Thursday, October 31, 2019

Questions As Old As Time


There is an ancient battle going on almost as long as time.  

The battle between holy and unholy, good and evil.

Many feel the battle ground is earth.

But the true battle ground is in you.

When you give footholds in sin, when you particate in power trips and selfish desires, when you practice bad behaviors, you lose pieces of your soul, your humanity to Satan; and you are immersed in distortions or corruptions of your soul.

What do you think you are seeing, when you look through the eyes of your own understanding?

Do you think what you are seeing matches the Lord's? 

What happens when what is happening in front of you conflicts with the Lord? 

Will you even recognize the sacrilegious acts or are you the co-conspirators? 

Will you fight for the holy, the good, the just? 

Or will you submit to the unholy, the abusives, the cowards?

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Hallmark of a Good Person


The hallmark of a good person is having a good heart, good mind (good thoughts), good soul and goodwill.

A good heart is having care and consideration for humanity; and a decency and purity of heart that will help the person to see the Lord (good compass).

A good mind is having positive thoughts and learning processes that will allow in reason, compassion and spiritual growth.

A good soul is having positive connections to Holy Spirit that will allow the person to live and grow in grace (not sin).

A goodwill is having good intentions to do no harm and practicing having a good heart, mind and soul or being able walking the walk.

All are required to have positive processes in spirtual goodness and growth.


When you compartmentalize, you risk blocking the parts of you that make you you and failures to connect with any aspects of self and the Lord will likely lead to dysfunctions, abusive or sinful  behaviors and practices.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Dear Snowflake 12&3,

Warmth of heart.
Bravery of spirit.
Wisdom of mind.
Excellence of will.

All hallmarks of your good upbringing and character.

Take care.
& Be well.

Monday, October 28, 2019

You Reap What You Sow


Have you ever heard of the expression karma is a b_ _ _ _?

At its core, is the parable, you reap what you sow.  

Sooner or later what you sow will catch up to you in what you reap (grace or sins).

If you want to end up in Heaven, sow true love and sow true peace.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Be Advocates


Advocate for ethical and best practices; having standards that conforms to the standards of the Lord.

Advocate for the rights of the victims, justice and social justice or rule of law.

Advocate for respectful and humane treatment, human rights, honor and decency.

Advocate for fair treatment, trade and exchange.

Advocate for redemption and atonement.



What does your "heart" to do with failures to protect your children from harm?

What does your " heart" to do with failures to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? 

What does your "heart" to do with failures to follow the law of the prophets and Commandments of the Lord?

Failures to protect your children from inappropriate practices and grooming by sexual predators (were they are fed a constant diet of sexualized objectification of women and people) and divisive rhetorics of hate and abuses of power.

Failures to support and defend the Constitution and rule of law by showing the world how simple it is to be divided and conquered by Satan and sins.

Failures to follow the law of the prophets and Commandments of the Lord by practicing sins of the flesh (practicing selfish desires of forced abuses without consent, grooming by false ministers and use of scripture to manipulate and continue sinful practices) and the weaponizarion of the church in unholy practices.

Friday, October 25, 2019

True Power Belongs to the Lord


One of the greatest threats to having good connections with yourself, the Lord and humanity is the desire for power and control.

The truth is we are insecure at various times in our lives, whether it is financial, emotional, relational or situational, we experience growing pains and insecurities.

True power comes from the Lord, not from the self.

When you try to control yourself, others or situation, you are keeping the Holy Spirit from helping you, the people and the situation.

Using power as a crutch to not face your insecurities and fears only prolong the inevitable; the frustration and fears build up, resulting in lashing out in uncontrolled anger, violence and aggression.

To have positive connections, you first have to have a good relationship with yourself.  

What does this mean?

It means having self respect, self esteem, self honor and self decency; and have the ability to connect to Lord and humanity in the same manner.

Then have positive coping mechanisms to deal with your securities and fear with raw honesty, intergrity and bravery.

Identify your insecurities and fears within yourself (what you can really control and change).

Use your words to work through your insecurities and fears; talk it out and work it out.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you work through your insecurities and fears.  

To have competence and confidence in a skill requires practice and study.  

To have competence and confidence of character requires practice and study in respect, regard, honor and decency with yourself, the Lord and humanity.

Root out the negative, insecurities, fears or sinful practices within yourself and have the positive relationships with yourself, the Lord and humanity.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Are You Sure?


Are you sure you are right?

Are you sure you are doing everything right?

Come on now. 

Be honest.

Fine.  I'll confess first.  What I am  asking is trick question. 

By trick, I mean the not every life situation or decision is based in a right or wrong choice or paradigm.

And the question to be accurate should
phrased, are you sure you are righteous?

Why am I asking?

It is important you evaluate who you are and align or realign yourself with the Lord at all times.

If bad players, Satan or cockroaches in lies and manipulations have played, weaponized, groomed you into hate, bad behaviors and practices, then you are the ones that must take corrective action.

If a jackass abuser is treating the victim badly, why are there grandiose expectations of love when there is no love, regard or even honor?

The strange expectation that victim is turned on by abuses is demented and not reasonable, because if the situations were reversed and some jackass is abusing you, you will not appreciate it either. 

Why then think that the jackasses are right? Why the blame on the victim?

Would you like someone else deciding your life choices and dictating who you should be with or forcing you to be with jackasses and abusers?

Would you like the same treatments?

Now, are you sure you are righteous? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Made-up Tall Tales


Damage control happens when there are damages.

It really does not matter the spin, but the extent of the damage, how prolonged and how extensive.

If you choose to focus on the spin, then the damage and the problem go on unfixed.  

Unfortunately in today's culture there is a shortsighted focus on short term losses or gains, when in reality Satan's long-term plays are now in play.  

The best strategy to avoid damage control is to not cause the damages in the first place.

Just as the best strategy to avoid Damnation and Hell is to not sin and cause injuries in the first place.

Too bad the Unholies are too selfish, too wrapped up in their own desires and power trips to see the big picture (who's really getting played or who's getting compromised and weaponized to be the slaves of Satan).

Made-up tall tales, puffed-up lies, sabotage, fraud, abuses and abuse of power, will not help the person see reality or the chess board.  

After all the nonsense and senseless abuses, I bet the Unholies still do not get who sold out and who's future got jeapardized.

Unholies think the victim, but it's not the victim that sold out or caused the damages and sins.  

And it is not the victim that the Lord will hold responsible.


I am not sure the Super Special Pathetic Unholies can actually read (without looking through the eyes of hate, selfish desires, power trips or uncouth delusions), let alone know how to play chess.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019



I know how your friend feels; insecure at times, facing overwhelming odds and thinking the solution is in making powerful friends.  

I can relate to everything, but the powerful friends part.   

I believe in making true friends, not powerful ones.

I know, you think I am naive, because you can think of so many instances in history where the powerful crushes the little guy, where Caesar wins and humanity loses.

But, I find it sad that your friend would subjugate himself to the powerful and not align himself to the wise or the holy.  

Basing everthing solely upon power is, quite frankly, death.

The sword or fist cannot receive, learn or apply wisdom; nor can it inspire visionaries that can find the positive solutions that can change the world, lift nations out of poverty or find cures for diseases.  

A nation or a people devoid of positive vision will devolve into stagnation and death.  

All the money and power poured into superficial or nonsense will create nothing worthwhile.  

Unfortunately throughout history the powerful often fears the enlightened and intellectual thought, because of the false notions of losing power or control.  

Just as there will always be poor among us, so will there be the rich; and no matter what intellectual ideas there are and where, there will be those that will profit off of these ideas.  

Unfortunately, the most powerful or those based solely upon power are often so oppressive and short-sighted (because of delusional power and control) that those fail to nurture intellectuals and visionaries from within, so in the end have to resort to stealing and copying from elsewhere.

Imagine never having transformational ideas, products and solutions that move the world to next level transformations.

Imagine never having people that know how to create and create positive change.

Imagine not knowing how to innovate yourself out of trouble and not knowing how to create prosperity or peace.

Powerful ignorance or tight control, where you lose all inspiration and creative vision is death.

A nation or people of copycats, means none are orginators or visionaries, nothing their own.  

Who has true ownership of these ideas? 

And what happens when there are no good visionaries left to copy from?

I strongly encourage you to have esteem in yourself and nurture your mind, heart and soul in creativity and spirituality.  

Never subjugate yourself to the powerfully ignorant or powerful.

Align yourself, instead, to the wise and holy.

Monday, October 21, 2019

What Matters


It does not matter where you are from; what matters is who you are.

A person's character will determine his or her actions.  

How brilliant depends upon the person's intellectual capability and capacity.

How good depends upon the person's  spiritual commitment and ability to connect to the Holy Spirit and to follow the Lord.

A good person takes seriously the Lord's Commandments and the call to be stewards of the earth; which includes care and defense of humanity and environment.


You cannot convince my person that someone who is selfish and full of sin is better for the world than a person who cares with respect, honor, integrity and decency.

A good person will take responsibility in truth and accountability in bravery; whereas, a bad person will control in lies and blame in cowardice.

Why - Satan's Stooges


Do you bother to ask why?

Why, when Satan weaponize people and churches into hatred and sin(s), do people blame each other or worse the victim?

Why not admit when you have been played by Satan? 

Why not admit you have people that are compromised and corrupt by Satan and his puppets? 

Clearly, when you have people, giving footholds to sins and to Satan's slaves, that are not only getting played and being complicit in the sins, but are accessories after the fact, and are in danger of also becoming Satan's stooges. 

Why not admit it?

If you do not, you will never address the problem, shore up weaknesses and be delivered from sins and Satan.

What is worse, is that you are not only endangering your soul and life, but that of your children.

Would you have them be Satan's stooges?


Why oldest tricks in the book?

Why super blindness, misinformation and misdirection with super unholy, grandiose megalomaniacs?

Why sicko jokeos?

Why super subpar ignorant players?

Why cockroaches and no honor people?

Why the cowards?

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Your Compass


Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see the Lord."

Why is this important?

Purity of heart is the compass that points your way to the Lord.  

Without it, you will not be able to find your way Home.

Keep your heart pure.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Crossing the River Jordan


There is a very famous fable about a scorpion and a frog. 

Where the scorpion convinced the frog to carry it across the river on its back. 

The frog agrees, but halfway across the scorpion stings the frog causing both of them to drown.

The moral of the story is that people will act according to their nature and mean, abusive and vindictive people will destroy, even if it goes against their self interest. 

The use of people for selfish gains and manipulations into power trips or sexual abuses is unholy and sacriledgious.

Weaponizing scripture in order to groom people and achieve the selfish desires and selfish gains is a serious and severe violation of holy scrpitures and is sacriledgious and unholy.

Do not be fooled by wolves in sheep's clothing or in this case scorpions in sheep's clothing.  

You cannot change a person's nature and deluding yourself in wishful thinking that goes against reality will not change natural outcomes.

If you conspire with Unholies do not be surprised if these "scorpions" take you down with Hell with them.

Do not let the Unholies get away with sins that corrupts and destroys.  

Because it is not only your safety and salvation that would be in jeopardy, but that of your children when they go to cross the River Jordan.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Lord First


Your friend says family first.

In my family, the Lord comes first.

You do not bring shame to the family by disrespecting and dishonoring the Lord and the Lord's Commandments.

You do not bring shame to the family by practicing dishonor and disrespect of people and humanity.

Misconduct is misconduct and sin is sin;
you do not bring either into the family, because in my family, it's the Lord first.

Where to Begin?


Where to begin?

Where must you be at the end?

If Heaven is your goal, then you must walk the way of the Lord, follow the law of the prophets and be the person (of good character) compatible with Heaven.

When you deviate from or foresake the Lord in sins, selfish desires or power trips, you put in jeopardy your salvation.  

It is vital that you have a process of self evaluation, self betterment and repentance (if you have strayed), in order to ensure that you are in lock step with the Lord.

Where to begin?

Where do want to be?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Listen to the Holy



What do hear? 


Good listeners actually hear.  

They listen and actually hear the voice of the person or persons speaking and consider the feelings and ideas behind the words (not one's own agenda and selfish desires perceived through eyes of selfish desires, jealousy or power trips). 

If you do not know how to listen, how are you to listen to the Lord or to the wise?

How are you to make considered decisions or good judgement calls, if voices of reason or the wise, are not considered?

How are you to follow the Holy Spirit if you do not listen for It?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Heaven, Purgatory or Hell?


Let's cut to the chase.  

In the end, neither money, power or hate will protect someone from Judgement Day.  

No one lives forever and no one can escape the Lord's Judgement.

What the Judgement will be, is what matters.

What is it to be? 

The Lord Decides Who Enters the Kingdom of Heaven


For some reason, the Unholies like to manipulate bible quotes and take spiritual teachings out of context to suit themselves.

For example, the Unholies pervert the first shall be last and the last first; many are called, but few chosen, to mean the worst will be first and the best last; and conveniently ignoring the second half of the criteria which is you must first be called by the Lord and then chosen (many are called, but few chosen).

It is completely absurd and asinine to think that cockroaches or Unholies would end up being first with the Lord and the holy last.

The unholies, if unrepentant, obviously by their nature shall end up in Hell.

The first shall be last and the last first, when taken in context means, the ones that get ahead by unholy or sinful ways are going to end up being last with the Lord and the people that suffered for the Lord will end up first.

If you want to be chosen by the Lord or even considered, you must first be called and heed the calling by following the Commandments of the Lord to love the Lord and love thy neighbor as yourself in fellowship.

After all and always, it is the Lord who decides who shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven; the Lord' choice.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Would You Believe?


How would you feel, if after you donate money to your church or a non-profit organization, that instead of a thank you, the church or non-profit decided to rendition you? 

Sounds unbelievable, right?

Does not even sound like a likely scenario, right?

What if instead of rendition, it is sexual abuse or child molestation?

Now, it is believable.

We are aware now of the problem of systemic cover-ups of sins and crimes committed by sexual abusers and abusers of power in churches and institutions.

What does this say about the people in these institutions that allow for these abuses?  

Where its people care more about the protection sin and sinners than victims, innocence and grace?

In protecting sin and sinners, where bad practices are allowed to corrupt and injure, is contemptible, sacriledgious and doing the work of Satan.

The consequences are lasting patterns of bad and unholy practices that continuously injures, corrupts and lead the sinners and congregants to damnation.

It ultimately means that your children and their children's children will inherit not the kingdom of heaven, but the rot and damnation of hell.

If we hope to make the world a safer and better place, then we actually have to have good practices, ethical standards and rule of law (enforce and put away the abusers).

If we want salvation, the we actually have to practice love, respect, regard, honor, kindness, integrity and decency  (with the Holy Spirit).

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Stand Up For the Lord


Not every Christian is a true Christian.

Meaning, there are wolves or cockroaches in sheeps clothing.

Knowing the vulnerability of blind trust, many Christians are vulnerable to grooming or manipulation by abusers intent on selfish gain or selfish desires.

Because abusers are often able to get away with abuses, abuses often escalate as abusers believe themselves invincible and powerful.

Unfortunately for the abused, the abuses often go on for years until there is a tragic end.

Churches are often weaponized not to protect the victim, but cover-up for the abuser(s) often in positions of power.

The corruption into unethical behaviors and sins often go unchecked until churches become co-conspirators of sin.

This might sound harsh, but look at the reality of truth.  

Take a look at the number of sexual predators allowed to prey on victims and children.

The silence of complicity is deafening.

Malfeasance, abuses and abuses of power becomes the norm.  

Not only are there footholds in sins, there are active participants in sin and sinful cover-ups.

No longer are churches servants of the Lord, but corruptors of Satan.

How then to stop the weaponization of churches into corruptors of Satan?

Break the silence.  

Stop the sins, the abuses and abuses of power.  

Uphold highest ethical standards.

Report the abuses, even if the abuser is the minister.

Stand up for the Lord.

Stand up for the victim(s), who are innocent of sin and abusive acts.

Stand up before it is too late.  


It is completely absurd and asinine to think that if one sins and are guilty of wrong doing that the person will be forgiven without first the confession of sin, repentance and atonement.  

Because without the confession of sin and without the ask, then what is there to be forgiven?

The sinner will not be able to receive the forgiveness for that particular sin.


It is a great sacrilege by ministers to preach forgiveness without the process of redemption, because it condemns the sinner to Hell without even the possibility of purgatory for there is no try at removal of sin(s), confession of sin(s), repentance, atonement or the receiving of true forgiveness.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Your Journey of Self-Respect


I fear my tone lately is harsher than I normally would prefer.

I understand that at times you feel uncertain, insecure or even fearful.  

We have all been there, because we are human.

We cannot live without experiencing the full human experience of emotions, heartbreak in tragedy and heartwarmth in triumph.

The greatest tragedy is never learning to be better or learning to overcome challenges of character, having self-worth or self-esteem and never having courage under fire.

The greatest triumph is simply to survive and endure all with some measure of grace and wisdom.  

The journey to self-respect (with the Lord) begins with a simple step, in the warmth of your heart and the goodness of your will in love and peace.

The Way of the Lord


Some people that are insecure, fearful or lack self confidence look to power to fill the void or deficit inside.

But power is not character, bravery or confidence, neither is it wisdom or creativity.

When a person fill themselves up with power, that person is tripping on a type of grandiose psychosis (power trip) or feeding the beast of hell.

Remove the delusional power trip and you will have the same insecure, fearful or lack of self confidence person, but aggravated into psychosis and abuses in power.

If that person is given power to act on behalf of the people, this weakling so lacking in character, bravery and self confidence, would most likely abuse the power and apply power for power sake in increasingly senseless self grandiosity (from the feeding the insatiable the beast of hell).

Having power to apply powerful insecurities and ignorance to inflict on others in abusive, destructive, depressive or oppressive ways are not the way of the Lord, nor is it wise.

Defend against failings and sins by building good character, facing your fears and developing self-esteem and follow always the way of the Lord in true faith, hope and love.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Love and Care Not Cruelty


It is not surprising that those that abuse animals, also abuse people.  

Cruelty to animals are sacriledgious acts and violations of the covenant of stewardship of the earth.

The demonstration of the level of indifference to the pain and suffering of animals and people, speaks to the capacity and level of cruelty and sin.

Delighting in causing pain and suffering  is not only cruel and sadistic, but sinful in nature. 

Being ruthless is not strength, but cruelty in sin and selfishness.

Losing your heart and soul while you force whatever you want, is not the way to salvation or the way of the Lord.

Follow the Lord, not Satan, by demonstrating love and care for the Lord's creatures which includes  people.

Thursday, October 10, 2019



Do you know the story of Judas?  

Judas betrayed Jesus Christ.   

Sold out the Lord for thirty pieces of silver.

People that sell out for selfish gain and desires are Judases, especially those that would place themselves above the Lord, above humanity, above human and civil rights and above the law.

Would you consider someone that betrayed your trust, your honor, your dignity and your happiness to harrassers and abusers of your human and civil rights to be Judases?

I would.



List out your positive attributes and merits.

List out your good works (truly good works that does not involve messing with my person or messing up my ideas with Unholies). 

List out your negative attributes.

List out your sins, crimes and bad habits or behaviors.

Take a good look at yourself.  

Where are you really in your standing with the Lord?

Are you the person the Lord intended you to be?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Unholy Imposters


When you substitute imposters and fakes for the real thing, you should not expect the same level of excellence or honor.

Imposters are by definition frauds; imposters are subpar, substandard and not real or the original.

Sooner or later the consequences of subpar imposters constantly practicing unholy and abusive actions will be known.

Do not let fake Christians fool you; not true Christains are just wolves or cockroaches in sheeps clothing. 

Do not associate yourselves with them, otherwise, you might be accessories after the fact and sully your good name.

Report and stop the abuses and fraud.

If you do not, then do not be surprised when you substitute excellence and honor for ignorance and indecency, that the results are unholy and sinful, incompetent and destructive.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I Doubt


I very much doubt you have anyone that can seeing through my eyes.  

Certainly, not the so-called Seers that can see nothing, but their selfish desires, lower part of their bodies and power trips.

If you have anyone that can see what I see, then they will be able to see the hypocrisy; hypocrites, unholies, devoid of honor, decency, respect and regard for people, the law of the prophets and the Lord.

If you have anyone that can feel what I feel, then they will be able to feel the injustice and the abuses; the pain and suffering.

I very much doubt, you have anyone that understands.

Look Back At History


What have you done?

Do you know?

Use the benefit of hindsight.

Look back at history.  

Do you know who first started this divide and conquer?

I do not have this information, yet.

At the start of this divide and conquer, was there an unlawful and unethical vote, to commit a crime against humanity?

If there was a premeditation to commit crimes against humanity and the conspirators voted to do so, then these Unholies knowingly conspired to do harm.

Subsequent votes to further divide and conquer through unlawful and abusive measures are not only criminal, but immoral.

Any violations of human rights and civil rights are unlawful and immoral; and constitute(s) crimes and crimes against humanity.

The continuous violations of ethics and law are continuous patterns of bad behaviors and bad practices.

How many violations and how many counts?

The continuous pain and suffering caused by the Unholies mount.  

Have you contributed to the deprivation of civil rights or the abuses and abuses of power?

What do you know about who started this mess and the abuses?

Monday, October 7, 2019

No Face, No Freedom


How many of you would like your parents deciding your love life?

How many of you would like the government in your love life?

What happens when there is no regard for human rights or civil rights? 

Governmental slavery?

When personal life, personal property, personal rights and privacy are violated, where does it end?

Are we to regress to a third world country, where human and civil rights are violated with little rule of law?

Should we submit ourselves to constant subjugation and oppression of personal choice in love or religion or life?

Severe and aggravated violations and deprevations in civil rights and human rights, when it hampers the pursuit of Happiness of the individual by government or tyrants, are crimes against humanity and should never be permitted.

What happens when the criminals of humanity strip the person of dignity, decency and honor?  

What happens when there is no face given to the individual for any personal decision?

When the abusers of power, strip the person of the right to say "no" (to abuses or abuse of power) or "yes" to love, then the individual is no longer treated as a person, but a slave to be manipulated and used.

Then there are no freedoms and no Liberty.

These oppressions and crimes against humanity are grave and allowing for them are sinful and unholy.



Your so-called friend does not give back, have a sense of honor or honorable intent.

(S)he spend most of the time trying to exploit, steal or take ideas, intellectual property or properties, or information that originates from elsewhere other than with him.

(S)he feels no shame in the inequitable treatment, lack of fair exchange or profiting off of the ideas of the dreamer, yet gives nothing back.

Worse still (s)he practices selfish desires, so nothing is based upon ethics or good practices.

And you wonder why I am disappointed in them? 

You so-called friends consider themselves Christians, but lack Christian charity and manipulate the charity of people for personal gain.

And again you wonder why I am disappointed in them?

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Unholy Violations


Are you familiar with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?  

When the Lord revealed to Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah are to be destroyed, because of the grave sins of its inhabitants, he pleads for the lives of the righteous that live there.

The Lord agrees to spare them only if ten righteous people are found.

The Lord sends two angles to find the righteous.

The two angels are greeted by a mob accosting and demanding to rape the angels.

Even if you are not familiar with this story, what do you think ultimately happened to Sodom and Gomorrah after this incident? 


Some falsely believe that it may refer to homosexuality, but homosexuality in and of itself is not violent, nor is it rape.  


Whether you are heterosexual or not,
if you are sexualizing, objectifying and practicing sins of the flesh or sacriledgious violations of rape and abuse, then you are not spiritualizing and are unholy and not righteous.

Emissary of the Lord


Do you know who is the emissary of the Lord? 

What is this person like? (like you imagined?)

How should you treat the Lord's emissary?

What happens when you treat the Lord's emissary badly?

Do you know?

Saturday, October 5, 2019



Would you sell your soul for power? 

Would you sell your soul for money?

Would you sell your soul to get what you want? 

Be honest in your answers.  

Have you sold your soul for power?

Have you sold your soul for money?

Have you sold your soul to get what you want?

What exactly is your standing with the Lord?  

What ethical standards are you using to measure your standing with the Lord?

   Hint: When measuring standing with
   the Lord, use the law of the prophets.

Who do you serve? 

Again, be honest with your answers.

Shammers and Liars

Shame, shame, shame-  Those that use parasites, contagions and other forms of harm, especially sexual abuse are nothing but parasites and co...