Thursday, October 1, 2020

In Order


Do you know what position a particular person holds in heaven? 

Do you have any idea of the purpose assigned by the Lord to that person? 

Or where in the process that person must be, in order to have the Lord's blueprint fulfilled?  

Do you think just anyone can accomplish the tasks assigned to that person?  

Do you really think that the Lord assigns talent or purpose by skin color or base these assignments on someone's power?  

And do you think that there are no consequences for messing with the Lord's blueprint or people that belong to the Lord?  

When you purposely mess up position and order of purpose (where the cutie marks are all out of order), things will not go according to the Lord's Plan, but devolve into chaos, incompetence and destruction (and go to hell in a hand basket).  

What must you do, in order to fulfill your covenant with the Lord? 

In order to prevent from harm? 

In order to not end up in hell?  

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