Thursday, October 29, 2020

Sinful and Damnable


If you are sexualizing, you are not spiritualizing.  

This grave and sinful problem becomes even worse when some are groomed to believe there is nothing is wrong with inappropriate and indecent behaviors.  

When there is objectification of a person, then there is a separation from the humanization of the person; therefore, no relationship and no connection.

Inappropriate and Indecent behaviors causes unclean minds, impure hearts and souls which prevent any possibility of salvation in causing inabilities to see the Lord, Matthew 5:8, and blocking the connection to the Holy Spirit and humanity with its uncleanness.   

When the mind heads towards the gutter, so too does your heart and soul.


Any practices in inappropriate and indecent behaviors opens up direct connections to hell.   

Creating Sodom and Gomorrah conditions and corruptions in sins of the flesh and abuses, is heinous, damnable and Grimable.  

Ultimately, it is sacrileges to disrespect and dishonor people that belong to the Lord, because not only is inappropriate and indecent behaviors disrespecting and dishonoring that person and humanity, it's disrespecting and dishonoring the Lord.  

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