Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bravery in Face of Fears


Sad.  The news is often tragic.

The blame is often on hatred, systemic problems of racism,  xenophobia, religious xenophobia or religious bigotry, homophobia, sexism and other forms of hate.

But from where does hatred stem?




These fears,  insecurities,  sins cause irrational attachments to power and control; and the blame on anything and anyone, but the self, in order to avoid confronting these fears,  insecurities and sins.

Do we confront our fears,  insecurities or sins?

Recognize, address then deal with them in a healthy and constructive process.

Systemic problems remain systemic as long as we fail to recognize, address and deal constructively with our fears, insecurities or sins.

Until we bravely face our fears, insecurities or sins, we will never move beyond the hate.

Monday, April 29, 2019

What Will We Inherit?


Love and Peace  be with you.

The need for love and peace increase by the moment.   Yet few are able to achieve or even receive it.

Without recognizing and realizing both love and peace together,  it is not possible to be conscious ood the Holy Spirit or live the Life.

Jesus stated that the meek will inherit the earth.

What happens when we are not meek or gentle?

What will we inherit?

What will our children inherit?

It is a mistake to blame the world around us or people,  if we,  ourselves, cannot achieve love and peace within.

We need to begin with our own state of being and conduct,  take responsibility and hold ourselves and be accountable to our connections,  relationships and actions.

Then hold people to good practices and ethical standards.   Because we are not doing anyone favors by letting sin and Satan take footholds in ourselves or in people and society.

If we are to have Salvation,  we must be able to receive Salvation.

And if we are ever to inherit an inhabitable earth, we need to be gentle in love and peace, kindess and charity.

Friday, April 26, 2019



Do you know someone who has totally lost touch?

Lost touch with who they were meant to be (as determined by the Lord);

Lost touch with their conscience;

Lost touch with the Truth and the Lord’s playground;


To them, belief and religion become for them an intellectual ideal, a practice of mind.  

Talk the talk, but never walk the walk.
Hide behind strict rhetoric, fool others and ultimately oneself.
Never look too closely at conscience and grasp desperately to the promise of heaven, but in wishful thinking, idealized perfection, and grandiose labels of right and wrong that lend more toward power trips and hatred,
than love and peace.  

Remove these labels and what are you left with? 

Again, when you die, you cannot take material wealth or power with you, nor can you take your skin or skin color, your race or gender, your political affiliation or even your religion or church. 

What are you left with? 


If you are left with fear, sins or grandiosity, then you are probably in trouble. 

If you are left with love and peace, kindness and charity, then you probably are on a good path, religion or no religion. 

Jesus would not have uplifted the Good Samaritan, if he did not exemplify what it means to be saved.  

Thursday, April 25, 2019



The Lord is never to blame for the sins of man.

We are granted free will.  Each individual decides who to be, what to do and who to become. 

Not everyone makes good choices and in certain situations, there are no good choice outcomes. 

With each choice there are continuous consequences; continuous because that choice will lead you on that path or road in life, and onward until it becomes your destiny. 

At the end of destiny, hopefully you have made enough good choices to live a good life and be of good character. 

You really do not have to have to good life to have salvation, but you must be of good character. 

False ministers or priests, sinners with no moral authority, may argue as if there are loopholes in salvation as there are loopholes in law, but there are not.  

The Truth has no inconsistencies or discrepancies.  

Here is an allegory of a really bad character; Voldemort from the Harry Potter books:  

Even if Voldemort states at the end that he believes in the Lord, demands forgiveness, do you really think this will change his character or make whole his soul? 
Would he even be capable of receiving forgiveness or grace? 
Or even recognize his sins and the pain and suffering he had caused?  

When you make choices do you think in terms of perfection?  (Right or wrong?)
Or in terms of impact?  (How this choice will determine your character; how it will serve the Lord, humanity, environment….).

No matter how you come to make your choices, if it has negative impact upon your character or people, you have the responsibility to change patterns of bad choices and behaviors. 

Even if your choices do not negatively impact your character, if results down a path that does not strengthen your connection with the Holy Spirit or help serve the Lord and humanity, you should think about changing it for the better. 

If you think you have done nothing wrong, are never sorry, could not do anything better, how will you ever change or grow? 

And if you remove any possibility of redemption, how will you ever come to have salvation?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Good Governance


I commend your activism, especially in social justice and the environment;  
Freedom from injustice and saving the earth are great causes. 

It is, after all, what it means to be a good steward. 

Good government or good governance requires electing and having good leaders who not only have the vision and competence to lead, but also the bravery, integrity and compassion to make the difficult and complex decisions. 

Every decision has a consequence: positive, negative or unintentional.  

If the consequences are negative, they must be addressed, hopefully without blame and definitely with accountability and responsibility. 

It would not do to make a bad situation worse. 

Do not view the process of governance and responsibility simply in terms of right or wrong; or even yes or no.  

Even though, the process requires (yes or no) debates, it comes only after the work of countless dedicated public servants coming up with possible solutions (first).  

Any negative consequences thereafter require the same amount of work and dedication to resolve. 

I would like to encourage you to continue your work to make the world a better place. 

And do not take any analysis of consequences or resolutions to negative consequences as criticism of your person unless there is cause to do so. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019



So, you are not sorry. 

So, you do not mind being treated in the same way.

And if the same things were to happen to you,
You would not have a problem with it? 

This is a question you should ask your so-called friend.

What kind of person do not have regrets? 

Even if your life choices do not rise to the level of regret,
At some point the questions of how could I be better in that situation or
Be a better person, partner, friend, parent, sibling…., would enter your conscience. 

Have you at all times acted and behaved in a manner acceptable to the Lord;
Loved your neighbor as yourself or as Jesus would love? 

And are you the person (of character), the Lord intended for you to be? 

Monday, April 22, 2019



Life is complex.  I use to think it easy to follow great philosophers and think positive. 

Unfortunately, there are really bad people out there, capable of and do perpetrate real harm and cause traumatic injuries. 

It becomes difficult to think positive when seriously injured and abused; and to not have these bad experiences change you in a major negative way. 

When describing bad experiences or sins of perpetrators, which by nature are negative actions, sins or crimes, there is no way to change this history of the negative to positive no matter the spin.
Since the problems of abuse, sins or crimes, are not committed by the victim or survivor, expecting the victim to change history or behavior, in other words, victim blaming or shaming, does nothing to change the negative behaviors of the perpetrators. 
Take this statement by the philosopher Lao Tze:

Watch your thoughts; they become words. 
Watch your words; they become your actions. 
Watch your actions; they become your habits. 
Watch your habits; they become your character. 
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. 

How do you watch your thoughts when tortured or abused? 
When injuries are caused to you then there are automatic responses to the pain and suffering. 
The victim did not initiate or cause the thought of abuse, the action of abuse or tragedy. 
The trite statements of forgiveness, as if forgiveness can be forced
or as if forgiveness by the victim will stop the abuses when it is not the actions
or the character of the victim that caused the abuse, sin and crime. 
Having moral outrage is not a sin, it is a just and moral response to sin, crime or injustice (as Jesus would attest when confronting money changers in the Temple). 
Realize, however, victim or perpetrator, dreamer or good deed doer, that ultimately you are still responsible for your thoughts, actions and character. 
If you make bad choices that damages your character, you will most likely be destined for bad consequences and ultimately Hell. 
Do not throw away salvation by damaging your character. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

Love and peace be with you.

Be thankful for the possibility of salvation in holy redemption;

In remembrance of the sacrifice given for humanity,

Let us celebrate the Resurrection with humility and gratitude.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Holy Thursday

During the Last Supper, 

In fellowship,

Jesus bid farewell to the Apostles with the commandment:

“Love one another as I have loved you.”  

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Are You Prepared For Easter?


How are you? 

At the start of Lent, I posted Reflect:

In this Lenten season, take the time to reflect in penance, repent any sins and atone for any wrongs committed.

            Did you confess your sins (if you had any)? 
Reflected upon any wrong doing? 
Did penance and atone?
Did you do any good deeds or worked on anything helpful?

Remember that in the end, we are judged by our character not by our power. 

Believe and go live the Life in love and peace.

            Do you believe? 
Truly believe? 
Are you living the Life
in love and peace?
in kindness and charity?

Are you prepared for Easter?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

False Treasure


Do you think that your money belong solely to you?

Do you think that your talents belong solely to you?

Do you think that your time belong solely to you?

Your time, talent and treasure belong to the Lord, assigned to you.

When you forsake the Lord's purpose and gifts for you, and misuse your blessings, then you invite greed, avarice and other sins in.

Your time, talent and treasure are to be used in service of the Lord and as steward of the earth.

Before you even contemplate heaven, take a good look at yourself. 

Evolution without foundation in the Lord or service to humankind, is not evolution, but a false notion and devolution. 

It is also not enlightenment.

Look to and within yourself.

Be honest.

Are you the person the Lord meant for you to be? 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre-Dame de Paris

Nous étions désolés de voir Notre-Dame de Paris brûler.

Nos pensées vont aux Français et à tous les catholiques pour cette perte déchirante.

Nous nous souvenons de notre visite à Paris et nous nous considérons chanceux d’être témoins de la majesté et de la beauté.

Et nous avons hâte d'y revenir une fois que Notre-Dame de Paris renaît de ses cendres.

We were so sorry to see Notre-Dame de Paris burn.  

Our hearts go out to the French people and all Catholics for this heart wrenching loss.

We remember our visit to Paris and count ourselves lucky to witness its majesty and beauty. 

And we look forward to visiting again once Notre-Dame de Paris rises from the ashes. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Love Thank You

Dear Love,

I wish people would understand like you do that
Real security is having true love and peace;
Where one has peace in and of the mind,
Love in and of heart,
And Love and peace in and of the soul.

I wish people would understand like you do that 
Even though in life we must all carry our own cross,  
A drink of water would be nice in quenching of the thirst,
A Patronus would be nice in casting away fears,  
And an act of kindness would be nice to easing a burden.  

By the way, I do not blame you for the misdeeds of others. 
I just want you to understand why I am why I am.

And in case I have not mention it
Thank you
for all the priceless gifts of teachings of character and love. 
It helps 😊

Thursday, April 11, 2019

False Security


Your so-called friend should have given credit to where credit was due and fair exchange when fairness was due. 

Now certain people live under the impression that your friend, the copycat, is the originator or good-doer when he did not do anything except commit international and domestic crimes of theft, dishonor and abuse. 

People will only end up with what is false, including a false sense of security (even though at no time with the unholy copycat has it been safe, secure or good). 

You should do what the Lord would have you do and not follow in the footsteps of the unholy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Defend Against Sin


Are you serious? 

Do you really think a leopard will change its spots? 

This friend of yours should never be a shepherd, especially when groomed to believe that wolves in sheep clothing will behave like sheep. 

False shepherds will allow wolves into the flock of sheep and into the chicken coop. 

Ever heard of the adage garbage in garbage out? 

I realize you like to believe in miracles and anything is possible; however, miracles and real possibilities are based upon foundations of truth, real physics and metaphysics, and the Holy Spirit. 

Grandiose delusions are not the truth and having these false ministers turn scripture into weapons of manipulation is a sacrilege. 

It might be a shock to you, but even in the church there must be a system of checks and balances, because it is the nature of some human beings to abuse power and take advantage. 

The atrocities and scandals you hear in the news about in churches are very real. 

There needs to be better systems in place to address these atrocities and scandals. 

These checks and balances have to be based upon the defense against the nature of some humans to misbehave and abuse power. 

We must actively defend against sin(s) and base systems upon defending against the worst of human nature, in order to protect the best.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Lord's Choice


Take it up with the Lord. 

I cannot change the way the Lord made my person.  

If your so-called friend does not like the superficial aspects of my being, tough. 

I did not choose the way the Lord creates and I do not argue with the Lord’s choice. 

Why doesn’t your friend just take it up with the Lord? 

Monday, April 8, 2019



Before you lash out, think about how you would feel if someone did that to you.
     If someone did that to you, how would you feel?  

Before you judge, think about how you would do in the same situation.

     How would you react?

Before you get mad, think about who threw the first punch. 

     Who was the instigator? 

Before you blame, think about the circumstances. 

     Under the same circumstances, what would you do? 

Before; what was it like before the troubles? 



Before the lies and hatred,
Before the sins and temptations,
Before the Unholies,
What was it like?

Do you even remember?

Remember when excellence and love was the norm?
Remember when words meant something?

A time when there was honor,
A time when there was regard,
A time when there was respect,
A time when there was standing with the Lord.

A time when there was freedom,
     free from the lies and hatred,
     free from the sins and temptations,
     free from hypocrisy.

Do you remember?


Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Mirror


Why is it that when someone does something bad, people expect the Lord to strike that person down? 

When the liar or abuser is not struck down by lightning, then somehow it is due to the Lord’s negligence or somehow the liar had permanently managed to get away with doing bad? 

We see people all the time getting away with lies, crimes, sins and abuse of power. 

Are there really no consequences to lies, crimes, sins and abuses of power? 

Look in the mirror and inside yourself at the state of your being and the state of your character. 

Are you the person the Lord meant for you to be? 

Look at society and the state of society.

Is it a place where your children can grow up safe from harm and grow to be the person the Lord meant for them to be? 

Even if certain people get away with doing harm and committing crimes, these sinners cannot get away from who they are or their sins that determine and define their character and their life. 

And in death, these liars, criminals, sinners and abusers, will have to face to Lord and Judgement, as we all do.

However long one lives, there is no escape from death; and no one escape from Judgement.  

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Feel Better About Yourself


One of the secrets to feeling good about yourself on the inside is the ability to cast a full and complete “Patronus Charm”. 

The second secret to feeling good about yourself on the inside is to simply be a better person. 

You do this by working on and building good character. 

Here are some of the attributes of good character: 

Honesty & Integrity
Humility & Responsibility
Bravery & Endurance
Kindness & Compassion
Respectfulness & Mindfulness
Loyalty & Fairness
Fellowship & Benevolence

I am sure you can think of other attributes of good character. 

As long as you are striving toward what matters on the inside, the Lord will look upon the effort with encouragement and favor. 

May the Holy Spirit shower you with good luck in your endeavors to better yourself on the inside 😊

Friday, April 5, 2019

Be Benevolent


Be careful when reading scripture.

Translations and differences in translations can make a difference in understanding.

Love written in Greek is more restrictive.  Love in love (agapan) thy enemy translated from Greek  is continued benevolence.

You should have goodwill toward everyone.  In other words, be the bigger person.

Do not hate.  But take care, do not let someone abuse you either.  

Just because someone hate and view you as an enemy, doesn't mean you view that person as an enemy.

However, benevolence does not mean you have to take any gruff or any abuse.

If injured or attacked, you can and should defend yourself .  



Thursday, April 4, 2019

Good Samaritan


Do you think the Good Samaritan in (Jesus Christ's parable) is a person that is headed for Hell?

Why would Jesus uplift the Good Samaritan (as an exemplary example of the second commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself) if not to say this person is worthy of Heaven?

I bring these questions up because of the pervasive belief of some Christians that if you are not a Christian, you will automatically go to Hell; and if you are Christian, you automatically are worthy to go to Heaven.

What then is the significance of this parable?

Neither Jesus nor the Apostles refer to themselves as Christian.  The term was coined later and popularized many years after the death of Jesus. 

Before judging a book by its cover, perhaps you should take the time to understand it and reserve defining it until you do. 

You can start by reading your own book and understanding yourself.

And if you are not a good Samaritan, then who are you?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Love and Peace


The Lord created you with love and care.

When you learn to love yourself with the same love and care, you might begin to know all of your purpose.

Do not look outside yourself to fill any emptiness. 

If you have emptiness, it is because you are out of touch with the fellowship of the heart and soul.

When you have problems, you have to face it and work through it. 

Running away and giving yourself a drug or alcohol or other addiction problems on top of the problems you already have, will not help. 

It will only hinder your judgement and compromise your relationships with the Holy Spirit, yourself and everyone else around you. 

Look to the parts of yourself in which the Lord took care to make unique, like your fingerprints. 

And know that no matter what, the Holy Spirit will always be with you, in here, in Love and Grace. 

You need only to seek and ask (pray and meditate) to find it; Love and Peace.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Choice is Yours


What ignorance!  Was fear the reason for such foolishness and sacrilege?  Book burning?  A return to the Inquisition?

I do not know what happens in the minds of people who are compromised. 

All I know is that when someone is looking through eyes enslaved to fear or sins (of jealousy, greed, hatred, selfish desires…), that person’s viewpoint is distorted and perverted away from reality, humanity and the Holy Spirit to where unbiased discernment becomes impossible.
It does not help that we live in an immediate gratification society.  

The starting point of any discernment process is the Holy Spirit and one’s connection to the Holy Spirit.  The end point is salvation (unless forsaken). 

Unfortunately, the consequences to bad choices and the negative impact to character and soul are not felt and recognized immediately or fully. 

When the person is in the throws of temptation and the delights of evil or selfish desires, he or she is not thinking of character or consequences, but the immediate gratification of sinful highs and the false power it gives in the moment.  The shame and self-loathing come later-if at all. 

The point of discernment is to recognize the truth, and in so doing, help to make wise choices in accordance to the Holy Spirit. 

Part of this process is to realize that you cannot serve two masters; either you serve the Lord or you do not. 

The Lord gave people free will to choose who to serve and who to be.  The choice is yours and everyone’s.  

Before choosing, think selflessly.  

Discern, choose wisely and in accordance to the Holy Spirit. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Stop the Hypocrisy and the Abuse


Here is why I think your friend is a hypocrite:
Claims to be a Christian, but with no love or charity in the heart for any of God’s children.

Loyalty to selfish desires, power trips and trophies which are not true loyalty, but slavery to sins and selfishness.

No respect or honor for the Lord or the Lord’s children.

Coward to the truth. 

And no ability face the truth or any truths.  

Here is why I am upset.  You listen to the hypocrite filling your head with lies. 

And time and time again the hypocrite will groom you and make the issue about what it is not; forgiveness. 

It is not about forgiveness by the victim, but about the crimes and sins by the perpetrator.

It is about the intent to do harm time and again with sins and corruption of the flesh, the heart and the mind. 

Stop blaming the victim for crimes that occurred outside the victim’s effective control.  

Note, the victim did not commit the crimes or any crime; or cause the injuries and debilitating damages. 

Face the truth.  

Stop the hypocrisy and the abuse. 

We need to elect leaders who will vigorously protect and defend:      America and its allies      Democracy      The Constitution      Human...