Monday, September 30, 2019

Dear Brainyak Snowflake,

The Lord long ago granted you

gifts of talent, family, personality and being.

The Lord long ago determined your position in heaven and purpose for life.

When you create within your gifts and purpose, the wonder eventualize and the mystery solved.

You can try to run from the tasks and responsibilities assigned to you by the Lord, but like Jonah, the tasks will find its way to you.

It's best to try and see what is possible.  

A great advice I received from an excellent teacher, who you know very well, try baby steps and something about an ant moving a rubber tree plant.

Humility is a necessary and important aspect of clarity, sensitivity and learning.

I hope you remain grounded in learning and inspired in flight.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Difference Between Holy and Unholy


My person and home belong to the Lord.

I belong to the Lord.

We belong the Lord (unless a person  forsake it by committing sin(s) then Satan will have claim). 

To deprive my person or any person of civil rights or universal human rights, are crimes against humanity and the Lord.

To steal my property, intellectual or personal, is to steal from the Lord.

The reason we must follow the law of the prophets or Jesus's Commandments, because it is the difference between holy and unholy, Heaven and Hell.

As children of the Lord, we must be respectful and honorable toward each other, because it shows respect and honor of the Lord.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Will Your Belief Be Enough?


Look in your heart of hearts.

What do you see?

What do you think the Holy Spirit will  see?

Now look in your character and soul. 

What do you see?

What do you think the Holy Spirit will  see?

(Who are you when there is no one else about? What are you?)

False ministers will have you believe that all that is required of you is belief in Jesus Christ and that is all you need to enter Heaven?  

Is it all you need?

Will it be enough?

How does your belief address the condition of your soul, your character, your mind and heart?

How does it address whether or not you actually follow the Lord, the Commandments, the covenant to be stewards of the earth and humanity?

On the day of your Judgement, what is to be judged? 

Will it be the capacity of the Lord to Forgive or Love or you, your sins (if you have any), your grace (if you have any), your soul and your character?

Friday, September 27, 2019

Response to the Ignorant


Do you think it bad to be nice or good?

In today's hyper-competitive society, there is such a thing as being too nice, because you cannot "win" when you are too nice.

Nice, according to hyper-competitors, is not a positive attribute, but a bad and terrible weakness.

If you are nice, then bullies can walk all over you and you will lose at any competition, because you lack the "killer" instinct.

Very strange that these so-called  "winners" or hyper-competitors know better than Jesus Christ when in a sermon stated, "the meek shall inherit the earth." 

When addressing the ills of society, the inequalities of injustices or abuses in power that we should devolve into uncivilized aggressors and act like bebased animals, where violence begets violence and hate begets hate, that somehow these problems will then be solved, is foolish, arrogant and ignorant.  

Where is the widsom in causing the same problems you are hoping to solve?

How then should we address the ills of society, the inequalities of injustices or abuses in power?

In aggression? Competition? Arrogance? Ignorance?

Without wisdom, the ability to identify the problem, to understand, to solve, to innovate, to inspire then no substantive achievements or positive solutions can be accomplsihed.

The attribute of being nice does not mean letting bullies walk all over you or not upholding ethical values or not sticking to your guns or not being competitive or even letting perps get away with crimes or letting sinners sin; it means having no ill will towards others, behaving like a civilized person and having no aggression by doing no harm.

Any perceived harm from someone that is actually nice are results of hyper-competition or hyper-selfishness on the part of instigators and aggressors; whereby the abuser is always blaming the victim(s) or someone else for their abuses in power, sins or crimes.

Thursday, September 26, 2019




Do you ask ever, "What would Jesus Do?"

When you ask WWJD, what does your conscience say to you?

What does your heart of hearts say Jesus would have you do? 


What would Jesus have you do (when you follow the Lord's Commandments)?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Let's Remember


Let's remember that we serve the Lord. 

Let's remember that as the Lord's children, we are called to be stewards of the earth and servants of humanity.

Love the Lord 
And love thy neighbor,
Not power.

Be mindful of wisdom.
Be mindful of purpose,
Not ambition.

Let's remember to be a person worthy of salvation.

Because in the end, if you are not a person worthy of salvation, then what have you accomplished?

What then is the purpose of life?

Let's remember to make the world a better place, loving, kind, safe, prosperous and peaceful for all people.

Because in the end, if the world is not better a place for having you in it, then you have not fulfilled your true calling (in stewardship) or purpose.

Above all, let's remember our humanity, especially when dealing with ignorance, the ignorant or human frailties and sins.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Not Real Christians


Your so-called Christian friends are no friends of mine.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.  

I do not even consider them real Christians, but Satan's weapons incited to do harm and corrupt.

Do not have them speak of friendship or love, as these Unholies manipulate for selfish gain, selfish power and selfish desires; lacking in real hope, faith and charity or love.

The bible defines love as being patient and kind.  Where love does not envy or dishonor others, nor is it self-seeking.

Those unholy fraudsters are not patient or kind, and do envy, dishonor and are self-seeking.

Those false Christians think only of their selfish desires at the expense of my happiness and humanity.

I do not like them and wish you would not associate with them or give them any kind of access to my person.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ultimate Hypocrisy


If a church does not advocate for salvation, ethical standards or good practices, and instead allow and condone sin and sinful practices then it is not a church, but Satan's graveyard and hunting ground.

If a government does not advocate for the Welfare of the people, protect and uphold certain unalienable Rights granted by their Creator that included among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness *(Happiness with the Lord, not delighting in selfish sins and abuses), and instead allow for abuses, abuse of power and crimes against humanity, then it is not a government for the people, of the people and by the people**, but a crime syndicate.

Do not fool yourselves in thinking otherwise, because actions speak louder than words.  

If said actions are unholy then it is unholy and its perpetrators are unholy; pretending it is otherwise are just delusions in ultimate hypocrisy.

*from Declaration of Independence 
**from Lincoln's Gettysburg's Address

Footholds In Sins


What happens when you give footholds in sins?

When you are accepting of sin, as if we are all sinners, you let Satan gain footholds in you, your family and in humanity.

Corruption of the soul, mind, heart and body occurs and you, your family and humanity become vulnerable to the crimes against humanity that comes from sins.

Say no to sins and Satan.

If you have sinned, confess, repent and atone.

Report and stand up to sins and crimes against humanity.

Advocate for good practices and ethical standards as the Lord will have you do and truly be the stewards of humanity and the earth.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Lack of Integrity, Fidelity and Bravery


I am not sure your friend understands the meaning of integrity; defined (in the dictionary) as the quality of honesty and strong moral standards.

Perhaps it stems from your friend's selfish desires and win at any cost mentality, even at the cost of his soul and humanity.

I am not sure your friend understands the meaning of fidelity; defined as faithfulness to the Lord and humanity.  

Perhaps it stems from your friend's insecurities and feeding thoses insecurities with power and control in delusions of grandeur, even as he loses control and spirals into sins, hate and violence.

I am not sure if your friend understands the meaning of bravery;  defined as the courage to face fear, danger, the truth and difficulty.

Perhaps it stems from your friend's me first attributes, even as he loses his sense of self to sins of greed, depravity, lust, hate and hypocrisy. 

Your friend does not answer to the Lord, but to sin and hate, and  cockroaches enslaved to Satan.  

You should becareful of this "friend", because his loyalty is only to himself and his selfish desires.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Assumption of Forgiveness


I am not sure why sinners assume forgiveness by the Lord (just because they believe in the Lord; what has one got to do with the other?).

It is dangerous to assume the Lord forgives the sinner for sins.

When the sinner assumes the Lord has forgiven, but has not then the sinner will not fully repent and atone; therefore, no redemption and no salvation.

Full redemption involves confession of sin, remorse for committing the sin, remorse for harm and injuries caused by sin, understanding of why wrong to sin and wrong to harm by sin, repentance of sin, atonement for wrongs and harm caused by sinner in sin, then the ask and seek forgiveness of sins (somewhere in there the sinner has to take responsibility for his or her sin).

I am not sure why any sinner would do less, because it would mean no salvation.

And depending upon the severity of sin, it could mean for the sinner eternal Damnation.

Why not be safe and not make false assumptions?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Remember the Love


Remember the lessons of love?

When the warmth of love melted away the coldness of indifference?

When love lit within you a feeling of well-being, joy and happiness?

Love the real kind can heal the soul and mend a broken heart and mind. 

Fools search the world for gold and power.  

The wise search the world for true love.

I remember your lessons of love and I am stronger for it.

We are able to endure life's trials and tribulations, because of the strength of love.  

In love we flourish with the Holy Spirit. 

In love we inspire the world.  

Thank you for your love.

Friday, September 13, 2019



It might surprise you to know forgiveness has nothing to do with the narrow way.

The victim did not commit any crime or sin: therefore, does not require forgiveness.

The victim, innocent of sin and wrong doing, did not moved away from the narrow way.

The confusion may stem from not holding a grudge when injured.  

Note: Holding the guilty responsible and identifying the sin or crime are not grudges. Neither is having moral outrage when heinous crimes or sins are committed.

The perpetrator, sinner, did move away from the narrow way or was never on it to begin with.  

Even if the victim forgives, the perp will still not be on the narrow way.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Invitation to Heaven


Do you think you can force your way into Heaven?

Do you think the most powerful human is more powerful than the Lord?

Do you think the most powerful villain is more powerful than Satan?

Even if sinners are forgiven for sins, what are they, but empty negative vessels without positive attributes and grace (therefore, not likely to get into Heaven).  

If you have sinned, I would not count on the Lord's forgiveness or grace, without first putting in the work of redemption.  

Based upon history and Jesus Christ's own words, the answer will most likely be "get away you unholy people".

If you want to live up to the Lord's promise, make sure your vessel is positive and filled with positive attributes and grace. 

Do your best.  

You can ask or try to cajole, but in the end, the invitation to Heaven is up to the Lord.

Lesser Power


Eons ago Satan was casted out of Heaven and condemned to Hell for all eternity.  

In Satan's battle for supremacy against the Lord, he lost.

He was not forgiven for his crime of avarice in supremacy against the Lord.

Satan was codemned.  He lost all rights to Heaven and fell from Grace for all eternity.

Those that follow in Satan's footsteps will suffer the same fate.

Supremacy against humanity ( the Lord's children) or the Lord are illusions of power and control that lead its practitioners to Hell.  

We know this, because it has already been decided.  

Satan is not more powerful than the Lord, because Satan and sins have been casted out of Heaven and condemned to Hell.  

Anyone practicing these negatives will likely suffer the same fate.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Exacting Essence


For some reason, I am to write down what I told you the other day.

When people think about love and peace or any intangible essence, they rarely think in terms of exacting essence or standards.  

In other words, rarely treat it as if it is an exact science, because how would you measure it?

Regardless of how you measure it, its amounts are clearly measured and defined by the Holy Spirit.  

What do I mean by exacting essence? 

It basically translates to the essences within you that determines whether or not you are on the path of the narrow way.  

The intangible essences are determinants of your character, minset, heart and conditions of your soul.  

In essence, metaphysics follow stricter laws than physics and is more exacting.

Because the outcome, whether you are on the narrow way, depth of connection in it (or not), requires depth of understanding and practice of metaphysical laws, law of the prophets or Jesus Christ's Commandments.

All of which will clearly define you (your character, mindset, heart and soul).  

If you are outside the narrow way, no amount of wishful thinking or belief, will get you on the narrow way.  

In other words, believing you are saved is not the same as actually being saved; the Truth is the Truth.

You must take concrete steps to be in the narraw way and practice the law of the prophets in order to truly be saved.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Who Would You Choose?


If you were to go into battle, who would you choose for a general?  

If you were going to pick a chess master, who would you choose?

If you have to pick a teacher, who would you choose?

In many situations, it's the person that have the intellectual capacity and capability that will have the ability to save the day.

Unfortunately in today's sometimes superficial, disrespectful and dishonorable world, merit, talent and priceless gifts of love and lights are underappreciated, neglected and even abused.

Quite frantly, most of these ungrateful snots would not be anywhere or be anything without great teachers or their priceless gifts.  

When in life or death situations, who would you choose to save your life?  

When in Life or Death situations, who would you choose to save your soul? 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Destabilization of Humanity


When the strategy of divide and conquer is abused into inciting hatred and sin, then the conqueror becomes the slave to hate, sins and Satan.

What do you think happens when there are practices in hate, sins, crimes against humanity and malicious ignorance?

The outcome is the destabilization of humanity, society, family and person.

Power and control never offer positive solutions; and always degrades into areas of damnation, abuse, abuse of power and crimes against humanity.

Ultimately, the Commandments of Jesus Christ are not practiced and real damnation occurs.

Thursday, September 5, 2019



Do you know the difference between discipline and punishment? 

Discipline is not retribution for an offense, punishment for slights or retaliation. 

Discipline is the teaching of proper behavior, conduct in rules, ethics or honor codes. 

A good parent or teacher will make discipline about learning these rules, good behaviors and practices with self confidence, self control, positive motivations and disincentives for negative behaviors, such as loss of privileges.  

What happens when there is a total lack of discipline? 

What happens when there are no distinctions between holy and unholy, good and bad?

What good parent let their children do whatever they want?

No good parent would willing let their children harm themselves or engage in destructive behaviors.

And no good priest would willingly let their flock be corrupted by sin and damnation or be eaten by wolves intending harm.

Good parents teach their children what they need to be in order to a better person. 

Good priests preach what is needed for salvation.

Ultimately, positive discipline is a demonstration of care in the development of the individual; it is necessary for positive growth and guidance towards the narrow way.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Think Again


In today's immediate gratification culture, it becomes difficult to realize when consequences actually happen.

When someone lie or sin and that person is not struck down by immediately lightening, then it is assumed that the now liar or sinner has gotten away with it.

Beginning a path of sin and damnation whereby your soul is damaged, love ones abused or ignored and habits of bad behaviors practiced, are grave consequences.

No longer is this person honorable or trustworthy and most importantly on the path of salvation.

Power and control will never give you the sensitivity or wisdom to realize real consequences.

When degradation and corruption occur to where there are no ethical standards, no rule of law and no possibility of salvation, then the consequences of damnation and destruction of humanity becomes very real.

The next time you think you can get away with doing wrong with no negative consequences, think again.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


What do you think the Holy Spirit sees when looking at and into you?


What would the Holy Spirit hold you responsible for in life?

What will the Lord hold you responsible for in death?

Who's standards of ethics and character attributes will you be judged with on Judgement Day and in Life?

The Judgement that Matters


When Jesus Christ told the Unholies wicked to get away from him on Judgement Day was it about love or forgiveness?

What was it about?

False ministers conflate or pervert forgiveness and love to allieviate their own guilt, cover-up their own sins and blame the victim (when these false ministers do not get their way, use false beliefs to suit their need to cover-up their own insecurities, sins and fears). 

On Judgement Day, who is judged? 

The deceased or Jesus Christ?

It is not about Jesus Christ's or the Lord's Love or power to Forgive, but the nature or character and soul of the deceased.

In life, you are responsible for the development of your character.  

In death, you are held accountable for your actions and character in life.

While you have time, if you sinned or wronged, you must confess, repent and atone.

As long as you try to be a better person and follow the law if the prophets, there will be consideration for those tries.

If you do not face your fears, insecurities, sins or failings and you commit harm to yourself and others, you will be held responsible in death if not in life.  

Who will be judged on Judgement Day?

Who's judgement, thinking or belief matters on that Day?

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Way, The Truth and The Life


If you stand in front of the Way, the Truth and the Life, and you never go through or walk it, then there is no Way, Truth and Life in you.

If you never walk the narrow way, never are the truth and never live in the Life, then are you truly receiving and following Jesus Christ?

Saying you believe is at the beginning of the spiritual journey or at the front and starting point of potential salvation.  

If after believing, you continue or begin to sin, it becomes even more sacriledgious.  

And if in sin you are unrepentant then damnation is greater, because you knowingly broke Commandments and did not do what was required.

Salvation comes after you enter, go through and walk the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The Question is Should You?


Your friend can believe as he likes and do as he likes (within reason for there are consequences), because the Lord gave us free will.

The question is should he?

He can go around bullying, but then he will be a bully, abusing power.

He can go around sinning, but then he will be a sinner.  He can take it further and be an unrepentant sinner, but then he will be Damned.

He can choose not to have self control and lash out at people close to him, but then he will be can out of control  abuser.

Your friend can choose to believe what he likes. 

He can judge a person by the cover, beauty, race, gender, but then he will only see only what is shallow, superficial and superfluous.

He can hate those that do not contort to his idea of perfection, but then he will be a hater, in the box limiter or a person never knowing growth with the Holy Spirit.

You can do and believe many things. 

The question is should you do anything you want and believe anything you want without regard to the Lord's Commandments and consideration for those around you?

Sunday, September 1, 2019



Does your unholy "friend" really think that when he is trophying that which belongs to the Lord that he is trophying that object and humanity?

Your unholy "friend" is actually committing sacrilege and getting played and trophied by Satan.

By committing sins and crimes of abuse of power, his soul is claimed by Satan and enslaved to sin.

Does he think that getting rejected by Jesus Christ on Judgement Day (when he is told get away) a good thing?

Who do you think will end up as the "trophy"-soul on Satan's mantel in Hell?

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