Friday, January 31, 2020

Dear Elder Snowflake,

Whether life knocks you down or lifts you up, your character determines your level of endurance, bravery, grace and humility.  

No one can determine your character except yourself.  

In every test of character, you have the choice; the choice is up to you to be the better person.

Safeguard the person the Lord meant for you to be and become the person the Lord intended for you to be.

The gifts of love and regard bestowed upon you by your mother, family and friends, hopefully will carry you through any hardship and guide you  Home.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Affection or Esteem?


If you had to choose between love's affection or esteem, which will you choose?

What about the Lord's Love or Esteem?

The Love of the Lord granted to all who can receive, but not so with Esteem.

The question then becomes can you fully receive Love or have It without esteem of self and the Esteem of the Lord?  

Can you really have the affection of love without esteem of self and love?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Real Plays


There are chess players and then there are chess masters.  

Whichever kind of player you are, you cannot play forever, because we cannot live forever. 

The ultimate long game is decided on Judgement Day.

It does not matter how many plays won, if ultimately, lost is your salvation. 

Keep in mind when you play, what the ultimate end game will be and how the Lord's Judgement will be played.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Present Your Best Self


When you stand before the Lord, how will you present yourself?

Most people present the best parts of themselves to please and appease the Lord. 

What are the parts of yourself will you present?

Keep in mind that this is Judgement Day and you are in spirit form.

If you thought to present with your face or any part of your body or skin, perish the thought for it would not be possible.  

If you thought to present your power of Caesar or power of the mind, perish the thought for it would not be possible for one and for the latter no power is greater than the Lord's or even comparable (the Lord is not interested in the feable powers of limited minds).

What can be presented are your true colors or self. 

Now, what are these colors (of the soul) and what will you present? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Holy Spirit


What exactly do you think comprises the essence of the Holy Spirit?  

I will give you a clue.  It has nothing to do with power or anything of Caesar.

It is a gentleness that can pass through any wall;

It is a warmth that warm any frozen heart;

It is a healing of well- being of the soul that makes whole any broken spirit and vanquishes all sin;

It is in its essence Love and Peace combined.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020



The Way, the Truth and the Life, mean what exactly?

What is its purpose?

Why bring this up? 

There is this notion, way too emphasized, that if you believe in Jesus Christ then you shall be saved.

This is true if you understand all of Christ and the Teachings; know exactly what the Way, the Truth and the Life are and mean.

Because using the name of Christ or the Lord without fully understanding Christ or the Teachings, is hollow and will not help you to find and walk the pathways to Heaven.

The purpose of salvation means nothing if you cannot achieve it or find it or walk these pathways to Heaven. 

Now, how can you walk into the Light if you cannot see it? 

The Lord already spelled out the requirement in order to see God.

You must have purity of heart.

Without purity of heart, you will never see the Lord or the Light.

How to have purity of heart? 

You must have decency, because decency is the key to having purity of heart and finding the Gates of Heaven

Decency should never be undervalued, because your salvation in having purity of heart (seeing the Lord and Light) depends upon it.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Eyes of Humanity


How do I address the inherent biases within you and everyone?

I feel as if you are coming from some tribal council meeting, groomed to see things only from one perspective. 

My question is, are you willing or even capable of seeing from the perspective of humanity, the way the Lord would dictate (in accordance with the law of the prophets)?  

No matter which side you take, no matter what reason, bad practices in hate, selfish desires or sins are still bad practices.  

These bad practices change the culture in which you live, where your children live and their children will live for the worse, not better.  

Why not ensure best practices by seeing it through the the eyes of humanity to create safe and nurturing environments and pathways to Heaven, instead of Hell?

Friday, January 17, 2020



Perhaps you have forgotten or failed to realize who taught you about the substantive matters in life or where substantive connections originate.   

Therefore, I wonder if you would have regard and proper respect if you knew. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up with the best teacher any person can dream to have.  

What limited knowledge I pass on,  I know full well from where it stems and know who I should thank for it. 

Thank you to all the good teachers out there, especially to my teacher (EY) who's teachings help guide my days and light my nights.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Where Do You Stand?


By now you know that my primary priorities are to serve the Lord and humanity, not the small minded selfish interests of man.

If you do not like the ideas I propose, then forget it and find other ideas you like that would suit you.  

But know that if these ideas are all alike, you will unlikely experience anything new or innovative.

I also highly doubt that you would like to be treated in the same dishonorable, disrespectful and abusive manner by the Unholies and selfish desires people.

I do not know why you do not defend against sin and Satan or protect from harm as vigorously as you should; I know only of the multitudes of continuous sabotages, abuses and henderences, lack of encouragements and regard by Unholies.

I am not sure of where you stand, with the Lord and humanity, with selfish desires and gain or with the Unholies, slaves of Satan and sin.  

How can I say this?  

How can I not.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Fate and Destiny


I can simply, maybe even clarify, the Teachings, but only you can decide who to be.

Life can be as simple as a dream or as terrifying as a nightmare depending upon how to choose to handle each experience, the good and the bad.

I forgot where I heard of the difference between fate and destiny, where fate is the hand you are dealt and destiny is how you play it.  

The time you lose in any hand is when you make bad choices that harm your character and harm humanity.  

Because even if you were to win and win riches and fame, it means nothing if you lose your soul and in the process become destined for Hell.  

Life is a constant battle between good and evil.  

And in this battle, it is how you do in the tests of character that will decide where you are destined, for Heaven or Hell.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Who's Judgement Must You Meet?


Do you find it strange when some Christians act like they are not witnesses for the Lord?

What I mean is that everything we see or do is experienced not only in our mind, but in our hearts and soul; therefore, recorded in our character for the Lord on Judgement Day.

When you incur debts of tresspasses, sins or favors, who's judgment must you satisfy?  

On Judgement Day who's measurements or standards must you meet?

And what are the Lord's measurements and standards for you in character and deeds?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


I seem to recall this conversation many times; garbage in, garbage out.

So why do some think that garbage packed in pretty packaging is not still garbage?

Or a big fat nondescript packaging filled with intellect and knowkedge is not wisdom worth knowing or having?

How frightening is it that the people that should be in the know, somehow think pretty packages in sinful unintelligible abuses of garbage is intelligence?  

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Lord is Active


If you imagine that the Lord does not get involved or is active in the lives of people, think again.

The Lord is not passive, because life is not passive.  

Freedom of will to make our own choices, does not mean the Holy Spirit does nothing and is not involved the the daily lives of people.

The battle between good and evil (holy and unholy) goes on.

Just because a person is not struck by lightening when a lie is uttered, does not mean something has not happened to the soul or character of the liar.

When a person loses each test of character, that person have harmed his or her soul, foresaken the Holy Spirit and possible salvation.

The Holy Spirit is very active in tests of character and in our lives; you just have to be aware of it to follow its guidence.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Better Live Life


To believe by definition means to accept as true or the truth of that belief.

If you plan is to enter Heaven by means of believing in Jesus Christ, you need to know and understand the whole of the Lord's Teachings in order to receive the complete Truth.

Failng to believe in the whole Truth and nothing, but the Truth means you will probably fall short of salvation.

Instead of relying solely upon believing, perhaps you should apply what you have learned from the Good Book, do Good and live Life.

Better yet, live it with love, peace and understanding.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Who Do You Need to Be?


From the conversation yesterday, you can guess the question today.

Do you think there are any sins or sinful anything in Heaven?

Knowing there are none, are you truly compatible with Heaven?

In order to understand who you need be to have salvation, you need the following: purity of heart, empathy of soul and peace of mind.

Do you have all of the above attributes?

Friday, January 3, 2020

Do You Have The Purity Of Heart?


Based on the conversation earlier, you probably guessed what I am going to write. 

It is important to have complete full processes, whether it is complete proofs of formulative solutions or missional goals.

It really does not do anything to not finish or have incomplete processes.

What happens with incomplete or partial treatments for sicknesses or diseases? 

The same applies to the repentance process and salvation processes.  

In order to achieve repentance and salvation, you actually have to have the completeness and fullness of it.

What happens when you fall short?

There are those that say you need only believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and salvation will be theirs. 

Yet, Jesus said to unholy believers on Judgement Day to get away from Him.


Do you really think an unholy person, sinful and corrupt, a cockroach, is compatible with Christ or Heaven?

No matter how much the Lord forgives or what that person believes, it is what that person has become, who that person is, how that person behaves and what is accomplished by that person, that determine character and ultimately compatibility with Heaven.

Do you have the purity of heart to see the Lord and enter Heaven?

Thursday, January 2, 2020



Discovery is the act of realizing or obtaining a process or knowledge that was previously unknown.

What have you discovered recently about yourself?  About the holy and unholy?  

And who do you think you are?

Careful to remember that you cannot serve two masters without negative consequences.

The ones with bad or dishonorable intent that think it is easy to get away with lies, hoodwinks and sins, but are these unholies really getting away without consequences?

Just because uncaught does not mean  those unholies did not harm their character, lose their soul and grace in the process of carrying out their selfish or diabolical plans.  

Often times, people imagine a great battle between good and evil on a great big battlefield.  

But fail to realize that the battle was won or lost long before stepping on that

What I am talking about is the determination of good or bad character, of salvation or damnation; the division of into holy or unholy in the person.

The holy serve the Lord.

The unholy, slaves to sin and Satan, are subjugated to grandiose delusions of power and sins, are barred from heaven and will be casted onto Hell.

Satan lost the War a long, long time ago and was casted out of Heaven; therefore, has no power in Heaven and lesser power on earth.

The battle in the soul occurs when there are failures in tests of character; the personal war is lost when a person loses his or her soul by foresaking the Lord in sin and sins and practices sinful or hateful behaviors.

I will ask you again, what have you discovered about yourself?  About the holy and unholy? 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Importance of Atonement


The purpose of confession of sin is to identify and admit that there is a problem.

The purpose of repentance is to have sincerity remorse in order to exorcise the sinful behaviors that stem from the sin(s).

Even if the sinner was able to totally remove the root cause of the sin in self and the bad behaviors that stem from sin, the sinner is still in deficit of any good or even neutral character attributes.

Only by atoning can the sinner fully understand the wrong(s), exorcise completely the sinful behaviors and practices and have positive or neutral character attributes; become good or a better person.

Without atonement the sinner cannot make up for past wrongs, prevent future mistakes from the sin and be able receive the possibilty of forgiveness or salvation.

Prepare Resolutions


Before jumping ahead into the future, resolve the conflicts of the past.

No matter what that past is, take each future step with a thankful and loving heart with the Lord in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

If hindsight is 20/20, then what insights have you discovered?

What tests of character have you endured?  Did you pass (each test)?

Who have you become?

Will it be and is it acceptable to the Lord?

As you prepare your New Year resolutions, keep in mind what you have learned.

The expectation of salvation or forgiveness is meaningless and often times dangerous, because you might not or have not achieved the expectations of the Lord (which is what matters) in order to attain salvation and receive forgiveness.

Despite of what you might have taught, whether you are saved is not determined solely by your beliefs or deeds, but by your good character and the Lord's Judgement.

If you have sinned, confess, repent and atone.  Do not expect to be saved or forgiven, but work toward it.  

Try being the best person you can be and do the best good you can.

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