Sunday, October 25, 2020



Life is a journey whereby everything works within a process, much like the circle of life.  

If the process is disturbed, distorted or destroyed, then the process in future outcome will also be the same (disturbed, distorted or destroyed).

In order to stop nonsense or non-existent processes that lead negative outcomes, today and into the future, there must be best practices to safeguard best processes and positive outcomes. 

The how-tos of solving a problem with positive outcomes or best possible outcome depends on your ability to understand the problem and figure out the best process by which to handle or solve it.  

What are your processes on the how-tos of handling the problems facing our family and world, and tests our character and souls?   

Let us say you want an outcome of salvation on Judgement Day.  

How do you go about achieving the goal?  

The process by the way you develop positive character attributes, grace or good karma determines the development of your soul, holy or unholy.  

If you do not wish to become unholy and forsake the possibility of salvation, then the process by which you develop your character and soul cannot be negative in bad behaviors or sins.

Bad behaviors lead to sinful outcomes and patterns of bad practices lead to continuous and cumulative sinful outcomes leading to damnation.


To avoid pitfalls into damnation, it is important to find positive processes that will lead to salvation in a journey of grace.

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