Saturday, January 21, 2023

How Deep Is Your Sight?

The side you are on will determine your perspective of who is right or who is wrong.  

So which side are you on?  

How narrow or wide is your point of view?  

Where in the grand scheme of things do you stand? 

Where do you begin your sight, foresight and hindsight?  

At the superficial mundane level, personal level, political level, economic level, intellectual level, humanitarian level or spiritual level?  

Are you able to see the big picture, especially the Lord's design and blueprint?  

If not, how short-sighted, in the small minded box of Caesar, are you?

Know that discussions on next level ideas and innovations will not register in disparate wavelengths, especially in ones that are more interested in being right than being enlightened and wise.  

Know that when the importance of intelligence and spirituality is placed below that of Caesar and the materialistic, political or selfish gains, then we no longer render what belongs to the Lord to the Lord*, but to Caesar; 

This shallow perspective in the now convoluted (muddying and unclean) with the sacred, is sacrilegious and unholy; and will not represent the side of Christ, but that of Judas and Satan. 

The Lord's commandments are clear; love the Lord above all with a purity of heart and love thy neighbor as self.

It is not enough to talk the talk, never walk the walk and read and do whatever you want without regard to the Lord, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, humanity and the person you are reading.  

Because what really matters in the end?



*Matthew 22:20-22

Friday, January 20, 2023

Your State at Rest

What is your natural state (loving and peaceful or _______) when you are at rest?  

The state at which you rest determines your ease and ability to connect with the Holy Spirit and humanity.  

If you have not made peace with the Lord, come clean with your sins, then your ability to connect to love, the Holy Spirit and humanity greatly diminishes.  

Love is ever present in everything and everyone will perceive love if only one can receive it.  

To receive love, your heart must be open to love and not be filled with hate or abusive power and control.

And because God is love, anyone who does not love does not know God* and will not know peace.

*1 John 4:8

Thursday, January 19, 2023



What are the sources of malcontent?

Lack of ___________________.

Not perfect _______________.

Fault in ___________________.

When and at what point in life will it be enough to not have malcontent?  

When everything goes according to plan?


It would be difficult for the Lord to judge you (on Judgement Day) in dollars, because you do not have money with you upon death.  

In life, what is your worth?  

Is your worth based upon net worth in dollars or contributions to humanity?  

In your stewardship of the earth, what measurements best measure your purpose and success of your mission to fulfill it?

How have you used your time, talent and treasure?  

In service?  

In deeds? 

Are you a healer?  

A giver? 

A contributor?

Were you under the impression that Jesus had a lot of money, spent his time collecting money, earning money, hoarding money or had much to do with money?  

What did Jesus do to fulfill his purpose in life?

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


If you had a magical box that can grant any wish, would you trade it for a few thousand dollars?  

Perhaps a few million dollars would be closer to your asking price.  

What if you had a magical seed that once planted would grow into fruit trees bearing the fruits of life year after year, would you trade it for a few thousand or million dollars? 

Would you sell (out)?  

At what price? 

What about trading priceless memories with family for stoic scroogeism?  

Choose to hoard that which you cannot take with you when you die and never experience or discover what life can offer?

Never give to make someone else's life a little better; never practice Christian charity?  

Measure and count out life in dollars, instead of measuring life in good memories, deeds, compassion honor and valor?

In the end, how do you think the Lord would count out and measure your life?  In dollars?

Monday, January 16, 2023


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

             - Dr. Martin Luther King

True or false?

The keyword is moral.  

Because the universe belongs to the Lord, 

Because we are born with a conscience, 

Because our laws are founded upon ethical principles, 

Because as members of humanity, we, by our original nature, are infused with empathy, compassion, charity and divine dignity in the image of the Lord, 

Our moral arc will bend toward justice.  

Any failures to hold ourselves accountable, ensure the integrity of honor and justice and prevention from harm,

Are corruptions in cowardice and betrayals of humanity in crimes against humanity.  

Sunday, January 15, 2023


Hate is not an option.  

It might seem like an option in this compromised social media and overly toxic environment, but it is not an option, at least not for true Christians.  

Just as hate speech is illegal and not part of free speech, hate is not part of the Christian ethos and the Lord's commandment to love as self.  

Just because some people can get away with hate crimes or behaviors for a time, it does not mean it is compatible or acceptable with the rule of law, the holy or heaven.  

There are no excuses for hate, hate crimes and crimes against humanity.

Friday, January 13, 2023



In the battle between good and evil, the outcome is already determined in quantum time.


It begins with Satan already casted out from heaven into hell.  

Ends with unrepentant sinners eventually ending up in hell.  

And in the battles of the in-between, it leans towards the good, because the Lord created us to be good and instilled within every person a thing called a conscience, a compass that points towards the holy and the good.  

Even when you do something bad, compartmentalize, ignore, run away from it, eventually, at least for most people, your conscience will catch up to you.  

It will catch up much faster if, when you do something wrong, confess, repent and atone.  

To not be in line with your conscience, is to not be at peace with the Lord and not walk the way of the Lord.  

You can try to excuse the bad, but in the end, your conscience will catch up to you and your soul will be sorted, as indicated by your conscience, in accordance with your character and deeds.  

Monday, January 9, 2023


By design and structure, democratic republics are non-aggression administrations; 

Where the form of government is based upon the will of the people, ideals of freedom, peaceful transitions of power and peaceful democratic resolutions. 

Therefore, not an aggressor, like so many dictatorships, autocratic regimes and terrorist groups out there.

In a democracy, disagreements are usually resolved through diplomacy, not armed conflicts.

When armed conflicts arise, democratic republics are usually not the ones to first start the aggressions.  

Instead, they are defenders of freedoms and individual human rights.  

Because they will not be the first to start an aggression or armed conflicts, if the world develops similar systems along these lines of non-aggression, then it will be a giant step towards everlasting peace and prosperity.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Pathetic Cowards


"Resistance is futile."* 

A popular saying amongst those who likes to subjugate and oppress people through power and control. 

"Survival of the fittest."** 

Another popular saying amongst them. 


However, tripping on power is not the same as having control or power over anything in the cosmos or anyone;

The real person being controlled is the one filled with the unholiness of its grandiose temptations, Satan's temptations.

No one should control what belongs to the Lord.

No one should oppress what belongs to the Lord.  

Any attempts and actual oppression and abuse of power is unholy.  

The oppressor becomes unholy.  

The abuser becomes unholy.  

Once someone is corrupted, sinful and unholy, that person is out of touch; disconnected from humanity and the Lord. 

Spiritually the holy is incompatible, incongruous and irreconcilable with the unholy.  

Positive energy will never be the same as negative energy; therefore, will not occupy the same spiritual space.  

Heaven is heaven and hell is hell; never shall the twain meet.  

Therefore, it is impossible for the unholy power trippers and abusers to truly trophy or control another (beyond the physical delusions of the minutiae and mundane).  

What is really happening to the abusers of power?

Corruption of their souls as their addiction to power trips causes more delusions of invincibility.

In other words, an addiction to power and sins, causing them to become the real slaves and trophies of Satan as their souls become buried in sins of the illusions of power and control. 

What crimes are committed in the name of absolute power and control?  

Well, it depends upon the level of corruption, the level of rot.  

Men that do not resist sins, Satan and the temptations of absolute and corruptive power and glory are not really men, but slaves to temptations, sins and Satan; 

In reality, those men are pathetic cowards, cockroaches and terrorists that have failed humanity and the Lord in their hatred, absolute fails and failures to pass their tests of character.  

*A Borg saying from the world of Star Trek. 

**A Darwin quote.

Saturday, January 7, 2023



When you can hold onto your connection to humanity….


Maintain your integrity

In spite of the odds,

In hate or in harm,

Lies and falsehoods;

Through oppressive trials 

And turbulent tribulations,

No matter the circumstances,

In the best of times and worse;

Place the good of humanity 


Selfish desires and foolish power,


Illusionary glory and pompous grandiose facades;

When you can hold on to the good within, 

No matter the cost,

In honor, in truth, 

And in love and peace;

Then you will be free 

To be 

The person the Lord meant for you 

To be.

Thursday, January 5, 2023


Redemption is basically cleaning ourselves up (especially spiritually) after sinful mistakes.

Atonement is correcting the wrongs and making up for those mistakes.

Tests of Character

Life is a series of tests of character.

If you pass, you enter heaven. 

If you fail, you exit earth into hell. 


Failures in tests of character are weaknesses.  

Massive failures in tests of character are ultimate weaknesses.

In the end, your spirit must be compatible with heaven; meek, gentle, loving, peaceful and kind. 


Hate and aggression, blocks your ability to receive love and entry into heaven, because hate is a negative force and thus causes incompatibilities with the love and peace of heaven.

Hate is the ultimate failure to obey the Lord's commandment to love (the Lord and thy neighbor as self); therefore, an ultimate pathetic failure in tests of character and damning in its disobedience and unholiness.

Though Judgment belongs to the Lord, the state of your character belongs to you.

The condition of that state of character, positive or negative, requires no judgment to determine its placement (in heaven, hell or purgatory). 

In the end, you will be sorted, each according to the state of your character.


Power is not a determinate (of character); how you use it is.

Abuse of power is corruption of character.

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