 2020

Heart of the Matter


What strange criterias you have (which you base your answers upon)!

I do not know why you bother to ask superficial questions when whatever the practice, it is the intention or the heart of the act in which makes it holy or unholy.

If someone gives gifts generously and kindly without expecting anything in return then these acts are holy, but if someone receives gifts (or worse steals) with greed and lack of thanksgiving then these acts are unholy.

Based upon the heart of the person, the intention, it will reveal that person's character or true colors and that will help you understand the heart of the matter.


What is the point fasting (if the person cleanse the body, but not the heart and mind- still continue unclean practices and thoughts) and who are the ones that need to fast?

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ultimate Failures and Slaves to Sins, Power and Control


The Unholies, as yet, know no shame; understand nothing of their disgrace.

Every failure in their test of character edge them closer and closer to hell.

The practice of sins, of power and control, only costs them more losses in self control (increases in violent and irrational behaviors).  

Power and control stifles self-expression and love in stagnant surpression (of self) and oppression of family, people and humanity.  

These practitioners of sins, power and control are the slaves to its own grandiose lies and delusions of control.  

The Unholies objectify everything and everyone; collecting trophies and notches on their belts while notching out their own humanity and their place in Hell.

Each trophy evidence of their crimes against humanity and the Lord.  

These Unholies are the ultimate slaves to sins because of continuous practices in sins and constant failures to love the Lord (by respecting what belongs to Lord), to follow the Lord's Commandment to love thy neighbor as yourself, and to be honorable and decent human beings.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Thoughts and Destiny


I forgot to post yesterday.

Have you ever wondered why the most important determinate (purity of heart) to seeing the Lord and the Light of Heaven is the least defended or advocated in the courts, the Justice System and in churches?

Unclean thoughts, acts and crimes are rarely punished and rarely punished to the degree that matches the Lord's Judgement (the consequences when a person fails to have purity of heart).

Why are the temptations of Satan (in the areas of unclean hearts, never seeing the Lord and therefore Heaven) so pervasive?

Why the aggrevated failures by some to "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."*?

   "Watch your thoughts, they become yourwords; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny."  -Lao Tzu

What do you think will be your ultimate destiny (Heaven, Purgatory or Hell)?

*Proverbs 4:23

Monday, February 24, 2020

The So-Called


What acts of bravery have the so-called special superheroes performed?

What acts of grace have the so-called ministers performed?

What great ideas have the Unholies come up with by themselves? 

Grandiose lies are not acts of bravery.

Acts of manipulations in scripture and people are sacrileges, not grace.

Stealing someone else's ideas are criminal acts of theft, not creation. 

Having countless continuous counts of abuses and crimes against humanity by assaulting and prying into the victim, are not predictions in the future.

Fooling oneself into believing one's own lies is delusion.

Thinking that there is security in vulnerabilities and traitors is foolish.

Believing that there is intelligence in idiocy and nonsense is demented.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Rid Yourself of False Notions and Grooming


Again, I urge you to rid yourself of false notions and groomed mindsets that lead to not only temptations and sins, but acceptance of sins and therefore Satan and Satan's corruptions.

Believing that you are saved in Jesus Christ hold true only if you actually follow the Teachings and obey the Commandments to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Else, what are the purpose of the Teachings and the Commandments of Christ? 

Again, it is completely sacriledgious for ministers or priests, some themselves practicing sexual abuse or other sins, to groom their flock into accepting sinful behaviors by preaching we are all  sinners.  

We are not all sinners, though we are all capable of sin.  When Jesus Christ died on the cross, original sin was washed away.  

In no way are we allowed to accept sin, practice sin or even serve two masters; we must serve only the Lord.

It is also sacriledgious to use the grace of forgiveness as a manipulation tool to coverup sinful behaviors and crimes, to continue sinning and abusing and to imagine oneself saved (if ever forgiven by the Lord).

In Matthew 7:21, Jesus Christ stated to a group believers that when Judgement Day comes, many will say that they have in my name spread the gospel, drove out demons and performed miracles, but Christ will say, "I never knew you. Get away from me you unholy people!".

Now, does this scripture passage sound like unholy believers that are sinners will be forgiven by the Lord for their sins and be allowed into Heaven?

Yes, we are taught in the Lord's Prayer to ask for forgiveness if we have committed some wrong or trespass, but the ask of forgiveness does not automatically mean that we are forgiven.

The process by which any sinner is redeemed is not solely in the forgiveness of the victim or the Lord, but by the process of redemption in confession, repentance and atonement.

Again, I would urge you to rid yourself of false notions and grooming by embracing the Truth.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Name of Dishonor and Disgrace


What happens when a person's name becomes synonymous with dishonor and disgrace?

What happens when a family's name becomes synonymous to that of a cockroach?

When the legacies of the children and grandchildren of these cockroaches are perpetual shame?

Report and Remove the Abusers


Since everybody and everything belong to Lord, when you do harm to humanity, yourself or damage the earth and property, you are disrespecting the Lord and comitting crimes of sin. 

The most odious and heinous sins are sins of the flesh; sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, sexual slavery and the molestation of children of God. 

Not only are the sexual abusers committing crimes crimes against humanity and the victim, these perpetrators are committing crimes against the Lord and self.

The reasons why sins of the flesh are so odious are because of the depraved and severe negative states of disrespect, disgrace and dishonor within the abuser sinner against the victim, humanity and the Lord; the uncleanness of an unpure heart of a sinner that will never see the Lord or Heaven.

The reasons why sins of the flesh are so heinous are the aggrevated violations and harm to the victim and humanity, the disrespect for the Lord and what belongs to the Lord, and sacrilege in the failures to obey the Lord's Commandment to love thy neighbor as yourself.

These sinners without honor are pathetic in their cowardice and vice.

The unclean and unpure souls often lack the courage to face their sins, crimes against humanity and the Lord.

Sexual abusers practice sacriledge in immoral behaviors of depravity; the corruption of their souls knows no bounds or how far into the pits of Hell fallen from one's disgrace.

Report and remove the abusers, especially those committing continuous and aggravated harm in inappropriate acts, sexual abuses and crimes against humanity.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Predicting the Future


There is a hyper focus upon predicting the future of one's life of Caesar,  but a lack predicting the future of one's salvation or damnation. 

Gaining knowledge of one's fame or fortune is not the same as gaining insight to one's enlightenment.

Forecasters forecast based upon their ability, insight, sensitivity and character; those that are shallow or vain will be interested only in things that will further their selfish gains or desires and those that are wise will be interested in furthering enlightened pathways.

What future you manifest will depend upon what you choose.

Your future you depend upon who you choose to be today in whatever the circumstance (how you play the hand you are dealt even if you know what you will be dealt); the future you do not depend upon what some might predict (unless you let it).  

Whatever the future might bring, if you lose your soul to sins and Satan today, your soul will be in jeopardy tomorrow.

Predicting the future of Caesar, does not address your future in Heaven or if you even have a future in Heaven.

Take a good look at your future's future; will it even be with the Lord?

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Conversation Expanded


Let's expand upon the conversation yesterday.  

It is not possible for a person in a negative state use power to try to force his or her way into Heaven; 

In a negative existence, this person is already in a personal hell and connected to actual Hell's Shadows through sins and sinful practices.

And unless a person has purity of heart, that person will not see the Lord, the Light or Heaven's Gate (cannot find it).

In addition, the greater the negative power or force applied to any positive the further the repulsion.

Why stress these truths? 

Some people have the problem of gravitating toward power as a means of controlling themselves and the world around them. 

These power and control people give up the power to understand and heal themselves and the world around them and to exorcise fear, insecurites and sins; choosing instead to run from and fill the void of their shortcomings with the illusion of power and control, hate or self-loathing and loathing of other people in blame.

It leads to bad practices in not only abuses of power, but abuses of people in excuses to have power and control.

The greater these negative practices in power and control (due to insecurities, fear, hate and sins), the further repulsed from humanity and the original self (the Lord created) and less control of actual self (increases in out of contol behaviors, such as loss of temper and greater violent tendencies and outbursts).

Finally, whatever sins or graces sowed, whatever your state of being, you cannot run from yourself and your existence.   

You also cannot run from the Lord and the indomitable truth that we all must face one day on Judgement Day.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Each Sorted By Character States


Let's talk about negative states of existence.

Negative states naturally repel any positive.  

Even if you talk about forgiveness, being forgiven for some wrong or sin, does not give or grant positive character attributes.

Even if you talk about salvation, in the end each person will be naturally sorted, like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter into perspective Houses, into perspective States of Being; Positive, Neutral or Negative.

No power on earth will be able to change or direct what the nature of being or character will determine.

Thursday, February 13, 2020


There are vast differences in abilities, levels of abilities and the character of each person.

Just because someone can scout for talent or read someone's abilities, does not mean that person has the ability to play ball.

Or just because someone can read, does not mean that person has reading comprehension or can write.

Or just because someone has the power to steal intellectual property or torture or abuse in cruel and usual treatments, does not mean that abuser of power has any power to create anything good or intellectual (not the creator of the intellectual properties).

Because the power to create everything good, stems from the ability to do good with the Holy Spirit, not from abuse of power, abuses and sin.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Your Ability to See the Light


Even if you have Seers who can predict if you are going to be rich, famous, successful or meet the love of your life, it does not mean you will enter Heaven or be able to see its Light.

You cannot on Judgement Day present your 2.5 kids, your significant other, your money, your skin or even your gender to the Lord.

What can you present?

Again, what will you be Judged upon?

How you appreciate the gifts that give your life meaning and serve purposefully humanity and the Lord are what contibutes to your character and your ability to see the Light.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Dear Love,

You are love through the Ages,
Ever deep in true Essence,
Thank you for your gifts of inspiration, hope and love.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Peace with the Lord


At whatever stage in life, you should be at peace with the Lord.

Do not wait until old age to make peace with the Lord.

As stewards of the earth, service to the Lord and good character practices should be present, garnered and sowed at every stage of life.

If there are mistakes in sin(s) or bad behaviors, then take corrective action; confess, repent and atone.

Salvation should be at the forefront of any endeavor; therefore, be at peace with the Lord.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Candidate For Heaven


Are you sure you know what the fight is about?

At the close,  if you lose your soul in the process, lose your character and your good name,  what have you won?

Again, I would encourage you to have good practices and ethical standards by which you can nurture your children by and maintain good standing with the Lord.

You cannot be considered a candidate for Heaven, if you do not have good character or good standing with the Lord. 

Stop Giving Into Fear and Sins


You need to stop giving into fear or sins.

At the close, when you are the slaves to fear or Satan, you will not be worthy to stand before the Lord, let alone your family.

Your concern should not be whether you will be forgiven,  but whether or not you can be considered a person of character.

Are you mice, cockroaches or men?

Stop feeding the beast and giving into your fears and sins. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020



Reminder to complete the full repentance and atonement process, before asking for forgiveness.  

There really is no point in seeking forgiveness before knowing what it is you are asking to be forgiven for.  

If you sinned, what sin(s) did you commit and how much harm was caused? 

And make sure (if you sin) to root out the cause of sin, in order to not sin again. 

Sometimes it is as simple as saying no to hate, sin or sinful behaviors.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Above Them All

Dear Endearing Snowflake,

Into the unknown we go.....

Fear and uncertainty rise and fall,

Grasp bravery in desperation of it all.

Within the heart I hear loves call,

Knowing we will stand tall and rise above them all.

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....