Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year 🎇

For the new year, 

Let the bad go and sins sink to the gutter where such things belong.

Let love and peace transcend and rise beyond space and time.   

Let the essence of Christ fill your spirit with the Holy Spirit and walk in the ways of the Lord.   

Happy New Year 🎇

Thursday, December 29, 2022



I am not sure why those not forgiven by Christ or my person, would think that forgiveness of sins or harm is automatic and instantaneous.

And I am not sure why those people that allow for and practice continuous abuses and sins think that salvation will ever be theirs.  

Corrupt and compromised ministers and priests have no moral authority to grant forgiveness of sins and salvation, no matter what is preached or promised.  

Using scripture as a means to manipulate and groom people into complicity of sins and harm, is sacrilegious and will not translate into anything but blind allegiance to falsehoods, lies and misinformation in sins.  

Pointing the finger away from their corruption and compromised unholiness does not change their unholiness.  

The church should not be a hunting ground for pedophiles, sexual abusers or Judases in the pocket of Bot farms.  

And forgiveness cannot be granted and received without first the confession of sin or sins and the process of redemption.  

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Thank you Lord for all your blessings and your gifts of love and peace.  

We pray that your sacrifice of love and peace will not be in vain as we strive to realize your Word of love and peace on earth.  

Let us let go of the bad, the hate and negativity, divisions of ignorance that divide us, and strive to make real the Lord's Kingdom on earth.   

"The meek shall inherit the earth" [Matthew 5: 5] - if we hold to the covenant with the Lord to love and uphold the Lord's Truths to serve.  

We can accomplish our purpose on earth by braving the truth, facing reality and upholding morality.  

Know that lies, deception and misinformation have no place in the reality of heaven and the morality of humanity.  

Therefore, glorify no one, but the Lord.

Servants of Christ serve the Lord and humanity, not oneself or Caesar in grandiose power and power trips.

This Christmas let us remember our service to humanity and fulfill our promise to the Lord to love our neighbors as self and give the gifts of kindness, love, hope and peace.

In glad tidings, let us bring joy to the people around us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022


How you treat people in life, is how you will be treated in the afterlife.

Sunday, December 18, 2022


When someone is trophying, that person is turning their spirit unholy.

In trying to possess what belongs to the Lord, that person is sinning and breaking spiritual law, thus unholy in spirit.  

Automatically that puts the perpetrator, trophying in sin, on a different spiritual plane than the victim.  

The trophying sinner will, in sins, be negative and on the path of the unholy and damned.

Thus, the person actually possessed is the trophying perpetrator by sin and Satan. 

Saturday, December 17, 2022



I am not sure why Satan or Satan's slaves and minions are so concerned with winning, because already lost when casted out of heaven;  

And themselves are slaves, because chained and incarcerated to their compulsions and sins, much like someone's addictions to drugs and alcohol where those substances control them, not the other way around;

And having self delusions into imaginary power and control through abuse of power and while tripping on power, does nothing but disappoint, because no real control or power in their incarceration by and chainment to their sins and compulsions; 

Never free from guilt or sins.

And constantly blaming others for their lack of control when something goes wrong, which is all the time, because living in a false reality which will never match up to the real reality, will not make them real winners, but losers.

Because losing salvation is worse than losing, it's a death knell in ultimate loss and damnation.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022


The assumption that all would be forgiven after confession, especially deathbed confessions, is not true, because it is an incomplete process of redemption.

Confession is simply an admission of guilt to the breaking of spiritual law in sin; a first step in taking responsibility for the harm (caused by sin to self and victims).  

It is the beginning of healing and freeing the soul (from the chains of sins in the unholy) which begins with the truth in confessing the wrongs.   

By limiting the redemption to first steps, it often makes it impossible to receive the salvation, because the process of redemption is incomplete.  

One does not fully clean oneself up and repair the damages to the spirit in one's character and it fails to make amends to victims of the sins of harm; therefore, there is no redemption.  

Half measures are like half truths, except in this case, confession does not even reach the halfway mark in the redemption process.

For example, if you are an alcoholic, you must first confess and admit that you are, before the process of healing can begin; however, it is just step one of a twelve step process.  

You cannot get totally clean from only step one.

You have to get to the root causes and root out the problems, just as you have to root out sin and self-causes or temptations of the sin.

Therefore, the first steps towards forgiveness in redemption is not forgiveness itself.  

Confessions, especially deathbed confessions, should not be presented as if it is.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Lies will be debunked.  

Even if the lies are never debunked, lies are by nature smoke, not concrete substance and will last as long as the smoke.   

When the dust settles and the mundane grandiose lies are long forgotten;

The light of truth will remain and reverberate across time, transcending and carrying with it the deepest measures of life. 

Therefore, do not get lost in the trappings of Caesar, greed and power, because the temporal world will not last.  

What will last is your spirit and spiritual essence.  

What is your essence?  

Saturday, December 3, 2022


What is being groomed this time?  

No pain, no gain.

Usually that means it is sometimes necessary to suffer or work hard in order to succeed or make progress.

However, the twisted perversion of no pain, no gain by Unholies is to inflict pain or torture as a means to gain power and control over the victim and steal intellectual property.  

Does this work?

There is no guarantee that if you inflict pain or torture you can get reliable information from the victim, which means there is no direct correlation between pain and gain.  

When a person intends to inflict pain, then there is a direct premeditation to cause harm.  

Causing harm, whatever the reason, whatever the gain, is abuse, unholy and a crime against humanity.

Causing continuous harm, whatever the reason, whatever the gain, is aggravated abuse, unholy and a crime against humanity.

All of which are immoral, illegal and crimes against humanity.


What happens when your compass is off?

How far off track depends upon how far off and the journey traveled over time. 

Without recalculating and rerouting until you're back on track, you will never reach your destination, heaven.  

Which is why it is important to have a redemptive mindset and an empathetic and an atoning heart.

Without redemption, the process of cleaning yourself up from sin and healing from sin through atonement, you will never be free from sin.

Begin with the truth.  

The truth will set you free.

Recognize the truth.

Confess the problem or sin. 


Give no footholds to sin.


Pivot away from sin, deadly sins of selfish gains, power trips, grandiose ambitions or hateful practices.

Practice love and compassion, kindness and fairness, faith and empathy and the positive attributes that will bring you joy and peace.

Be sure your compass points true to the Lord, to the Holy.


Friday, December 2, 2022

Check Your Compass.


Time to check your internal compass.  

No more excuses.

Be honest.  

Is your internal compass based upon love and peace?  

Or are you fear based at your core?  

Power based?  

Control freak based?

Aggressor based, always needing to get your way?  

Or hate based?

Many insecurities stem from not being able to match your internal compass with the Lord, so everything seems a little off and at times completely off.  

When your internal compass is completely off then it is no longer in touch with humanity and the Holy Spirit.  

Then you will base decisions based upon self and only the self out of touch with humanity, reality and the Lord (read, see and hear only what you want in selective memory and selective reality).

You may feel like something is wrong or off, but never figure out what.

You cannot figure out what is off until you identify your paradigm or core philosophy which determines the direction of the compass.  

Unfortunately, any internal compass not based upon love and peace will not work properly, because it cannot connect to the Holy Spirit or humanity unimpeded; 

When the compass needle is constantly blocked by power, by fears, by hate, by selfish desires, by aggression, by insecurities, by the agenda of Caesar, your compass will not be accurate or work properly.

Check your compass.

What is its core?


Thursday, December 1, 2022


Great works cannot come from pain and suffering, coercion or torture.  


Wave-particle duality.  

If someone slaps you across your face, your pain response will activate, all other thoughts and contemplation will go out the window as you register the pain of the slap, you will perhaps say, "ouch", not how to innovate or solve a problem; and if it hurts enough, it may be followed by some expletives.  

You will not be thinking about inspiration or pontificating about anything else, but the pain.  

And if you were repeatedly slapped or abused continuously the pain will be followed by suffering, not inspiration. 

If you do not believe what I am saying, you can try putting yourself through the same abuses for the same continuous amounts of time and see for yourself.

I am pretty sure you will not be inspired in the midst of abuse in pain and suffering, in cruel and unusual treatments.


It is a complete fallacy that great works come from pain and suffering, coercion or torture.  


Because pain and suffering is not inspiration.  

Are you able to concentrate better with a headache?  

What about being able to concentrate during extreme headaches for prolonged periods of time?  

Has inspiration ever come to you during those times of pain and suffering?  

For example, In the last ten years, every intellectual work I ever completed, the inspiration came from Elizabeth, my muse, or positive sources;

And the most of the inspiration came to my person over ten years ago; 

It just takes awhile to finish working on my intellectual property which was why it was completed during these ten years and not that very second;

And it was completed during the pauses of pain and suffering when I could concentrate, because you cannot concentrate during times of debilitating trauma and stress or pain and suffering.

In business, the greater the morale, the higher the productivity; not the greater the pain and suffering, the higher the productivity.

Never during traumatic stress, especially prolonged, does it help soldiers or victims be more productive, because it only leads to PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is only during the pauses or after PTSD is there the ability to concentrate and receive inspiration.  

Yes, one can write about hardships, but after one has lived through them, not in the midsts of struggling to survive*.  

According to Maslow*, you  reach the heightened ability to concentrate or self-actualize after certain basic needs are met.

No needs are met through pain and suffering and what is recognized is the pain and what if blocked by suffering is the inspiration.

*See Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" 

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