Saturday, August 31, 2019

Match Love


The only currency that matters in Heaven is the currency of Love (love and peace).

Practice attributes that will match that Love.

Positive attributes like being


Practice being positive will help you to match the Holy Spirit and guide you towards the path of salvation.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Predicting Prognostications


I am not sure why some are hyperfocused upon predictions.

If you have anyone looking through eyes of jealousy, hatred, lust, greed, power trips and/ or selfish gain, then whatever this person sees will be skewed and biased.

Moreover, the person's character will determine if that person is trustworthy and will not give misleading, misdirecting information or grandiose tales and out and out lies.

Unbias analysis begins with the truth.  

Accurate predictions is predicated upon projections from the current truth to where it will be in the future.  

Which is why this statement should make sense to most: garbage in garbage out.

How reasonable will it be to predict genius outcomes based upon nonexistent intelligence? 

How about outcomes based upon nonexistent or grandiose abilities?  

It is not difficult to predict that weak people, practicing bad behaviors and practices will likely continue in destructive abuses, because these liars believe that they are fooling others (but in reality, fool themselves in grandiose delusions of grandeur and power).

And it is not difficult to prognosticate that on Judgement Day the outcome for unholy and sinful people is eternal Damnation.  

Not because I wish it, but because it's the Truth of it.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Identify the Truth


Voyeurism is sexual abuse.

Indecency is sacrilege.  

Unholy, unclean and impure acts and thoughts prevent you from having a pure heart and from seeing the Lord.

Identify acts for what it really is, in order to live in truth and reality.

Know who you are and who you need to be, in order to be who you are called to be.  

If you need to clean yourself up, then repent and clean yourself up.

Stop the sacriledgious acts and sins of the flesh.



Do you know what happens to victims when crimes go unanswered?

When perpetrators go unpunished,  the crimes and sins escalate. 

The sinners believe themselves to be invincible and too clever to ever be caught, thinking they have and can get away with bad behaviors, abuses and crime.

It is the same when adversaries get away with trickery by finding weaknesses in character and destabilizing their opponents.

When the trickery goes beyond propriety, decency and honor, and incite hatred and crime, then no longer are they adversaries, but criminal masterminds hellbent and intent on sin and destruction (in order to gain power of destruction).

The failures in addressing these weakness, especially when players are fooled and played for fools are crisises in weaknesses, security and safety.

When fools imagine themselves winners, invincible and powerful, as they are taken for a fool and are dishonorable, weak, compromised idiots, then out of bound trickery goes unanswered and the harmful tricks in sin, abuse and hatred continues.

These weakness will translate into lack of security, safety, honor, decency and on and on it goes into further weaknesses and depravity.  

Because these fools lack the courage to face the truth, recognize just how far they have been played and what they have become (Satan's puppets, sinners, abusers and criminals with countless counts of sins, abuses and crimes against humanity), the divisions will go on, and compromised weaknesses will continue to be exploited in sin and hatred.

Satan wins.  Humanity destabilized.

And what will be manifested onto the world will be the sinful, hateful trickery designed to divided, conquer and destroy, then we all fall victims to Satan.

Unless, we answer with love, respect and regard to having propriety in honor and follow the law of the prophets or rule of law,  have the courage to recognize the truth and deal with weaknesses in character, there will never be real security or safety.

Ultimately our children will pay the price as they are groomed like lambs for slaughter or abuse, to answer to and obey Satan and Satan's puppets.  

They will live in a world filled with manifestations of sins and hate (just so these unholy tricksters can gain power, conquer the world and win as they, themselves, lose their souls to sin and Satan).

Unless you answer, the price will be steep.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Why Waste Time?


Anything you cannot take with you when you die is superfluous or unnecessary.

The superficial distractions of Caesar, power, money, averous, hate and sins only divert focus from the substantive spiritual attributes necessary for salvation.

Jesus said the poor will always be with us.

Therefore, you will have those that are richer and poorer, smarter and dumber, prettier and uglier, stronger and weaker....

If you compare or blame, depending upon which comparison, you will always find something to be unhappy about or hate.

If you fall into these superficial distractions and it becomes part of your soul, then these negatives will be what you carry into Judgement Day.

If you work on the substantive attributes and develop it, then it will be your good character that you carry into Judgment.

Why then waste time and energy on anything bad for you (like the superflous and superficial)?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019



Are you even interested in salvation?

It sounds like a silly question, but when you let questionable ministers influence your beliefs, then you put your salvation in jeopardy.

Walking the walk, in the narrow way with the Holy Spirit, is vital to your salvation.

Now, how do you do it?

Power and control is never the answer and always the limitation, because of its own ignorance, lack of understanding and wisdom.

(If you do not let yourself and people grow and learn with the Holy Spirit, then there will never be positive growth and learning, but regression into the unholy and sins.)

Also basically anything of Caesar is not the answer, but a distraction into the superficial.

Walking the walk means following the law of the prophets and the Commandments of Jesus Christ.  

It means actually having respect, love, honor, decency, and integrity (in ethical conduct, truth, fellowship of love and regard for people), in order to receive the same.  

It means actually being the stewards of the earth and humanity and being that we are called to be.

If you break covenant with the Lord and sin, you must confess, repent and atone; otherwise, you will never receive redemption and have any standing with the Lord.

If you fall from grace with the Lord, you must atone, in order to have standing and salvation.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it is what is required.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Good Practices, Positive Resolutions and Salvation


My first memory was a sense of purpose in learning from life in the Life.

I love learning about different cultures and the people that inspire the positive change in it.

It is easy to be inspired when there are so many amazing people, culture and places in the world.

But, I can understand why you feel bad and sad when inequalities, injustices and man-made tragedies happen to wonderful people, especially to the innocent and the poor.

I feel the same moral outrage and hurt.  

I won't speak today about forgiveness, not because you should not give it, but because it has limitations; it is not an end all be all solution.

Forgiveness does fulfill an important purpose of healing for the victim(s), but not immediately for the perpetrators because it is not redemptive.

Forgiveness does not repent and atone for sins, crimes and abuses, nor does it create productive solutions to root causes of the problems by the abusers and Unholies.  

Today, we must address the root causes of bad practices, violence and corruption, in order to have good practices and peaceful resolutions for humanity tomorrow.

And truly create a redemptive process in atonement and positive solutions that make and leave a better world for our children and pave the way toward salvation.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Benefit of the Doubt


Do you know what is worse than having no defenses against sin or wrong doing?

Having no suspicion of sin or any possible suspicion of wrongdoing of the sinners or perpetrators.

For some reason, the benefit of the doubt goes to the perpetrator not the victim.

Just how groomed are people to ignore the truth or suspicion of lies, sin and wrongdoing?

Do you ignore questionable behaviors by questionable wrongdoers or sinners (in your family, your tribe, coworker, or ministers)? 

Do you wait until some terrible wrong has been committed, then still believe the lies of perpetrators or sinners? 

Are groomed to suspend even suspicion and proof until a sin or crime is proven beyond reasonable doubt?

What happens to the victims in the meantime? 

How many counts of abuse, slander and blame must the victim(s) suffer before the doubt and suspicion of lies shifts to the sinner, liar and perp, and not the victim?

Friday, August 23, 2019

Duty of Care


Do your ministers or leaders really care?

Is there duty of care?

Care is looking after the well-being physical and spiritual of your person.

Your well-being and salvation should be part of the duty of care of leaders.

Duty of care requires working on processes including redemption and provisions that are necessary for spiritual and physical well-being and salvation.

It is not care to cater to sin and let sinners continue to injure their souls and hurt victims, because the fear of reprisals in attendance and tithing. 

Or give false absolution by perversing forgiveness and bypassing redemption.

What happens when you remove the process of redemption for sinners?

Is that care?

Church leaders must set best practices  where the highest moral ethics and standards are in place. 

Church must be a place for salvation, not a hunting ground for sexual predators and abusers.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Different Measurements

Dear Snowflake,

Too often people measure success and even gifts by that of Caesar (money, status, power), but the Lord measure gifts by love and the amount of grace or positives it generates.

You might even be tempted to compare, but I know that the priceless gifts your mother gave in lessons of love, kindness, honor, integrity, and hard work in excellence and goodness can never be fully repaid, at least not in terms of dollars and cents.

The Unholies lie and slander.  Do not let their pathetic natures get to you, because in the eyes of the Lord, I am the one in deficit when it comes to repaying your Mother in her teachings of love and the true lessons in Life.

I would not let these Unholies deminish who you are, who you can be and the contributions you are capable of contributing to humanity.  

What are your true colors?


What do you have to offer to the Lord, to humanity?

What do you have to give?

If you do not know, find out the you the Lord meant for you to be.

By simple existence, even at rest, you generate energy, as part of humanity, society.  

By our actions, we determine the culture and cultural experiences, we as a collective will have. 

If you do not want these experiences to be negative, then you have to set forth good practices in line with the Holy Spirit and the Lord's Commandments to love.

If you do not want to generate negative energy within and throughout, you have to give of yourself (in a way consistent to what the Lord intend) in fellowship and love.

By giving selflessly, you discover the types of gifts you have to offer and your true colors.

Discover the you the Lord created and meant for you to be.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Purity of Heart


Jesus Christ stated that the pure in heart will see the Lord.

The holy can be seen in the pure of heart.

In order to have purity of heart, you must have decency, behaviors in morality and respectability. 

Do not underestimate the value of decency.

Without decency, you will never find Heaven's Gate, because you will never be able see it.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Would you want to Know?


Would you want to know if you are in mortal danger? 

Would you want it prevented?

How about if you were in extreme peril of eternal damnation?

Would you want it prevented?

Imaging yourselves to be saved without doing the work of redemption, does not remove the sin or prevent harm to your soul.

There is a process and it starts with remorse and confession of sin.  

Friday, August 16, 2019

Respect the Holy


Do you know why in the old days people highly respected prophets, shamans or soothsayers?

The primary reason is that they can see beyond the ordinary.

They see into the heart and soul of a person and divine the future within the context of good and evil; good life, good fortune and good afterlife or not.

The problem these days is that there are so many fraudsters running amuck and committing crimes and corruption of potential Seers that true prophets are not revered and respected in the same manner.

If an "extraordinary" person cannot tell the difference between holy or unholy, then that person does not have a connection to the divine and is not a true prophet.  

Unclean, unholy people cannot see anything, but their own selfish desires mired in sins.  

The reason why you should respect and revere true prophets (they actually follow the law of the prophets, because they know if they do not, it messes up their own souls and auras; and please note that there are different levels of ability and depth, holier and wiser) for they can spiritually heal you and lead you toward a good life and salvation.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Heart to Heart


A purity of heart is required to see the Lord and feel the Holy Spirit. 

In order to purify the soul, a purity of mind, clean and free from prejudices, hatred and sin, is required.

When Judgement Day comes this attribute will allow the deceased to find Heaven's Gate.

Without purity of heart, you will fail achieve salvation, fail to see the beauty of the Holy everywhere and fail to act in accordance with the Holy Spirit and the Lord.

Not only is a purity of heart required to see clearly the Holy, it is required for positive communications with the Holy Spirit and rest of humanity. 

In prayer, communicating heart to heart with the Holy Spirit is the first step in enlightenment and salvation.

In life, communicating heart to heart with a person is the first step in true fellowship and understanding.

Why Blame the Victim?


I am not sure why someone would feel compelled to bully or harass another person.

I find it equally compelling why blaming the victim is so effective in letting the perpetrator(s) get away with the bad behaviors and abuses.

Why even believe the person doing the wrongs when abusers lie to get out of trouble?

Yet time and again, after numerous counts and variety of abuses, the abusers seem to get away with it by blaming the victim.

Why are people so amenable to believing abusers instead of the victim?

Why are people even after knowing abusers lie, so complicit in doing nothing and letting abuses reoccur?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Free from Sin


What negative influences are you susceptible to?

Do you even know?

Have you been groomed to accept sin and sins in others and yourself? 

To ignore the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to go back to original sin by false ministers or priest who preach that we are all sinners; therefore, we must excuse, forgive or be weak on sin and sinful behaviors in ourselves and others?

Or to accept bad cultural norms?

Know what weaknesses you are or may be susceptible to and becareful of what you let into your heart, mind and soul.

Sin is sin.

Hate is hate.

Reject sin and reproof sinful or bad behaviors.

Live in accordance to the Commandments of the Lord and be free from sin and sinful ways.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Thank You

Dear Kindred,

Thank you for your help, love and support.

You're a lifesaver :)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Put Away the Fear and Negatives


Remember that movie way back when, about putting away the baggage we carry, the worry, the fears, and stow them away into one tiny bag?


Well, try to list out the negatives you carry, the worry and fears, place or stuff into a bag and give it neatly to the Lord to help carry.

Then focus upon the positives, work to build up character and good deeds (I know there is a strange argument going on about whether good deeds are an requirement to enter heaven, but if you are not here to do good then what are you here for?)

Fulfilling your original purpose, as assigned by the Lord, is your duty.

If you do not recall or do not know then work on the general purpose assigned to all, to be stewards of the earth.  

Try out different tasks associated with stewardship until you find your best fit.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Emissary of the Lord


The Lord decides the Emissary to send and what mission(s) the Emissary will be assigned to complete.

The Emissary and mission will never based upon who you want or what you want and know.

It will be based upon who and what the world needs and need to know.

Much will be presently unknown, but will be revealed in its own time and purpose under heaven.

How you treat the Emissary of the Lord will determine what mission(s) will be and could be completed; it will also figure into your placement and standing with the Lord.

A clue: Again, never judge a book by its cover.

B clue: character and talent is the primary substantive determinant.

Friday, August 2, 2019

True Security


Do you know how many mass shootings there are in the world?

Inappropriate use and abuse of power often cause the very problems that they seek to solve, security.

Do you ever wonder why history seem to repeat itself?

Power is not wisdom, neither is hate or fear.

Power does not learn, neither does hate or fear.

It cannot get to the root of the problem.

In fact, often times it is the problem, especially when its wielded by the ignoramuses.

Power can corrupt the weak and the selfish into abuse of power.

Abuse of power is sinful, because it causes harm and leads to bad practices of hate and fear, power and control.

Hate and fear is against the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Lord; therefore, sacrilegious.

Power and control is not security, but massive cover-ups in fears and insecurity.

In the end, abuse of power, hate and fear, power and control will destabilize the practitioner in sins and cause humanity harm. 

Practice instead the teaching of Jesus Christ and Love, because that's true security in Peace.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Guard Against False Beliefs


I forgot to write yesterday.

Today, one of the greatest weaknesses is the failure to recognize false beliefs that will not lead to salvation.

When you think of false beliefs, you may think about false gods or religions, but I am speaking of either deliberate misuse of scripture to manipulate into false beliefs or misinterpretation of ignorance that confuse people.

The deliberate misuse of scripture whatever the intent, leads to sinful practices and is unholy. 

The misinterpretation of ignorance leads to bad practices and away from the narrow way.

Both are not desirable and lead to false beliefs; therefore, guard against them.

Remain true to the Lord and humanity, and be on the path of salvation.

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