Thursday, October 22, 2020



Do you think the soldiers crucifying, abusing, making fun of and insulting Jesus thought it was wrong?  

What about the chief priests and teachers of the Law?  

It's funny how those that are committing crimes against humanity feel justified and right to do so and delight in doing so.

Even if the law at the time allowed authoritarian violations of law and abuses of people, it does not make it right.  

Where do you think the perpetrators of Jesus' crucifixion and abuses ended up on Judgement Day?  

Some might believe that because of Jesus' forgiveness that it translates into forgottenness of sins or as if the sins never occurred and therefore the soul returns to a purity of state before the sins corrupted the soul and crimes against humanity occurred, but that is not what happened nor did a turn back of time occur.  

Forgiveness by the victim (action of victim) does not change (actions of sinner) the sins already perpetrated, the sinful mindset of perpetrator or give understanding of why the sins were so wrong or make the sinner be in a state other than aggression of sins in order to receive the forgiveness.   

In other words, forgiveness does not change the character of sinner or the harm and injuries already committed or prevent future sins or injuries, because sinner or perpetrator is still unrepentant (sinful and ignorant).  

And do you think Jesus was the only one that those sinners made fun of, abused or crucified?   

When there is a pattern of bad behaviors, practices and sins then you can be sure that Jesus was not the only one crucified, made fun of, insulted and abused.

A slave can forgive a slave master, but will it change the practice of slavery or prevent the slaver from owning more slaves or stop the abuses?  

Ultimately, when people abuse, make fun of, insult and hurt people that belong the the Lord, who's forgiveness is also required?  

Ultimately, Who was offended?  

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