Monday, October 26, 2020

Dear Snowflake,

There will always be the poor among us, whether it is poor in spirit or poverty.  

It is impossible to go through life impervious to the tragedies, challenges and hardships that face  humanity.  

We are capable of feeling in empathy the sadness and compassion for the tragedies facing humanity and at the same time with bravery, strength, truth and integrity fight with the Lord for what we believe in, help those in need and work toward our hopes and dreams for the future. 

Each one of us must also live through the cycle of life.  Our bodies will not live forever, health and mental well-being in constant flux.  

Relationships are not always smooth, lasting or constant.  Heartache and heartbreak part of finding love.  

Whether you come to find yourself, happiness, love and/or purpose, depend upon you and your choices.  I will not add providence, because you can still find yourself, silver linings and purpose even in the face sickness or tragedy. 

Picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, taking a stand for yourself and humanity will give you the chance to realize who you are, who you can be and to prove yourself to humanity and the Lord.  

What are you true colors?  

Who you are and your constant evolution into who you can be with the Lord cannot be determined without passing tests of character.  

Keep focus upon the holy, the goodness inside of yourself and the love of the Holy Spirit.  

Remember where ever you are, you are love and loved. 


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