Monday, May 27, 2024


Remember to honor and thank the fallen heroes that gave their lives for freedom and democracy.  

May their sacrifices not be in vain. 

Let us continue their fight and carry forward the flag of freedom and democracy.


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mind in the gutter,

Soul in hell,

An abuser of sex can never win

Covered in sin. 

Imprisoned behind eyes 

Of lust,

Lost behind power trips hemmed in

Layers of sin,

The abuser never sees anything clearly,

Nor feels anything really 

Except his sinful trappings

Of delusional wrappings.





Just a small pathetic excuse 

For a miniscule man 

Devoid of humanity

And totally without love.


Saturday, May 25, 2024


The way we go about the journey matters, because in the end it all adds up to consequences of salvation or damnation, prosperity or ruin, peace or war.  

Aggression, abuse, coercion and force may win out in the short run, but in the long run abuse and terrorism is no way to run a country or a business. 


Because aggression/oppression does not foster inspiration and innovation.  

The more oppressive and abusive a nation, the more static and rigid, the poorer the people and country.  

The more corrupt a nation, the more fear and cowardice rule.  

Soon all will be threatened not just by hypocrisy, but by the bad practices that make anything great improbable and unattainable in acts of abuse and destruction.  

Bad precedents will be the harm that our children will have to live by which is why we must not give in to our worse impulses and strive to have integrity and best practices in all we do.  

We must do what we can to ensure the safety of law enforcement officers as well as the foundation of law, the Constitution and public servants that help to make our country free, strong and prosperous.  

Corruption and abuses in abuse of power, sedition and terrorism should not go unchecked and threats go unheeded.

We must take seriously the way we conduct ourselves and the way we do things as our actions are reflections of who we are.  

Are we terrorists or traitors?  

Since we are not terrorists, we should not behave as if acts of terrorism, acts of cruel and unusual treatments, acts of indecent abuse and acts of treason are acceptable in any form.

Thursday, May 23, 2024



Legitimacy is the quality of being legitimate or "being in accordance with the law".  

In terms of governance, legitimacy means the legal recognition of the right to govern.  

When a leader devolves into illicit, illegal and fraudulent acts, then that person's legitimacy of rule is challenged and nullified.  

Twisting the truth, lying in manipulation once fact checked and debunked calls into the credibility of the person lying and defrauding.  

When someone's word cannot be trusted and that person's word of honor means nothing, then any subsequent deal or dealing is not worth anything.  

The liar-cheater will likely find new ways of defrauding, scamming and exploiting to his advantage and not care or take into account anyone else's interests or needs. 

Such a leader is not to be trusted, because in the end this person's loyalties are not with the people or humanity.  

This corrupt and inept leader's motto is definitely not "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"*.

Aggression, fraud, lies and game cheats are not legitimate ways of credible governance and any support of such corruption erodes that government's standing, credibility and legitimacy with the world.

*President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address,

 January 20, 1961

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Racists practice hate; therefore, racists are heinous abominations against the Lord's teachings of love.

To hate against the Lord's varied creations just because one does not like the color or skin type designed by the Lord on the book cover is a shallow, narcissistic prejudiced view upon the person as a whole.  

The inciting of hate crimes in hate speech must be considered not only as domestic terrorism, but also threats to national security and therefore, these terrorists should not be given clearance or any means to destroy in hate the Republic and democracy.

Stronger measures must be set in place to safeguard all peoples and ensure equal protection under the law.  

  Remember to honor and thank the fallen heroes that gave their lives for freedom and democracy.   May their sacrifices not be in vain.  Let...