Thursday, March 31, 2022


I know, I know time for those that are unholy, playing the power game in abuse of power and blame game, and those complicit to the abuses to be judged early by the Holy Spirit.  

You would have to be very bad, like raping and/or torturing of angels bad, to receive early judgement. But it happens as it did in Sodom and Gomorrah.

If those Unholies and those complicit do not want to end up in the deepest parts of hell, I suggest confession, repentance and atonement; you know, redemption.  

However, the die is cast for most of them and at death the shadows await to take them to hell.  

Since the Unholies like taking things that belong to the Lord and the victim, Unholies and their accomplices will know what it is like to have the shadows take them.  

I am sure the Unholies will not mind, since Unholies like playing and delighting in sins and abuses to have the same things happen to them perpetually.  

Never should the Unholies have forsaken humanity and the Lord for the power of Caesar and power trips.  

Delighting in evil by feeding the beast of hate, power and control and sins, will not endear them to the Lord nor will it grant salvation.   

Those that are complicit should be aware judgement is not fully out on them yet, but likely to head to hell with the Unholies, just not as far down; reason being not just a few counts of crimes against humanity at this point, but hundreds of continuous counts of crimes against humanity and sins.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Time will will-out the truth.  

Look far enough and it will be as in the beginning in the hands of the Lord.  

Look inside the now and the truth is written upon your soul and the soul of humanity.    

Whatever your goals or objectives, however trivial or grand, if they do not serve humanity or the Lord, it contributes nothing and would mean nothing in the end.  

Nothing to enrich your soul and therefore, your life would be empty and meaningless.  

What will you present to the Lord and leave behind in legacy (for humanity and the world) at the end of your life's journey?  

Without empathy in care for people in deeds and actions, there is no purpose in life that matters.  

If your only objective is procreation, well, any animal can do the same.  

Any animal can viciously destroy, prey on the husks of others and harm without thought or conscience.  

Are we called upon to be animals or stewards of the earth?  

Our time on earth is short, filled with trials and tribulations.  

Why must it be made to be more difficult (with hate or harmful intentions in ill conceived notions of grandeur)?

Life cannot be truly lived in calculated moves of endings (in the mind) which severs the connection to the heart and soul or in feeding the power trips of insecurities and fear which deadens the heart and soul.  

Life lived truly is a life lived fully with deep connections to one's heart and soul; and to humanity and the Holy Spirit.  

Time will measure out how you truly lived.  

The Lord will measure out how you truly are.  

Your legacy will measure out what you leave behind for your children, humanity and future generations.  


I know, I know, time for the blame game again and again, time for retaliation guises under imaginary wrongs; 

At least, that's what always happens when abusers and tyrants do not get their way or when someone dares to stand in their way or say something other than groveling platitudes at their feet.

The problem is that most of the time nothing in reality will match the grandiose fantasies of power and control and grandeur in the abusers' and tyrants' mind; it's never going to be enough.  

The abusers will steal all of the victim's britches and say to the victim that you need to pull yourself up by your britches; 

Or continuously abuse until the victim is incapacitated and debilitated, near death and say you can't sleep the day away.  

It makes you wonder when the lies of abusers and tyrants take hold and the abuses and sins go unstopped and untold, where in the world has all the good men and people gone?  

It's like watching a stream of priests, Levites and uncaring people walking by and not stopping to help as the abused traveler, laid robbed and dying by the side of the road; and wondering is there such a person as a good Samaritan or does this kind of a person only exist in parables (Matthew 25: 31-46, Luke 10: 25-37)?  

When making a decision, would it not be nice to see the whole picture, especially when that decision could alter the course of your life, history, save lives and the world?  

Some may even wish for a crystal ball to see into the future.  

The problem with seeing into the future is that it changes with each crossroad decision you make.

Once you cross the Rubicon, it changes into a different future world, a different fate.  

If only we can consult the mages with track records of wisdom and of careful consideration for humanity.

Or consult with the true prophets of the Lord with a track record of accuracy, integrity and will speak the truth no matter how bad or ugly in what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear.  

Sadly, we seem to have more snake oil salesmen and self-proclaimed geniuses more gifted at confidence tricks and gaslighting than actual wisdom and intelligence.  

Perhaps we should consult or give some consideration for what is certain in history, a track record of what has been and of what is likely to come.  

Probability algorithms, though not definite, can be surprisingly accurate when you know a person's track record, motivation and strength of personality and convictions.  

"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer".         

                       - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The question is are we brave enough to brave the truth, to see things and people as they really are, not who or what we want them to be?  

Monday, March 28, 2022

If you are truly kindred in spirit, you understand that we are connected not just to ourselves, but to family, friends, humanity and the Holy Spirit.  

When you see any one person, you might think of a lone wolf, you might think of all the physical characteristics of that person, but do you see everyone connected to that person and the angels watching on above?  

The honor you have, bestowed to you in name, are carried upon on your shoulders in your deeds, and in the hopes and dreams of your family and your people.   

Before you dishonor yourself in crimes against humanity for war crimes in grandiose power and glory, remember that if you lose standing with the world and humanity, you lose face and bring shame and dishonor to your family name and people.  

The enduring legacy of history written in blood and crimes against humanity would not soon be forgotten, nor forgiven in the corpses of the dead. 

The question remains which side of history you wish to be on and which side of history you and your family will be judged by the world, humanity and the Lord.

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Let us learn from history.  

Some people do not change and are the same no matter what period of history we are talking about.  

Bullies are bullies and tyrants are tyrants.  

Take a look at Nazi Germany and Axis Japan. 

In the beginning, the Nazis made treaties of nonaggression and made promises to not invade which were quickly broken with invasions of Poland and Russia and annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. 

Axis Japan invaded China and in joint operations with the Nazis attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor.  

Nazis rose to power with hate and power trips; and soon abused their power in crimes against humanity.  

At its core, the Nazis abused and used power to incite and fill the compromised with hate and blame in power trips of destruction and self destruction.

Blaming the victims as if they asked for it.

But who started it?  

Who started the lies? the abuses? the invasion?  

Guess what?  

The tyrants, the abusers, are going to do whatever- regardless.  

Take a look at history.  

Tyrants are going to believe in their invincibility, because no one stood in their way before;

And believe in selfish desires and  wants, because tyrants always in the past got their way.  

And history is going to play out like it always plays out, in reality, not in grandiose dreams of glory or past glory. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022


According to Confucius, rulers have a sacred responsibility to rule virtuously.

The most important virtue is humanity or "ren", 仁.  

It is "ren", the connection to humanity, the generosity of spirit in benevolence which leads to all that is virtuous (in a person and a leader).  

Humanity is the foundation of his five virtues, 五常.  

Without humanity, we are devoid of morals, devoid of humanness, a castrated human and not a person; and certainly not a qualified leader.    

We have a responsibility to care for humanity and be stewards of the earth, not just for ourselves, but our neighbors.  

And we must do so with love, respect and kindness, not hatred, fear and oppression.  

What is a measure of a man, of a person?  

Is it the size of his purse, his house, land or conquests?  

The measure of a person is in his or her character, deeds and virtues.  

The measure is what the Lord will Judge and not by anything you cannot take with you when you die.  

Who's Next?


We are the world.  

We belong to the worldwide family of humanity; the children of God.  

To hurt one is to hurt all of us.  

Love thy neighbor is to love the Lord and all His creations.  

To cause harm, death and destruction of children, families and people for glory or power or piece of land or for any other reason is unacceptable.  

We did not start this fight.

What would you have us believe?  

Can we ever believe the words of someone who said he would not invade and proceeded to do just that, then murdering anyone standing in the way of his wants of glory and land?  

What is so wrong with people defending their homes, their children and pregnant women from harm?  

Should we stay silent like a coward and watch the mass slaughter of innocents?  

If it could happen to them, then it could happen to us, to you.  

Who's next?  

Saturday, March 19, 2022

There are vast differences in the way of thinking between Jesus Christ and some of the others that came before him.  

Therefore, updates to outdated lessons must be made.  

To quote old testament passages as if it is gospel is not accurate.  

We must be aware of the nuances in the new testament, especially in the ones that differ from the old.  

After all, the new Teachings which were considered radical at the time did contribute to the cause of Jesus' crucification.

To lump the passages in the Bible as one teaching would be to confuse enlightened thoughts of the Teaching.  

The imagined loopholes to sin and ways of Pharisees are not there in the Teachings of Jesus Christ.  

Review how Jesus treats women, men and children and you will know the expectations of the Lord and how you should treat people.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Let's say for the sake of argument, we can easily lump people into categories of the different types of chess pieces and the possible moves positions on the chess board.  

How do we know the pieces will measure up and not fail their assigned tasks?  

Are lack of talent/competence, lack of bravery/coward, lack of brains or fortitude, lack of character/dishonor, factors in play?

What about allegiance, loyal to who, the Lord and humanity or traitor- Judas?  

Holy or unholy?  

Does luck play a role?  

Or do you think everything will go as planned every time?  


Chess Probabilities


How many possible moves are there in chess?  

"The number of distinct chess positions after White’s first move is 20 (16 pawn moves and 4 knight moves).  

There are 400 distinct chess positions after two moves (first move for White, followed by first move for Black). 

There are 5,362 distinct chess positions or 8,902 total positions after three moves (White’s second move).  

There are 71,852 distinct chess positions or 197,742 total positions after four moves (two moves for White and two moves for Black).  

There are 809,896 distinct positions or 4, 897,256 total positions after 5 moves. 

There are 9,132,484 distinct positions or 120,921,506 total positions after 6 moves (three moves for White and three moves for Black).  

The total number of chess positions after 7 moves is 3,284,294,545.  

The total number of chess positions is about 2x10 to the 46 power."*

Now, imagine if the chess board is greater than 64 squares and played with greater than six different types of sixteen player pieces.   

How many possible positions are there then?  

Does it really depend, especially when the board and pieces belong not to you, but the Lord, and chess positions near incalculable after extended passage of time?  

Do you imagine you see the total board, pieces and players?  

And how will it all play out at each point in time?  


You think you can see one move ahead, two moves ahead or more?  

On what size of board?  

With what type of pieces? 

How then, are you seeing your moves and their moves ahead of time?  

And you think diviners see all the probabilities and possibilities on the correct board, its pieces and players?

I cannot predict which position or what pieces you will be playing, pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, but I know where it will all end.  

It will all end with the Lord's Judgement.  

In the end, you are playing with the Lord on the Lord's chess board and against yourself in tests of character.

* Reed Richards.

Tried to post at 1:25 pm Central time, but experienced technical difficulties.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022



I know first hand how those Art of War types think, believe and act; always scheming and carrying out their quests of conquests, throwing their weight around demonstrating their power and control in unruly acts of violence and abuses.

Those Art of War types think people are nothing, but pawns to be manipulated; everyone and anyone is collateral damage except the tyrant.

King makers or queen makers all vying for power and control.  

And none see themselves in the rat race of fools, playing at an imagined glory in an unwinnable race.  

Any race devoid of humanity and salvation is an ultimate loss; standing upon the bones and blood of innocents, stained in crimes against humanity, a loser's race towards hell.

As soon as one acts out the pages of the Art of War, that person is in a war against the Lord and humanity.  

What is not written in those pages is the Lord's Judgement.

What is the Lord's Judgement?

What is the Lord's command?   

Are the liars immediately struck down by lightning?  


Well, you do not have to be struck down by lightning to be struck down by sins and become liars, cheats and Judases, corrupt and damned and completely incompatible with heaven and all that is holy.

What is not in their control, what is not in their power, is to know or decide the Lord's Judgement.

What is beyond is still beyond their reach, no matter how powerful.

Monday, March 14, 2022


When disease is threatening your life or the lives of your children, weapons or military might will not help you or them.  

When the volcano is exploding, climate change imploding, weapons or military might will not help you or them.  

When the economy is free falling, hunger abounds, weapons or military might will not help you or them.  

When the soul is corrupted or damned, weapons or military might will not help you.  

Predictions of battles, of wins or losses, will not see any of these.

Sunday, March 13, 2022


Snakes in shepherd's clothing must be removed.  

We are not to be led into temptation, not to give footholds to sins and unethical practices, especially unholy behaviors that are affronts to the Lord and betray the Teachings of Christ.  

Time to call out the hypocrites, unholy false Christians hell bent on hate, fear and war.

Time to assess what has transpired in grooming and compromised practices in temptations and abuse of powers.  

Confess, repent and atone; 

Time to walk the path of salvation and redemption.

Friday, March 11, 2022


Do not be so short sighted as to align yourself with powerful unholy Judases, men without conscience in it to glorify themselves at the price of children's lives and humanity.  

Men without bottom and ethics are not men, but ruthless Judases, slaves of Satan.

We cannot in good conscience serve two masters and serving ruthless Judases is to be the slaves to Satan.  

We must see beyond the confines of Caesar to that of the Lord.  

Our mission is to be stewards of humanity, servants of the Lord, not answer to the unholy commands of Caesar -Judases;

Those that seek to destroy humanity, to corrupt it into slavery of Judases and Satan, must be expelled and held into account for each crime against humanity and the Lord.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Beyond: Two Souls, impressions

Note: Beyond: Two Souls, 

interactive video game -impressions

Theory- afterlife

The world before beyond and after death described by the character Jodie Holmes is purgatory, where there is no heaven or hell; however, beyond that would be either heaven or hell, otherwise creatures from hell would not show up to cause apocalyptic end of world doomsday death and destruction which would impact also purgatory- cannot sense the beauty in life when there is no life. 

Become Lost souls wandering in bleakness and darkness without life to offset it. 

Human beings practicing abuse of power and unholy abuses do not end up in Purgatory where Lost souls or souls with unfinished business still reside; Unholies end up in hell.  

Jesus Christ, most super powerful and super sensitive, said about Unholies and hell;

Jesus Christ says in Matthew 25:41, "Depart from me, u cursed, into EVERLASTING FIRE, prepared for the devil and his angels." 

In Matthew 13:42, Jesus says: "And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

Holy Message-

"Anyone going against the Teacher E in harm will end up in hell."

*Began 9:03 am finished by around 9:30 am 3-8-22

Note: Life is Strange, episodic video game: Impressions

Theory- the purpose of life

Learn to be a better person, strengthen character, through a series of tests of character. 

Not so much the end result as passing tests of character like bravery- speak up, stand up, defend- intervene, face fears, brave the truth.  

Therefore, do not abuse power, especially super-power. 

If Maxine Caulfield had not used super-power in changing time, instead changed herself with acts of bravery, the timeline could be changed without serious side effects.  

What could she have done without using superpower? Startle. By asking to take a picture or simply take the shot of Prescott. Speak. Shouted. Tackle. 

At every turn, perception of reality can be a learned helplessness which stops you from changing outcomes or a learned destruction by messing up outcomes in abuse of power or negative behaviors.

Perception of reality may seem like reality, because it is your reality, but it is not the whole reality.  

*Began 8:43 am finished by 9:00 am 3-8-22

Thursday, March 3, 2022

There is no excuse for unholy behaviors and sinful practices which cause harm and crimes against humanity.

Garbage in garbage out.

Sins in damnation out.

Excusing sins which are crimes against humanity, is corruption.

Giving footholds to sins, is corruption in damnation.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Dear Snowflake,

If I say it's all relative, what would you say?

If you say relative to what and I say relative to the Lord and Holy Spirit, what would you say?

What is in a name?

And I quote Shakespeare, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, what would you say?

It is all relative;

Relative to the Lord and the Holy Spirit.


One of the first prayers we learn, as Christians, is the Lord's Prayer. 

In it, we ask, in prayer, the Lord to "lead us not into temptation"- Matthew 6:13, but to deliver us from the sins of temptation.  

Judas betrayed the Lord, because he was angry that Jesus did not use his power in abuses to subjugate the abusers, causing harm and injustices in authoritarian rule.  

Jesus' way, the truth and life, is not the way of Caesar, the way of grandiose power in abuses, fear and hate. 

The way of Heaven is about wisdom in enlightenment of the heart and mind in love and peace, vested in care and stewardship of humanity and the world.

Anyone not following the commands of the Lord (to love the Lord and thy neighbors as thyself) will not have salvation.  

Living in empty promises of grandiose power and trappings of materialism are nothing, but practices in temptations and sins.  

You cannot present grandiose power or materialistic greed, delusional trophies, to the Lord when you die and expect to pass the Judgement of character. 

To escape from failures of character in damnation, let us assess what has happened, see the harm to humanity and ourselves, the children of the Lord.  

Let us turn away from the temptations of grandiose power, selfish desires and sins, and instead, practice the way of Christ in the Teachings of love and peace.

The Tyrant

Upon the bodies of the innocent, 

the children, the women and the men, 

climbed the tyrant blind and drunk 

with power in delusions of grandeur - 

mass slaughter; 

Conquest conquered in destruction 

abound buried in graveyards 

of crying sound.

The tyrant would rather see his people 

starve than to swallow his pride of glory; 

too much of a coward to ever brave 

the truth, a legacy of violence drenched 

in blood and gloom - the blood of 


Empty conquests sending his people and 

future generations starving in shame to 

their doom.

Shammers and Liars

Shame, shame, shame-  Those that use parasites, contagions and other forms of harm, especially sexual abuse are nothing but parasites and co...