Friday, July 19, 2024

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:

     America and its allies


     The Constitution

     Human Rights

     Women's Rights


     The Environment

We need leaders who are honorable and trustworthy, able to uphold their oaths of office and pledges to the American people.

We do not need sellouts, liars, and cheats, and dishonorable Judases hell-bent on violence, hate and fear, destruction, exploitation, and economic strife.

We also need the news media to report the news accurately and not strive to become the next National Enquirer, a tabloid news and gossip paper.

We need news reports based on facts and policy, not on wrestling, testosterone, and sensationalized entertainment.

We need patriots who will stand up and speak out against lies, fear, hate, and autocratic tranny.

We need to be brave and have convictions in line with the holy ethical values, not corruption and aggression.

We need best practices and honest services in order to really make this country greater and make the world a better place for our children and future generations.

Therefore, say no to more lies and propaganda, hate and fear, aggression and abuse of power, destruction and strife.


Unless a person is a Native American, we are all immigrants or children of immigrants from diverse places.

So, will Mr. Trump, in his dreams if elected and not jailed, be deporting his wife?

Thursday, July 18, 2024


What a good idea Mr. Trump had to not protect U.S. interests in Taiwan, Asia, Ukraine, Europe, and around the world.

Just add it to another one of his brilliant ideas to not protect people from deadly contagious like COVID-19*; 

By first telling people there is no such thing, then telling them to drink bleach, continuously spreading, instead of containing, COVID through herd immunity and unmasked coughing of COVID breaths on family and friends.

Can't imagine what would have happened if COVID-19 had a higher mortality rate.

If we had faced a contagion like Ebola with a 90 percent mortality rate, we could look forward to roughly 300 million deaths instead of the over 1.24 million deaths from COVID-19.

Or how about another brilliant idea of non protection of our Capital, our democracy, our legislative body, our Vice-president, and capital police officers by inciting an insurrection.

Since he insists on making people pay for protection like a mob boss, perhaps he should set the example first by paying for his own Secret Service protection.

After all, Mr. Trump seems more interested in spreading hate and fear, self-promotion, authoritarian oppression, and retaliating against America, destroying American values, democracy, and its assets rather than protecting it and the world from harm.

Note:  In case of confusion, read with a sarcastic tone and a sardonic smile.

*According to a 2022 Statista report, COVID-19 was the most deadly infectious disease with 1.24 million deaths.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024


"Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to the Lord the things that are the Lord's."             

                                                                         - Mark 12:17

Jesus Christ was clear: we are to maintain a clear separation of that which belongs to the Lord and that which belongs to Caesar; which means a clear separation of church and state. 

Know that Jesus Christ would be unlikely to ever endorse a Caesar-like political candidate or allow someone like Judas that uses his power for selfish gains or to crown himself king.

Why is it important to keep separate things that are Caesar's from the Lord's?

“The word "holy" has many meanings in the Bible, including:

Set apart: 

The Hebrew word for "holy" literally means "separate" or "set apart". 

In the Bible, holiness is often equated with the Lord, who is set apart from everything that is not the Lord.


The Lord is holy because he is unstained by sin and evil, and perfect in every way.


To be holy means to be consecrated or set apart for a sacred use.

Just and good: 

To be holy means to be perfectly just and good.”*

When we conflate and convolute what is holy with the unholy, what is holy is no longer holy, but becomes sinful in corruption and rot.

Liars and sinners would have you accept the lies, the fraud, the sins, and the corruption, but condoning and being complicit to sin and sins for true believers is not allowed.

“The Lord hates all sin, evilness, and wickedness (Psalm 5:5, 11:5). 

Christians are not to condone sin as condoning sin means the Christian accepts the sin or possibly even celebrates the sin. 

Sin is nothing to be encouraged or celebrated.”** 

“There are six things that the Lord hates,

    seven that are an abomination to him:

       haughty eyes, a lying tongue,

       and hands that shed innocent blood,

       a heart that devises wicked plans,

       feet that make haste to run to evil,

       a false witness who breathes out lies,

      and one who sows discord among brothers.”

                                                       - Proverbs 6:16-19

1 John 3 says that no one who lives in the Lord keeps on sinning and that no one who continues to sin has either seen or known the Lord.

Anyone who tells or preaches the acceptance of false idols, especially that of Caesar and sins is unholy.  

Therefore, if we are to receive salvation, we must make haste to turn away from those that run with the unholy, the liars, the tricksters, the sinners, Judases and the corrupted, because all of them are unholy and are thus damned.

Unless we want to become damned ourselves with damning consequences, we must take corrective action away from unholy sinners and corruption and return to what is holy,  honorable, decent and wise.

*Definition of Holy 

from AI Google search.

**Cannot accept sin from AI Google search.

Monday, July 15, 2024


What is the point of winning with bad players who are dead set on destroying democracy, abusing talent, and plunging everything into chaos, hate, violence, and bankruptcy?

Why bother operating everything based on lies, propaganda, and superficial predictions instead of real intelligence, facts, and reason?

Why constantly point the finger at everyone else, while letting the ones inciting violence and harm off the hook?

What good is having national security when nothing is secure and threats against democracy and humanity go unanswered?

What good are laws and ethics if they are never followed, and the unjust, the unholy, and the abusers of power in cruel and unusual ways are never held accountable and brought to justice?

And what good is the news media and news reporters if the reporting is based on the regurgitation of two-faced lies and propaganda without the facts and fact-checking in real news?

The spectacle of chaos, incitement of hate, violence, and harm in constant attacks against democracy and humanity must be vigorously addressed.

Therefore, we must elect leaders who are willing to confront those who sow discord and undermine our civilized and honorable behaviors and democracy through lies, slander, fraud, fear, sedition, abuse of power and abominable acts of hate and sexual abuse.

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:      America and its allies      Democracy      The Constitution      Human...