Friday, October 23, 2020

Before Stepping Into the Future


Before consulting a crystal ball, you should first consult what?  

Some people that are interested in the future do not see the reality of today.  

The problem arises when one tries to skip ahead to future points without first living out current points.  

Also a problem, when one does not begin with anything in the way of talent or ability, but expect to have ability or talent out of nothing in the future.  

For example, if one begin with a mind that is at not at genius level, but expect in the future to be able to be at genius level intelligence without IQ or merit,  it is not possible, even if the future has infinite possibilities, you still have to go by what is there or will be there.  

Grandiose predictions of the future are nothing  but delusions in future grand misinformations which will not have any basis in future reality.  

Therefore, consult the Lord, make sure your compass is aligned to the Holy Spirit and face today's reality, before taking one step into the future.  

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....