Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Know the difference between EQ and IQ.  

Ruthlessness or gentleness, fear or bravery, negative or positive emotions, has nothing to do with IQ.  

Know the difference between IQ, knowledge and wisdom.  

Having a good strategy in defense and offense does not require emotions- positive or negative;

It should involve unbiased opinions based upon intelligence and spiritual compliance with the Holy Spirit and wisdom;

not selfish motives, psycho power trips and grandiose ambitions;

And it should serve the people, humanity and the Lord.


Stop teaching our children to be ruthless, because it is not a strength nor is it a good strategy wise and holy.

Knowledge is power, not psycho.

The best defense is not a fearsome and ruthless offense; 

The best defense is actually having a defense and real offensive strategies,

not ignorant psychic practices that are nothing but crimes against humanity.

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