Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Breaking the Oath of Office



Breaking the Oath of Office:

Under the laws of a state, it may be considered treason or a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office.

5 U.S.C. 7311 which explicitly makes it a federal criminal offense (and a violation of oath of office) for anyone employed in the United States Government (including members of Congress) to “advocate the overthrow of our constitutional form of government”. 

The fourth federal law, 18 U.S.C. 1918 provides penalties for violation of oath office described in 5 U.S.C. 7311 which include: 

(1) removal from office and;

(2) confinement or a fine. 

Ever Wonder Why?

Why is it that Alexei Navalny, in a jail cell tortured and abused, could still have the courage to stand up to Putin and Trump with his Secret Service bodyguards cannot?  


Can you imagine what your children's life would be if Putin was the de facto leader of America?  

Where will their civil liberties be?  

Where would yours be?  

Where would Europe and the world be?

And what would happen to peace and prosperity?


Can you imagine what life would be like for any family members with a voice?  


Even the nationalists should be concerned, since Putin does not seem to have a problem ridding himself of any challengers in his way.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Why would a certain autocrat wanna be, kowtow and subordinate himself to Putin?  

I mean if you're going to subvert democracy and become a dictator, why be the lapdog and not the top dog?

What would his followers be?

Slaves of Putin or his serfs?

Wednesday, February 21, 2024



What is the consequence of any perceived leader of the United States of America kowtowing to Putin's Russia?  

It implies that the U.S. and the rest of its leaders will also kowtow to Russia and Putin.  

Were this to happen, such supreme weakness by the United States would be not only an embarrassment on the world stage, but a signal that all, including our children, should bow before Putin and ignore the genocide and atrocities happening in Ukraine.

Should our kids visit any place outside our borders, especially Europe, their bowed appearance can never truly look at any one person in the eye.

Therefore, our leaders need to muster up the courage to bravely lead people away from and vigorously defend against the dangers of a corrupt and grandiose autocracy, colossal and inhumane blunders, apocalyptic atrocities and heinous crimes against humanity.

We do not need leaders leading us into subjugation with a Putin's Russia bent of world conquest and domination at any cost without regard for human life.



If Trump thinks Mr. Alexei Navalny was so brave and that he is like Navalny, then why does he not stand up to Putin like Mr. Navalny and condemn Putin’s genocide of innocent children, women and the people of Ukraine?  

Just say, “I condemn Putin and the atrocities happening in Ukraine; the slaughter of innocent children, women and men (in Ukraine and anywhere) are completely unacceptable and are heinous crimes against humanity.  

The Russian people deserve better.

The Ukrainian people deserve way better.  

And let us work towards ensuring restitution and justice for the Ukrainian people.”

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Opinion 3

I fear for the world, humanity and the fools fooled by unholy schemes from the foreign, unhinged and ruthless Russian autocrat mad, paranoid, tripping on grandiose delusions and abusive power. 


No good can come from mass atrocities and faulty, wishful and delulu paradigms built upon mass slaughter of innocent children, women and people. 

His end game is world domination and supremacy which means his oppressed Russia must become the number one superpower in real life.

Unfortunately, his choice of achieving this ultimate goal is through unholy conquests in war and mass atrocities without any regard for human life.

What is the likelihood of the West being conquered by him?

What would be the cost, not just in terms of monetary price and destruction, but in terms of human price in lives and devastating trauma?  

And what would be the final toll and cost of his end game result?

Perhaps only the Lord and time can tell; and maybe the real prognosticator may know.

But if we are to see through faulty, unholy schemes and paradigms of delusional grandeur and impending disasters, we need to act with real intelligence and wisdom, not with the facade of fake courage and bravado in fear and hate.


Monday, February 19, 2024

Opinion 2



Not even a whimper? 

Against murder and political assassination, most leaders would condemn the perpetrator for the crime.  

Real impressive, way to demonstrate power and strength on the world stage; cower to an autocrat ruthlessly abusing his power in his callous disregard for life. 

Sunday, February 18, 2024



I cringe in embarrassment for the abusive coward that constantly bash and stone people who he considers to be weak, such as women, immigrants and minorities, while at the same time, kowtow like a slave to foreign adversaries and autocrats.  

When he, as a supposed leader, should be defending America, Europe and democracy against dangerous and imminent threats of destructive harm.

I find a similar level of embarrassment for those that support this type of cowardice, dishonor, corruption and abusive behaviors.

The disdain I have multiplies each time I hear about the murder of heroes, children and the innocent people of Ukraine.  

Because each time the crimes against humanity go unanswered, the coward in ignorance, emboldens the perpetrator to continue and commit more atrocious and heinous crimes.  

I do not want to be part of such cowardice and dishonor.  

And if we are to maintain our standing in the world, we have to stand for bravery, integrity and fidelity with our Allies and protect the vulnerable, innocent people of Ukraine; and defend Europe and ourselves (because I do not believe this unholy crime against humanity ignoramus will stop at just Ukraine when his real target is the West) from imminent threat of death and destruction.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Alexei Navalny 🫶


Alexei Navalny is a martyr for the ages.

He was the most brave and honorable man, always fighting for truth, freedom, honor and dignity of the Russian people.  

The world and humanity has lost a wonderful man, a real man and person.

He was able, despite odds and in the face of terror, oppression, crimes against humanity and ultimate dishonor, to bravely express his love for the Russian people with empathy and humor.

His words, deeds and ideals will not be soon forgotten.

“A person becomes truly free only when they are able to think and express their own thoughts.

Corruption is not just about money changing hands, but about the erosion of trust in society.

The most effective way to destroy a society is to destroy its sense of justice.

Justice cannot exist without truth, and truth cannot exist without transparency.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Silence is often mistaken for acceptance, but it is actually a sign of fear.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.*”

                                🫶 Alexei Navalny

*“By asserting that predicting the future is in our hands, 

Navalny emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for shaping our own destiny. 

This quote calls for individuals to rise above 

passive speculation and 

idle anticipation, 

urging them to utilize their potential to actively shape their own future.” 

           - Explanation of Navalny quote from

Friday, February 9, 2024


I really do not know how people can stand it or rather withstand it, the constant mockery of the justice system and political system gamed for political and personal gains.  

And I am not sure who is running things, foreign adversaries hell bent on a change to the world order thru war, economic depression and crimes against humanity or the people determined to defend freedom, truth, honor and justice.

And I am pretty sure that superpower status of prosperity and peace cannot be accomplished thru war and cannibalizing whole countries and industries in constant over extensions and liabilities.  

What can be accomplished for the sake of humanity thru fear, hate and war (just to keep up appearances of power)? 

And I am not sure brainwashing the world in a grandiose veneer and compromised behaviors would accomplish, even after a figmental win, real prospects for superpower status, even when conquest is made, but cannot be sustained in guerrilla warfare.

And what would destroying progress in cures for diseases such as cancer, HIV and other contagions and innovative ideas actually accomplish in reality?

Wreaking havoc and misery from the start of a mid-life crisis and not facing the inevitable end of life cycle process by trying to bring back past glory days of a time long past, does not change the fact that we will all grow old and will in the end become dust.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024


What would have happened if the healing lights which allow for faster and more effective treatments, vaccines and cures were destroyed in 2012 or at any time?

What would the world look like with contagions of COVID-19 and other pandemics and diseases without timely and effective vaccines and treatments?

The problem with aggression, power trips and other forms of abusive or coercive practices is its destructive mindless and heartless nature without consideration for what may be destroyed.

The lack of understanding for overall consequences to humanity is endemic of the ignorance associated with the insatiable desire for ultimate power Caesar and therefore control.

Oppressing freedoms only stifles creativity and innovation.

In the end, stagnation and depression will signal the death knell of a reign or civilization. 

Grandiose posturing, manipulating and brainwashing still will not bring about transformative change, cultural renaissance or economic prosperity.

Progress and progression moves at a pace aligned with the capabilities and capacities for innovation and change.

And in this highly competitive world of technological innovation, the countries that do not innovate, create or transform will be left behind in archaic, unenlightened, backwards rusted machines and mechanisms in grandiose lies.

Sunday, February 4, 2024


Excuse me,

Is it policy to kowtow and let foreign adversaries, especially autocrats hell bent on conquests of Europe and the world, dictate foreign policy?

Why then is there loyalty to the disloyal and betrayer of humanity?  

Selling out in corruption against the interest of democracy and humanity is dangerous, because the long term consequences are severe, not only in terms of economy, but also lives.  

If we have learned anything from COVID-19, is that when we fail to protect ourselves our family and friends they can die needless deaths, especially when simple precautions can mean the difference between life and death. 

Now is the time to secure democracy and save lives by enacting simple precautions in supporting Ukraine and thereby securing the rest of Europe from violent aggression, destruction and devastation.  

The flare ups in the Middle East will continue as long as the master puppeteer is pulling his puppets strings.  

It does no good to direct everything at the puppets when more of the same problems will continuously persist until the main roots of the problems from the puppeteer are addressed and resolved.

The question is, are we to cower like cowards to external and internal pressures and kowtow in fear?


Power and control is harm.

Power and control is cowardice.

Power and control is fear.

Power and control stems from fear and insecurities and the desire to control those fears and insecurities through power or more specifically the abuse of power.

Many an outcome can be influenced and coerced, but to imagine one can totally control an outcome is to fall prey to grandiose thinking.0

It would be like thinking that by controlling a surfer on a surfboard or even all the surfers on their boards, you can control the ocean waves and how the surfers will ride the tides.

There is simply no way to control all the variables even if somehow you were able to brainwash all their minds.


Because people must still exist within the confines of gravity- the laws of physics, economics and metaphysics and the like. 

Many in the thralls grandiose power and control will lie, cheat, defraud, exploit, manipulate, coerce, force, assault, puppeteer, enslave in order to get their way; all harmful in varying degrees of disrespect, dishonor, abuse and abuse of power.  

Most practicing power and control escalate their abusive tendencies until major crimes against humanity are committed.

Because total control is not achievable, the need becomes insatiable, even more so as focus of control becomes ever more detailed into the mundane or the shallow areas that are more measurable to control, but less substance and significant to the outcome of life. 

In other words, the grandiose abuser will be more focused on what the surfer will eat and how he or she will look, instead of the tides that will determine how the surfer will have to surf it.

The problem then becomes the gross underestimation of what will truly happen when the weather changes and the tides come in.

What will be the true consequences?  

It will certainly not be the ones given in lies and false predictions of the liars and frauds in game cheats and grandiose power and control.


Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written,

“‘You shall worship the Lord your God

    and him only shall you serve.’”

                                        - Matthew 4:10

The worship of any idol before the Lord and therefore the teachings of Christ, is sacrilegious.   

Weaponizing scripture for personal or political gain or worldly gain, is sacrilegious and therefore, unholy and damning.

Weaponing scripture to bypass redemption in whitewashing forgiveness into personal or political or worldly gain, is sacrilegious and therefore, unholy and damning.  

Weaponizing scripture to groom or brainwash or manipulate into compromised behaviors of cardinal sins of lust or greed/ power, is sacrilegious and therefore unholy and damning.

Any kind of worship, especially of Caesar, before the Lord or the teachings of Christ is sacrilegious.  

Therefore, in the vote between setting free Barabbas or Jesus, which should you choose?


What is and will be the consequence of not choosing Christ over "Barabbas"?

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...