Friday, October 2, 2020

What Is Your Reality?


Do you think churches should have ___________ the highest moral standards and ethical practices, reasonable moral standards and ethical practices or non-existent moral standards and ethical practices?  


How do you think Jesus Christ would answer this question?  

What is the reality in most churches?  

The middle choice is a tricky question, because what does reasonable mean in this case?  

Compromises in moral standards and ethical practices?  

Sins and sinful practices will be accepted until it's not?  

Corruption of thoughts and practices? 

Just because people are capable of bad and sin, does not mean everyone practices bad behaviors and sins; therefore, we are not all sinners. 

Not everyone gives in to their most debased instincts or even have those instincts (does a baby have those instincts, no; learned negative behaviors practiced until it becomes instinct). 

What is the reality when churches do not practice highest moral standards and ethics? 

It becomes the reality people live and are taught; live a church life and go through life taught to give

footholds in sins, mediocre practices in morality and standards and become susceptible to sins and grooming.

What is your reality?

  When a person fails to act in good faith, that person is breaking his or her fiduciary duty, word, honor and the bond of trust.   And when...