Wednesday, September 30, 2020



"I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even angels, but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or clanging bell....I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have the faith to move mountains ---but of I have no love, I am nothing."

                                               - 1 Corinthians 13.1-2

"Love is patient and kind;"

Are you patient and kind?

"Love is not jealous or conceited or proud;"

Are you not jealous or conceited or proud? 

"Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable;"

Are you not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable?

"Love does not keep a record of wrongs;"

Do you hold on to grudges or slights? 

"Love is not happy with evil,"

Do you delight in getting away with doing wrongs (or get off on your own damnation)?

"Love is happy with truth."

Do you brave the truth?

"Love never gives up and its faith, hope and patience never fail."

                                               - 1 Corinthians 13.4-7

Have you given up on love and its faith, hope and patience?  

What are your true colors?  

Hate is the opposite of love; and hate makes it impossible to be compatible with love.  

When you practice hate or sin, you become hate and sin, which is incompatible with love and grace.

If your soul is filled with hate and sins, this opposes love, and is thus, unholy and is incompatible with heaven. 

Reflect upon where you are in character; and make sure you are actually following the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Laws of the Lord.  

Zero Tolerance


There is zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior(s).

But you are groomed to not only accept zero tolerance behavior(s), but also aggravated abuse(s), deviation of civil rights, gaslighting, malfeasance, incompetence, dishonor, lies, abuse(s) of power, torture and sin(s). 

What happens when you accept and allow for bad and unholy practices?  

Why zero tolerance for sin(s)?  

Yet, almost all churches fail to enforce and preach?  

Failures to defend against Satan and gains in corruptionable thoughts and sinful practices can lead to damnation.  

Yet, dangers in damnation are downplayed, overlooked or ignored.  

Imagining oneself saved, while going against the teaching of Jesus Christ or the Commandments of the Lord and practicing hate and sins will only lead to hell.  

If unholy or corrupt, filled with hate, sins and bad practices, then salvation will never be at hand, even if you believe in Jesus, because Christ said so (as getting away from the unholy).  

Zero tolerance is zero tolerance. 

And zero tolerance must be enforced, in order to have best practices, integrity, honor, respect, trust and the possibility of salvation. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Nothing To Say


When your so-called friend does not know how deeply he has been played or lied to or how activated he is into hate to destroy and divide his his own and humanity, then nothing anyone do or say will be of any use.  

S/he will continue to seek to destroy or abuse in some fashion.  

Just like when s/he sought to destroy anything or anyone that got in the way of divide and conquer plans.  

But if s/he is doing the bidding of the compromised or slaves in the pocket of Satan, then s/he is nothing, but a pawn (doing the bidding of Satan's slave).   

The removal of Einsteins, because of some superficial shallow reason or other, and replacement with shallow and fraudulent predictors making false, shallow or nonsense predictions that are nothing but future misinformation, lies and nonsense, only removes the focus from substantive ideas and intel of threats into misinformation, ignorance, incompetence and self destruction.  

Until you realize just how groomed you are and your friend recognizes how played he is, you and s/he will never break out of the grandiose delusions created and the harms perpetrated, because you are living in and allowing for the lies and harm created; the threat is not just on the outside, it is what you have let in and let get away with.


Monday, September 28, 2020



The blame game is exactly how it sounds; blame everyone else other than the person responsible. 

The problem with the blame game is that the person playing this game ends up with no honor and no integrity. 

Because the real name of the blame game is to fool everybody in order to get away with it, the sins, crimes or lies this person does not want to be responsible for. 

Unfortunately, if you are the victim of the blame game, it can be very costly when people believe the perpetrator(s). 

It can cost friendships, relationships, livelihoods and even, loss of life. 

Also very prevalent in the blame game, are manipulations in psychological warfare, gaslighting and grooming; forcing people into alternate states of reality where the lies are truths and the truths are lies. 

What happens when some people do not deal in truths? 

Then those people do not deal in reality. 

The reality is that practices in sins, bad behaviors and misconducts, lead no where, but  damnation and further damnation (as ones character becomes more corrupted, erodes over time and more sins and crimes committed in cover-ups). 

And problems in reality are never addressed or solved, only more abuses and problems created with lies that beget more lies, harm, abuses, ignorance and incompetences. 

As the discrepancies of character disrupt the grandiose delusions of the liar, the need to blame and transfer the self loathing becomes even greater. 

The problem with transference is that the victim(s), is then hit with the brunt of the self loathing and hatred in retaliations (as the self loathing is transfered) of the liar. 

Not only is abuse common in these cases, violent ends are also altogether a common place, because the perpetrator(s) deal in blame not reality and therefore have no or little real attachment to the victim (objectified), humanity or have any empathy that is in the way of lies. 

Ultimately the people fooled, groomed or played, become complicit or conspire to keep the delusions alive and protect the perpetrator(s) and blame the victim(s). 

And the cycle of abuses, sins, crimes, lies and blame continues and gets passed on to the next generation of perpetrators or fools. 

Unfortunately, some people are too lost to realize the dangers of not having any real defense in reality and also no real offense in reality to fend off the threats of lies, dishonor, sins, crimes and other external threats to the soul and life. 

Tragedies will befall, such as COVID-19, and still no appropriate response will be mounted in reality and no empathy or sympathy given to the fallen, sick and dead. 

Consequences will reverberate and with no real response, tipping points to the negative across the board will not be prevented and then more tragedies will befall and fall like dominos. 

Unless we recognize the problem(s) and have the courage to brave the truth, take responsibility for our actions, we will never be able prevent preventable tragedies (instead of it befalling upon us with unnecessities and greater tragedy), or be real and realize our full potential in the Lord's truths and live the Life.

Sunday, September 27, 2020



In the pursuit of _______what happens to you?

Do you imagine you have gained ______when you have lost?

What is the cost or sacrifice?  

Let's say you are pursuing security, either financial or personal security.  But in the pursuit, aggressively going after what you want, you forget what it is for (at the neglect or cost of what the security is for).  

What am I talking about?  


Protecting against insecurities, fears, sins and harm.  

Let's say you aggressively attack and hunt down all external threat, but in doing so, failed to defend internally.  

What happens?  

You might become the monsters or perpetrators you are fighting, because you let in and give footholds to insecurities, fears, sins and harm.  

Thus, leading to infiltration (of insecurities, fears, sins and harm), bad players and internal misconducts.   

The compromises you make for justifying the ends will eat away at your integrity; 

Which get away from for what it is for.  

So what?  

What is your character like today?  

Where is the state of the world?  

Failures in defense means not just giving footholds in insecurities, fears, sins and harm, which leads to compromised behaviors and infiltration, but it means getting played by adversaries (and Satan) in groomed complacency or worse conspiracy.  

Failure in defense also means likely failures in tests of character, which leads to corruption and possible damnation.

Let's take a brief test.  

Have you been made to believe that everything is normal and safe when in reality it was not normal or safe, but dangerous?  

Have you been made or tempted into participating in compromised behaviors or misconducts?

Have you been pressured into obedience or false loyalties? 

Have you experienced emotional blackmail?  

These are just a few indices of grooming (which do not just happen to children, but clearly also to adults, except it is called psychological warfare or gaslighting).  

The point is the victim(s) become tricked into believing everything is normal and fine when in reality it is not.  

The problem with believing this, is that the abuses, sins and injuries in harm continues and escalates.  

Similar to believing that COVID-19 is harmless and then you wind up with over 200,000 people dead and counting, yet some still believing nothing is wrong.  

Similar to believing that you are saved, when not in the practicing of sins and harm (Matthew 7.21-23 and Luke 13.25-27), yet still believing nothing is wrong (with your soul).  

What happens when you fail to defend?

Tragic consequences to your soul, your character, humanity, and the world you are tasked to defend. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

End Result


What if you can predict the end result of an action or choice?

At what point does an action or choice stop impacting life?  

Each choice, action, tests of character, determine your true colors, who you are and who you going to be.  

Therefore, at what point do you determine what is the end result?  

At the end of a test of character, end of a crisis, end of  consequence or end of ramifications (which reverberate for years to come, such as climate change)?  

And if you predict in total at end of life, can you also predict based upon legacy and character where the person will end up (in heaven, purgatory or hell)?  

At what point in time do you determine most impact or consequence?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

What Is Left?


If you destroy the good, good people, best practices, competent actions, great ideas.....,then do not be surprised what you are left with are the bad, the Unholies, the worst practices, the most incompetent actions and more terrible ideas which will lead to chaos, sicknesses, depressions, destruction, deaths and damnation.

If you choose power, the power of Caesar, the glory of self, over that of the love of Jesus Christ, then do not be surprised that all you are left with is the mundane which when you die, you cannot take with you.  

The body is an earthly vessel for your spirit, your avatar, and if you focus only on your body then you will follow it into dust.  

It is your spirit that lives on.

How it will live on, in hell, purgatory or heaven, is up to you and your choices of character, your actions of deeds.  

I would encourage you not to present to the Lord your power of skin, because that will be impossible, you cannot take your skin with you when you die.  

What will you present to the Lord?  

How will it be Judged?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020



Decide now, are you going to put into place processes that honor the Lord?  

Too many times, I have made bad assumptions; like there is no way anyone would get rid of Einstein and replace with a group of quacks and idiots or favor the copy cats that cannot even copy correctly the advanced copy of teacher's answer sheet (by substituting out the correct answers for wrong ones) over the teacher or favor abusive thieves that abuse and torture friendlies and innovators instead of simply asking or giving fair exchange.  

I was proven wrong.  

And I had to ask myself, why would anyone replace the likes of Dumbledore with Lockhart's, Professor Trelawneys and expect to win against adversaries like Voldemort?  

It's like putting more garbage on top of garbage then roll around in it and expecting to come out smelling like a rose (or garbage in and expect genius level work out).  

Why the suspended belief in the nonsensical; like being able to reply physically to an email yesterday that was only sent today or destroying a factory and expect production from it after destruction? 

What causes this type of delusion in impossible nonsensical grandiose thinking?  

Where lies are not lies, but forms of possibilities of imagined realities in fiction, senseless nonsense and abuses of reality and fact?  

I ask these questions, but I still do not know the answers.  

Perhaps, people actually believe the excuses for doing bad, commiting abuses of power, practicing sins or doing whatever it take to get what is desired, no matter the cost to the soul or humanity.  

Whatever the excuse, whenever integrity is compromised, what is lost, is the true sense of self (values and principles that define your character, your word and good name), honor, trust and relationship with the Lord.  

And any hope of putting in best practices and processes that honor the Lord.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Dear Chick,

Life cannot be lived without trials and tribulations.  

How you choose to face and overcome those tests of character, will determine who you will be and where you will ultimately end up ( in heaven, purgatory or hell ).  

It's a wonderful life, if you can remember the meaning of life and what your purpose can contribute to it.  

You belong in the fabric of the Lord's creation.  

The Holy Spirit is always with you, (unless you forsake in sins).  

Do what you can, the best that you can and know you are responsible for your own actions and light, not someone else's.  

Do your part within the Lord's blueprint, not outside it.  

Remember no matter what happens, even in the face of hate and injustices, there is always love within and with the Lord.  

Therefore, remember Love.  

Be love and peace (but if you have to defend yourself or humanity from harm, then defend and restore justice in order to have peace and love).

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Time To Have Best Practices and Stop the Abuses


When someone is abusive and commits sins, who's responsible for the abuses and sacrileges?

Who's soul becomes rotted with temptation, sins and crimes against humanity?  

Who's character becomes that of an abuser and sinner?

Who's mind becomes unclean and who's heart becomes impure?  

Despite the grooming and misdirection by sinners, predators and perpetrators, the victim having committed no crime and no sin will still have, under the Lord's law, an untarnished character, honorable mind and purity of heart. 

It is asinine and absurd to blame the innocent victim and absolve the Unholies, who are guilty and responsible for the sins and crimes, given that the Unholies are the ones perpetrating the dishonor, disrespect, sins and crimes.  

It's time to stop the grooming, gaslighting and abuses.

Hold accountible the perpetrators of sins, crimes and abuses.

Remove the bad practices and misconducts in order that the disrespect and dishonor in unholy practices, which leads to corruption, compromised behaviors and damnation, do not continue for the next generation to step in. 

Actually have best practices in good character, standing and salvation.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

What Is the Alternative?


If your so-called friend is angry about what innovation can bring into the world, drive economy and create prosperity, not archaic and dying jobs, then he should go tell it to the Lord.

If he is so ungrateful about discoveries in potential cures and treatments for diseases then he should not use any of them, including potential vaccines for COVID-19. 

He should feel free not to use anything that stems from positive creations.  

What is his alternative?

To destroy and then what?  

This person neither has the ability or the creativity to build anything positive, innovative or prosperous.

If able, then what are and where are they? 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Thank You 💜

Dear Elder,

Thank you for all your love and support.  

As they say, it takes a village, especially during times of trouble.

You cannot learn love without expressions of love; and you cannot learn kindness without expressions of kindness.  

You exemplify the Teachings of Jesus Christ of love, kindness, service and gratitude.  

I am able to do what I do and be who I am ment to be because of you; thank you 💜

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Would You Know?


Would you know if you fell from grace?

How far into sins of sacrilege does it take to fall from grace? 

I mean, how many counts of abuses in sins and sacrilege? 

Lies beget lies and more lies escalating.

Hate begets hate and more hate escalating. 

Sins beget sins and more sins escalating.

What is the consequence for sowing seeds of hate, of deception, of injuries and sins?

What is the cost to the soul?

What is the cost to humanity? 

The cost in conclusion can only be falls from grace in disgrace.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Road Taken


When you take one road instead of another, you are determining the path of your life journey.  

The problem arises when you go down the wrong road, because by chance you pick the wrong exit, by fraud and lies you were mislead, or by coercion, deceit and sabotage you played into the hands of adversaries.  

Whatever the reason, you end up in a bad place.  

It becomes even worse when instead of being destined for heaven, you become destined for hell.  

Keep in mind that there is a mundane life path and a spiritual life path.  

Both have to work in conjunction in order to receive maximum learning and positive karma.  

If they are at odds, then the chances of picking the wrong path either in the mundane and/or spiritual life increases many folds.  

If someone predicts for you a great life, filled with riches and wealth (and that is someone's idea of a great life), you miss out on predictions of a happy spiritual life, miss out on the point of life, the purpose of life and ultimately miss the road to heaven.

Superficial predictions lead to focuses upon superficial life and whichever the road picked will lead nowhere.  

Poverty does not bar a person from heaven.  Riches might, if you fall for it's trappings and the same goes for power.  

Being able to see the Lord, the pathways to heaven depend upon purity of heart.  

Therefore, take the road that will lead you to the Lord.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Before and the Aftermath


Before you look into the future, look back eight or seven years ago.  

Now, apply what intel you know today.  

The negative perception you were made to feel towards the victim, were any true?  

The grandiose perception you were made to feel towards the perpetrators, were any true?  

If you think that some might be true, then you have not put yourself in the shoes of the victim and you may not even have the tip of the iceberg, let alone all the violations, transgressions and abuses; or you do not know all the lies, fraud, sabotage, gaslighting, crimes, abuses and sins of the perpetrators.

If you do not know the count, then you do not know the severity, the extent, the harm or the number of aggravated sins, abuses and crimes.  

Why is it important to know?  

Ultimately, where do you want to end up?  Heaven, purgatory or hell?  

Knowing the full future, depend upon the trajectory of your character and the choices you made and will make (as each circumstance arise).  

You might think you have won a battle in the rat race, but if you have lost your soul to Satan, then you have lost the war.  

The aftermath of each battle of character, determines who you are and who you are going to be.   

Ultimately, it decides if you will be compatible with heaven and where you will be sorted and placed (by the Lord).  

Selfish desires and inappropriate behaviors leads to the gutter and hell.  

Where as, purity of heart and good deeds, lead to the Lord.  

Therefore, before you leap, take a good look at yourself and your actions.  

Monday, September 14, 2020

New Transgressions, New Crimes and New Sins


When someone does something that is all criminal, all unethical and all sinful, then s'all damnable. 

You know this by putting yourself in victim's shoes.  

Would you like the same things to happen to you?  

What happens when the unholy practices gets passed down to the next generation or gets practiced now on available victim's?  

The only things that are created are new victim's, new tragedies, new transgressions, new crimes and new sins, which are all damnable.  

When garbage gets repackaged, it's still garbage.  

When new crimes and new sins are committed by new sinners following Unholies and bad practices, abuses and crimes still continuously occur and at numerous counts; and all damnable.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Are We Not to Be Polite?


I rarely feel the need to defend Disney, but at times, politics goes way too far, especially when Disney cannot even thank Xinjiang (which I believe is part of China) for allowing filming of Mulan there, for one of their own heroes.  

If China does not want filming there, then they should not give approval to film in the first place.  

And if China cannot be thanked for being a host, then they should say so the the second place.  

And if China feels the need to tank one of their own, because of some imaginary slight, then they should say that they do not want future positive portrayals of their heroes and people in the third place.  

And are we to avoided all controversy?  

If so then, then we avoid masks, avoid China, avoid race, avoid guns and practically everything under the sun.  

Are we not to have any relationships or fellowship?  

It is not a blunder to be nice, to be polite and to be thankful to people you have worked with and have fellowship.  

Friday, September 11, 2020



Before healing can begin, whether victim or sinner (that has committed crimes of sacrilege and damaged own soul with rot of sins), you have to take responsibility for your choices.  

How you choose to handle yourself, whether you pick yourself up or clean yourself up, is the first step.  

Without taking responsibility for your choices, you have no power over self and you cannot move forward.  

You will be stuck in cycle of hurt and injury or cycle of harm and depravity (grandiose delusions).  

Nothing will be real or realized in true relationships with self, with family, with people and with the Lord until you take responsibility of yourself and your choices.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

True Power Is But Responsibility


The seduction of power, control, greed, lust and sins are all delusions and temptations by Satan to gain power and control over the sinner.   

Delusions because once corrupted and groomed (to believe that people can ever have power and control over power, over greed, over lust, over sins), the played become activated to feeding their beast of never ending insatiable depravities.  

Thus becoming compromised in weaknesses of sins and behave like alcoholics or drug addicts believing that one can control feeding their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

You do not control sins; you abstain or exorcise sins.

Never give footholds to sins, because it spreads as fast as COVID-19 in some and can rot the mind, heart and soul in others.  

True power is but the responsibility to carryout the Lord's will in accordance to your real and original purpose of stewardship to the earth and humanity.  

Any deviance from the Lord's blueprint, are but abuse of power, abdication of responsibility and temptations away from the path of salvation.  

Have the courage to brave the truth, resist temptation and sins with integrity and follow the path set forth by the Lord to love in fellowship our neighbors and treat people how you would like to be treated.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

We Respect What Belongs to the Lord


Do you like it when someone takes your things without you permission?  

How about when someone, not only trespassing on your property, but damaging it?

When someone disrespect your person and property, how do you feel?  

I belong to the Lord.

My home belongs to the Lord.  

Everything I have belongs to the Lord.  

In my home, we respect the Lord and what belongs to the Lord.  

We practice purity of heart, respect for all people, love of family, friends and humanity.  

We do not go around hurting or disrespecting people or damaging property.

We do not go around dishonoring ourselves in dishonorable and embarrassing conduct; or disgracing ourselves in conduct unbecoming of children of the Lord and of a decent human being.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Everything and Everybody Belong to the Lord


The land, the sea and all inhabitants, including people, belong to who?  

Everything and everybody belong to the Lord.  

People are tasked with the purpose to be stewards of the earth, protectors of the environment and all that you see.  

The destruction, disrespect, abuse and exploitation of the planet and it's inhabitants is sacrilegious and forsakes the covenant with the Lord.  

When people forsake the Lord, then also forsaken are the Lord's protections of the soul, heart and mind; not to mention, the earth, the environment and all that you see.

Disrespect of people and creation is disrespect of the Lord for everything and everybody is created by the Lord. 

We are extensions and instruments of the Lord's love and peace.  

Failures to fulfill the promise of purpose, the reason why you were created in the first place, are violations of the covenant.

The violations or treasonous forsaking of the Lord's commandments leads to forsaking of the Lord's protection (from Satan and sins) and opens the violator to temptations of sins and bad practices, harming the soul, the heart, and the mind.  

Sinners or Judases are the ones forsaking.  

No one can force you to sin.  

If you do sin, out of choice, then you are the one disrespecting and forsaking the Lord and the Lord's Commandments.  

Crimes are not committed by itself; crimes are committed by people.  

It is not out of control violence; it is out of control people.

If no one commits crimes against humanity and the Lord, then peace and love shall reign on earth. 

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
                                               Matthew 5:5

Monday, September 7, 2020

What Is On the Line?


Tipping points, warning signs, clear and present dangers, all real signs that people should take heed.

Fakes, lies, quacks, fraud, the sky is falling, all false signs that people should not fall for. 

Yet, some ignore the real and fall for the lies.  

What are the consequences?  

Take a look at COVID-19 and some of the misinformation surrounding it, to see real consequences.  

It is the same with predictions that are superficial, fake, inconsequential or non-actionable.

Future intel that is not actionable intel, substantive, or accurate is not intel, but present and future nonsense.  

Whatever competitive advantage sought, becomes a disadvantage in delusions, misinformation, lies and fraud.  

It becomes more serious and aggravated when premeditated felonies, fraud and abuse are committed in order to steal from or fool people into grandiose power and abilities. 

In the "game" of life, what matters is what the Lord will think in the end; and that Judgement will be based upon what? 

If all you have are abusive, dishonorable behaviors and failures in each and every 
tests of character, do you really think you will win the "game" of life?  

Do you even realize that predators are the prey and in reality slaves to sins and Satan?  

Ultimate weaknesses sins and in character, should not be mistaken for strengths, why?  

Because in the end, the consequences will be too great to measure.  

Rotting from the inside, causing harm on the outside, committing crimes of sacrilege, all leads to damnation and loses in the "game" of life.  

What is on the line?  

Your soul, your character and the souls of your children, family and friends.  

Sunday, September 6, 2020

What Happens?


Do you know what happens when there is no accuracy in any prediction?  

If you perceive a prediction to be future knowledge, what happens when it is all lies or misperceptions?  

Do you know what happens when there is no accuracy in any intel?  

It is not intel when there is nothing, but nonsense (which in itself should be telling).  

And it is not predictions when there is no accuracy, nothing, but future nonsense.  

But what if you were to act upon this (false predictions) and manifest each nonsense and abuses into reality?  

If today is filled with nonsense, inaccuracies and lies, what will tomorrow be?  

If over ninety percent inaccurate, how far away from reality and real intel will you be? 

How far away will you be from the Lord's reality and blueprint? 

How far?

Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Lord's Blueprint and Dreams


The farther you are away from the Lord's promise, the farther away from the Lord and Heaven's Gate.  

Believing that you are saved is not the same as actually being saved.  

There are ministers that will promise you what you want to hear, not want you need to hear.  

Shepherds that talk the talk, but never walk the walk, leading into temptation and sins, all the while, promising forgiveness and salvation.  

Sin is sin; and the practice of sin is sacrilegious and is not tolerate by the Lord.  

Having unethical ministers forgive that which the Unholies have no moral authority to forgive, will not wipe away the sins, the crimes of sacrilege, or the harm and injuries.

Forgiveness never wipes away sins or cleanse the stain of unholiness; for that, sinners need to confess, repent and atone.  

Forgiveness does not turn back time to before the harm and injuries; the injured will still be injured and the sinner will still have committed sinful crimes against the Lord and humanity. 

The process of forgiveness does serve the purpose of healing for the victim, not the sinner.  

What will serve the healing for the sinner is redemption; the process of confession, repentance and atonement. 

Conflating forgiveness with redemption will lead nowhere.  

There is a purpose for everything under Heaven. 

The farther you are away from your original purpose, the farther you are from the Lord's blueprint.  

When you go too far, then the possibility of damnation become very real.  

Keep to the path of the Lord's promise and realize the Lord's blueprint.  

You might be amazed at what you will find when the Lord's dreams come true. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Lord's Call


Have you ever heard of the expression, "The house always wins?" 

Whose house is the world and all its inhabitants?  

Doubling down on sin(s) or bad behavior(s), only mean greater chances of damnation and deeper parts of hell.  

Ultimately, everyone dies and faces Judgement.  

You can play all the games you want, but better be sure "play" is in line with the Lord.  

Because you will be winning trips to heaven, purgatory or hell.  

Whichever way, it will be the Lord's call. 

The Lord's Promise


The Lord decides who to endow with what in talent, ability, intellect, and purpose.

Everything, everywhere works according to the Lord's blueprint.  

But when people disobey, disregard, dishonor the Lord's intentions, then things, as they say, "Go to hell in a handbasket."

Selfish desires, warped ambitions, corrupt intent, sinful acts, all goes to displace the Lord's original blueprint; therefore, is unholy. 

Before doing anything or disrupting everything and everybody, check with the Holy Spirit and make sure it is in line with the Lord's blueprint.  

A good measurement would be to ask WWJD, "What would Jesus do?"

Is it ethical?

Even legal?  

"Would you like the same things to happen to you?"

Pale imitations of the Lord's intentions, results in poor works and failures to fulfill the Lord's promise.  

There is no substitution for the real thing, servant of the Lord; faithful, honorable, empathic, loving and true.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Which Would You Prefer?


Which would you prefer:

💜 ✝️ 📖 🛡️🕯️


💰 🚙 🛥️ 🏘️ 🎉

Rate how much you have of each by assigning positive or negative values.  

Then rate how much value the Lord would assign to each.  

What have you learned? 

Shammers and Liars

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