Friday, April 30, 2021


"Cut it out!"

Cut out the hate, prejudice, misinformation, the abuses, the tribalism, and the harm.  

Can you imagine your children not being respectful to their peers?  

What happens when our kids misbehave in school?  

Time out.  Detention.  Call to parents.

The expectation, as far back as pre-school, is to work together.  

Not to hurt or cause injuries.  

We learn proper behavior by kindergarten.

Not sure why as adults our leaders think that somehow the same standards of decorum and civility do not apply to them.  

Imagine our children watching a bunch of grown adults acting like juvenile delinquents posing as leaders.  

Sad.  Pathetic.  

I have not named any names, but if you identify as a juvenile delinquent or as an unholy, then you should take a good look at yourself.

Look as to why you do not feel as if you need to obey the Commandments of Jesus Christ to love the Lord and love thy neighbor as yourself.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

"I gave you the Little One to care for, but you allowed the Unholies to abuse these many years…". 

You are still letting Unholies continuously abuse and letting abusers gain access, and means and opportunity to abuse.  

The Lord spoke, yet you did not listen.  

Do not disrespect or dishonor the Little One or let any more abuses occur; because the consequences created from the abuses that are still happening continuously with multiple aggravated types of abuses and multiple counts are grave.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


I know your mad outraged friend finds fault with everything and practically everyone, especially when they do not agree with him.  

Nit picking at superficial, too fat, too old, too ugly, while inciting hate in prejudice and hate over misinformation which are lies; therefore, untrue and not real, so over nothing.  

When people are upset over nothing, what is missed are the real upsets, such as the number of deaths due to COVID-19 and number of lives negatively impacted.  

What is also missed, are the possible solutions to the issues and problems at hand.  

What is the alternative? To have massive death rates and uncontrollable spirals into sickness and crisis of healthcare?  

What? Cannot see real world catastrophes and tragedies from following your outraged friend's directives? 

Why not offer real plans with positive solutions on addressing the issues and problems at hand?  

Instead of nit picking and gripping and backstabbing and gaslighting and abusing and lying?

Because what has this accomplished?  


How does hate help with the tragedies at hand?  

Hate only causes more problems, because what goes around comes around.  


Ha! Ha!  

So deranged I forgot to laugh 😏 

What great contributions have those super haters contributed to the world?

Please name them, because I really like to know.  

Please, what magical healing and power did those super-nonsense, messer-uppers contribute?  



Misinformation, fraud?  

Sabotage great works and contributions by the real humanitarians?  


Noise and super-noise in senseless distractions, accelerating their rot of self and damnation? 

Can't read or comprehend anything, but delusional power trips of selfish narcissism and megalomania?  

Well, anyone can accomplish this, but why would they?  

Why give yourself a false sense of security with a bunch of compromised super-nonsense, super- ignorants, abuse of power terrorists perps? 

So that the world can laugh at you with them?  


Dear Earnest Hearts,

Even in the worst of times, there is much to be thankful for.  

There are not many people with the privilege of knowing you, your Mom and fantastic people.v

The mere existence of people with kind hearts, goodwill, integrity, love of humanity and care for the environment is enough to give hope and light the darkest of days.  

It is also helpful to know the unconditional love of a family pet.  

Yes, I too, get disheartened by selfish and unholy people; however, those sad and pathetic ones never outweigh the good one.  

I do consider myself very lucky to know you and your Mom.

Do not feel sorry for my person, feel sorry for those that do not know love and cannot be love.  

No matter how you are viewed by others, it is how you are viewed by the Lord that matters.  

No amount of abuse or anything by others can change your placement with the Holy Spirit, which is determined by your design and purpose; by your heart, mind, character and talent.  

Not everyone has the chance to know wonderful and kind hearts and live "It's a Wonderful Life", though a bit vicariously and figuratively.  

I have never placed much stock in overly arrogant megalomaniac fools, blinded by greed, lust and power. Their sins will be their undoing. (Not sure why unholies are always in a hurry to see what it is like to live out their hell, manifest out their hell and end up in hell.) 

Now, I have even less stock, if that's possible, in the overly arrogant megalomaniac fools.  

Now, I have greater appreciation for you and your Mom.  

And a greater appreciation for the holy and all the blessings that come from the holy.  

Be careful what you wish for, because I did ask the Lord to teach my person appreciation, but I could have forgoed the lessons in aggravated hate and prejudice and narcissism and megalomania. 

I suppose the greater and greater appreciation part would not be as poignant and great if that was missed.  

As you soar to great heights (of enlightenment), remember to ground yourself in your Mom's teachings and love, the teachings of Christ and the love of the Holy Spirit.

Remember to care for yourself too (as you care for others). Hydrate and exercise. 



Monday, April 26, 2021



Not sure why you would water down excellence and high intelligence.  

Why you would want to see what it is like to have things messed up or not run smoothly? 

Why do you want to see what real world catastrophes are like when you mess up and open up too soon and not where masks when not fully vaccinated?

Still not able to learn from past mistakes and sins.  

Repeating grandiose delusions over again in selfish desires and sinful greed. 

Are we incapable of looking beyond privilege, power, greed, and selfish desires or selfish interests? 

The failures in prioritizing safety first, the collapse of well-being and healthcare systems, impacts lives and economies on a greater detrimental scale than securing, protecting and prioritizing safety and lives to begin with.  

Why think you can do a better job than the experts and teachers with proven track records of excellence?  

Still to this day you cannot tell the difference between excellence and mediocre?  

How much greater are the tragedies suffered with water down policies and incompetent guess works in grandiose delusions of power and bravado?

Why not hold those tripping on abuse of power responsible?  

Instead of blaming the victim for the decisions of those in power for their faults, mistakes, sins, lies, misinformation, gaslighting, sabotages and out and out fraud in guesswork, incompetence, abuses and abuse of power?  

Perhaps you should take a good look at your own choices and judgements before blaming the victim.

And if you think you could do better than the teacher, why then is it not better?  

Why is it so much more tragic and sad?  

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Predict The Future Of Your soul


Trust is lost when there is no integrity, no honesty, no respect.  

Honor is lost when there is no integrity, no dignity, no decency.  

Love is lost when there is no integrity, no kindness, no compassion, no respect, no honor, no trust, no care and no regard.  

Relationships are lost when there are no positive attributes in fellowship.

There is no relationship with the Lord, with your family, friends, yourself and thy neighbor without trust, without honor, without love, respect, decency, dignity and the intangibles of fellowship.

For what is humanity if not the positive connections and attributes of the humane?  

Are we to devolve into rabid and rancid animals, uncivilized, indecent and depraved?  

All the talk about power, superpower without any of the character attributes of humanity and healing, becomes psychotic and grandiose without any redeeming qualities, especially in these times of pandemic.  

When a loved one is sick or when you are sick, do you think super-brawn or power of Caesar will save you?  

Think you will live forever?  

If we had lost the innovation for vaccines in COVID-19 or treatments, where do you think we would be today and into the future?  

The healing of mind, body and soul are paramount to life and quality of life.  

The healing of spirit is paramount to life and quality of life and afterlife.  

Yet, the priority and focus is not on healing, but upon power, superpower and abuse of power (great in bullying, theft and false sense of security, but not so great in intelligence, wisdom, creativity, healing and innovation).  

Will power, superpower somehow increase your I.Q.? 

How about wisdom?  


Think in a false sense of security that it will keep you from getting squashed?  

Did it keep those impacted by COVID-19 from being impacted?  

How about hacked?  

How about being divided?  

How about being played?  

How about being incited into violence and compromised?  

Who actually is perpetrating the abuses and sins?  

If you could go back in time and predict the future, do they match today's outcomes? 2020 outcomes?  

If you could predict the future of your soul, will it match the outcome of the Lord's Judgement?  

Saturday, April 24, 2021


It is difficult to see beyond someone's mask into true colors.  

However, it should not be difficult to see into oneself.  

Yet, there are those that constantly cross the line, practice sacrilege and sins, and think nothing has happened to their soul, their character, heart and mind.  

And then there are those special power peeps that believe it is not difficult to see beyond someone's mask into true colors and auras.  

Yet, some constantly cross the line, practice sacrilege and sins, and think nothing has happened to their soul, their character, heart and mind and aura.  

How is this possible?  

Fail tests of character and not know you failed?  

To not know the difference between holy and unholy?  

How unholy?  

Just think and empathize how you would feel if the same things were to happen to you at that level, at that many counts, when it continuously happens to you.

If you then feel aggravated, aggrieved and some sense of injustice, then you know it was wrong.  

Knowing how wrong, depends upon your connection to the Holy Spirit and the Laws.  

However, you should have an inkling when you empathize how much you would not like the abuses, transgressions and injuries to happen to you to get the idea of how wrong and unholy those patterns of bad behaviors and sins are and how it will be judged by the Lord.  

All the excuses in the world will not change your character, the direction of your character and salvation or not, if you cannot see who you are and who you've become.  

All the forgiveness in the world will not change your character, the direction of your character and salvation or not, if you cannot receive, because unremorseful and unrepentant, thinking you have done nothing wrong or sinful.

Keep in mind, the Lord's Judgement is based upon the Lord's Laws, Standards and Ethics.

Will you pass the Lord's Judgement?  

Have you passed your tests of character?  

Friday, April 23, 2021


The real enemy in life is the temptation into sins (created by Satan and his slaves).  

If you have integrity, honor and hold true to the Lord, connect to the Holy Spirit, you need not fear the temptations.  

If you stray, confess, repent and atone, back to where there are pathways to redemption.

Time will reveal someone's true colors.  

Not always can one tell when a person turns Judas or when a person becomes activated and tempted into hate and violence against thy neighbor and the Lord.

Because it is difficult to tell on the surface, we must look for patterns of bad, inappropriate and unholy behaviors to realize if a person has been compromised, corrupted and tempted into treason and/or sins.  

Something is seriously wrong if agents of power, abuse power to such an extent where victims are murdered in cold blood in the streets or tortured and abused in one's own home.  

Clearly something must be done immediately to remove the abusers and bad agents, to ensure safety and justice for everybody.  

We must hold the perpetrators accountable, in order to prevent further violence and protect victims still alive from additional harm.   

If you know someone in power is a hater, do not give this person any kind of access or information to his victim; allowing access only incites more hate and harm.  

Whatever the perps excuses for corruption into sins and hate, there is no excuse for abusing, causing harm, injuries, pain and suffering or loss of life to victims.

Better Safe Than Sorry


Have you ever heard of the expression, "Better safe than sorry?"

In the journey of life, the unexpected, the tragic, the dangerous, happens all the time.  

Not everyone comes prepared for every contingency.   

Not everyone is an expert at everything.  

Not everyone prioritizes well-being and life top priority.

There are many aspects of life and humanity that are beyond politics, power plays and selfish interests, but not everyone thinks so.  

As of early February, 271 children have died from COVID-19.  

In Brazil, as of March, over 800 childrenunder age of 9 have died, though some experts believe the real number is three times higher.

As new variants of COVID-19 arise, we need to update our understanding of the contagion.  

Continue to take precautions.  

Just like we do not expect tactical teams to give up their protective vest while engaging an enemy combatant, do not give up your protective mask while engaging a potentially deadly contagion.  

Do not let your children become hosts to a virus that can potentially cause deadly harm.  

This virus constantly evolves and becomes more infectious and potentially deadlier to younger age groups.  

Weigh your options and outcomes.  

If on one end, is respiratory sickness which can impact brain development, breathing, long-term health disabilities and cost of life ….

It is too late to take precautions or life saving measures after death.  

Think through all the consequences.  

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day 🌻

Let us keep up the fight and continue to be good stewards of the earth and all its inhabitants.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Thank you Lord,

For helping to bring accountability to the guilty and a little justice for Mr. George Floyd, his family, friends and humanity.

We are thankful and grateful for Your many assists in life.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

No Correlation


Try to understand super-brawn super-power is not super-intelligence, wisdom, or super-creativity, innovation, or healing powers.  

What is the point of reading without reading comprehension?  

What is the point of predicting the future if you are going to destroy everything today?  

If you have people running around offering themselves up as host for a potentially deadly contagion, then infecting their family and friends, thinking that somehow god is going to protect and save them, and not one of those people have healing powers, then the likely outcome is not going to be good for them or happen in accordance to their wishful and ignorant thinking.

Megalomaniac thoughts will not offer protections against contagions, hacking, sins, ignorance, lies or any threats against that person.  


Because, not defensive in nature.  

Abusing and attacking are not offensive strategies either, but abuse of power and crimes, crimes against humanity.  

Abuse of power, hate and megalomania are practices totally against the Lord's Commandments and the Teachings of Christ to love in fellowship and to be humble, gentle, compassionate and kind in stewardship.

Grandiose thoughts have no correlation to the Lord, humanity, wisdom, healing or anything relevant to a fruitful life.

The origin of inspiration stems from the person capable of being inspired by the Holy Spirit.  

The origin of wisdom stems from the person capable of understanding the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  

The origin of healing stems from the person capable of receiving the healing of spirit from the Holy Spirit.  

Manipulations by force, coercions, misdeeds, falsifying data, lies and gaslighting, cover up the truth and intentionally misdirect, but are never real, never truthful, never wise, never accurate, never healing and never brave.  

In the end, the results and outcomes are to be judged by future generations and by the Lord on Judgement Day.  

Some mistakes can never be corrected, just as some sins can never be fully atoned for.  

Even if we can live with these mistakes, forgive or forget, it does not mean we did not make terrible mistakes or the unholies did not commit heinous crimes and sins not acceptable and forgivable by the Lord.  

You can argue forgiveness by the Lord, but is it solely a question of forgiveness?  

If you fail every test of character, become unholy and incompatible with heaven, what happens then?

Again, judgements by future generations are not based upon what you think, but what they think. 

Judgement by the Lord is not based upon what you think, but based upon the Lord's Judgement.  

And if you are trying to guess at what I am going to do now and in the future in creativity and ideas, it will be based upon what I will be thinking and dreaming, not upon the uninspired, unintelligible imaginings and lying manipulations of the grandiose Unholies.   

Monday, April 19, 2021

Dear Gentle Boo, 

Gentle, sweet and loving, 

The epitome of love.

Knowing you 

Is to know the gentleness of love.  

You brought light in darkness,

Tempered the slings and arrows of hate,

A lifeline to the promise of love;

Unconditional in your love.  

Thank you for being there

To lighten and brighten our days

With your gentle and loving ways.

No judgements, only love. 

The Lord created you in love for love.  

As you make your way back home,

Know that you are loved

And we are thankful and grateful for you

And your ever gentle love. 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Where Is The Healing?


Don't you find it strange that your superpower megalomaniacs only know how to destroy, brag and abuse?  

Which is the complete opposite of Jesus Christ, who heals.  

No true prophet brags about being a prophet; has no real healing accomplishments or abilities to substantively foresee what will happen in reality.   

Take COVID-19.  It is not about the imagined invincibility of a prophet, but about how the pandemic will impact everyone and daily life, now and into the future.  

Did anyone predict impacts and outcomes before there were impacts and outcomes? When and how accurate and how prepared to deal?

Where is the healing by your superpower narcissist?

What kind of healing powers, intellectual powers or creative powers do those superpower grandiose prophets have?  

Predicted anything useful as to COVID-19?  

Came up with life saving vaccines or treatments?

Where is the healing?


Are you stating that in hindsight, you still do not know if certain predictions came true or not during that time frame in the past?  

Think back nine years ago, what were the predictions back then?  

False, obvious, nonsensical predictions are not really predictions.  

For example, if you are a coffee drinker and every morning you drink coffee and someone predicted you will be drinking coffee, well, duh, kinda obvious; a prediction would be when you won't be drinking coffee.  

Predictions of stomach contents or physical movements will not get to intellectual or spiritual happenings, will it?  

So, what were the predictions back then and what kind of predictions were being forecasts.  

How accurate were those predictions? 

How substantive and consequential?  

Were you future misdirected, misinformed and misled?  

Groomed into grandiose false securities and megalomania? 

What was really happening back then do you know and could you tell now?

Take a good look and see if you can discern the truth of how the Lord will judge.  

What Did You See?


What if the fate of the whole world was at stake.  

If you fail, hundreds of millions of lives would be at stake with progressively new and more effective mutations; 

And if you fail, in a few years, the whole of the world economy would be in tatters and leading to the collapse of nations.  

Bread lines would become the norm for the majority.  

Healthcare systems overrun and broken.  

Can you imagine during that critical time period, nine years ago, Unholies did their best to destroy and destroy any hope of saving the world?  

How careless, disrespectful and abusive were those unholy destroyers in shepherd's clothing?

How careless, disrespectful and abusive still?

Still not understanding what was at stake back then?

Still not understanding what is at stake now?

What did you see and believe then?  

What do you see and believe now?  

Still, think you know what is at stake?

Friday, April 16, 2021

What Happens When You Fail Tests of Character?



Do you know what happens when you fail tests of character?  


Who's to know?  

Perhaps nothing immediate in consequence or your relationships with the world around you; however, something immediate happens with your relationship with the Lord and within yourself.  

When you talk yourself into believing falsehoods or ignoring truths, then you fail to discern the difference between holy and unholy, right and wrong, wise and foolish, truth and lies.  

I highly doubt that the unholies can understand what was done, let alone read and read with any kind of understanding.  

Try putting yourself in the victim's shoes and think what if the same things had happened to you, time and time again at countless atrocities, how would you feel?  

You would know how damning, if you bothered to think through the practices and put yourself on the receiving end of such practices.  

How would you like it if it happened to you?  

When you can answer these questions, then you will have an inkling of what happens when you fail tests of character.

Thursday, April 15, 2021



In Harry Potter, not every wizard or witch turns out to be a Dumbledore or can come close to his abilities.  

The same could be said in life.  

There is only one Jesus Christ, 

One Leonardo Da Vinci, 

One Einstein…..

We are all born with special and unique talents, but in different fields, at different depth and breadth levels and masteries.  

Be careful not to confuse hall of fame levels or talents and mastery with sophomoric talents and sometimes passable guesswork into the obvious or superficial.  

It is easy to conflate and confuse the two when there are no control variables and people read whatever the predictor wants or desires into the inconsequential and obvious.  

Predictions in what a person will be eating, drinking, watching t.v. and the like, have nothing to do with lights, connections visional plans

 in actional detail.  

Be careful the unnecessary distractions or superficial predictions away from substantive purpose and designs.  

Reevaluate your past judgements based upon what you know today.

Veritus A Sanctis


Constant vigilance!

As Mad-Eye Moody, would say;

It's no time to drop your guard.  

Or is it, never drop your guard?

Whichever it is, always keep your guard up when it comes to defense, especially when you are fighting an invisible enemy, like a deadly contagion or sinful temptations.  

You wouldn't want to catch s-something which might rot you from the inside out.   

Veritus a sanctis

Exorcizari peccatum


Veritus a sanctis

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians.  

Whether terrorism is committed by individuals, groups or by those in power in abuse of power, it is still terrorism, especially if is to further ideological goals in hate, such as racism and misogyny. 

To hide behind excuses, grooming (by compromised ministers or those in power), power, scapegoating, victim blaming, while terrorists get away with atrocities and crimes against humanity is inexcusable.  

We need to identify the varying counts of terrorism crimes and hold the terrorists and abusers accountable.  

If you know of crimes then report it, because the abuses are still happening at continuous and multiple counts.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021



Thank you for all your love, help and support.  

Sometimes with all the bad in the world, we forget all the good.  

It is easy to take for granted the holy, because they are not the ones doing the wrongs.  

Excuse me when I forget to express my gratitude.  

It is easy to become caught up in the problems of today. 

It is not easy to understand the fuss in the mundane over what some prejudice people take issues over, especially when those issues do not come up in the spiritual world unless it corrupts the soul in some way.  

A person's aura or spiritual energy is not the same as one's color of skin or gender.

I know we live in the real world.  


However, we define what gives life meaning and purpose.  

To hyper-focus on materialism, hate and power trips of Caesar, which leads to sinful and abusive practices does not give life meaning and takes away the whole purpose of life.  

The senselessness of loss of life due to hateful acts of violence or denigration of the honorable does not contribute to the well-being of society or advance the causes of humanity.  

In the end, the Lord will be the judge and will judge our character, deeds or misdeeds. 

Anything not relevant to the Lord's Judgement, I find difficult to focus upon.  

However, if we must battle the senseless abusers and haters, then we must, in order to insure the peaceful tranquility of the people and the right to live and raise our children up in a world without hate.   


In the wake of all that has transpired, there must be a wake-up call for those that continue to sin and practice abuse of power in hate and abuse of power in control.  

Patterns of bad behaviors and bad actors must be identified and rooted out, no excuses.  

It is completely unacceptable to continuously have victims subjected to attacks and assaults. 


Assaults which are at times deadly and result in tragic outcomes.  

To hear time and again that we are better than this, only to find out that we are not, is demoralizing.  

Systemic racism happens when the system allows it; the system is the people who run it.  

If we, the people, have zero tolerance for bad and abusive practices then the system will change.  

It will change not only by the laws we put in place and enforce, but by the standards of conduct in which we hold ourselves.  

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Unknown 2


Do you judge a book by its cover?  

What about by its title?  

Yesterday's title of "Unknown", did you know what it was about before reading the whole article?  

Even after reading it, did you comprehend the topic discussed?  

You never know how important a book is to revelation of the Lord's enlightenment until you read and comprehend its writings.  

The Bible is a compilation of scriptures, a series of important holy revelations by various holy writers across an extended period of time.  

Obviously there were other less well known holy scriptures and authors that did not make the cut.  

Did the Lord stop talking to holy people after the completion of the Bible?  

No other holy scriptures written?  

For over 2000 years, there were no other major prophets born after its completion?  

Holy history just stopped?  

The majority of the compilation of the New Testament happened forty years after the crucifiction of Jesus Christ.  

The Old Testament was written some 1200 years prior.

Even then, not every author was a direct witness to the teachings of Christ.   

Even if we have stopped recording the teachings of Christ, the holy prophets that predict the current and future impacts of Christ's teachings on future generations, it does not mean that there are no major prophets that have existed or will exist.  

The problem is in the discernment, especially when too many are unclean, groomed into sins and false beliefs, disrespectful of the Lord's commandments and creations, and too often, judge a book by its cover, by its looks instead of content.  

Not only are we arrested in development with Christ, sometimes there are in steep regressions away from Christ.  

Jesus Christ if you want to talk in terms of power is by all accounts the most powerful.  

However, never did he or was tempted into abusing his powers for selfish desires or gain.  

He used his powers for healing.  

His teachings are not about power, but about healing and bringing people closer to the holy, to love and peace, which were encapsulated in the Beatitudes, his sermon of the mount, Matthew 5-:1-7.

Never did Jesus manipulate people; he inspired, educated and enlightened, never puppeteered, coerced or forced.  

Before you judge quickly, step back, use unbiased discernment; take a good look at the content and character, the track record and proof of competency, comprehension, enlightenment and wisdom.  

Reevaluate your judgements and paradigm as new information or evidence come to light.  

If you staunchly hold on to ignorance and falsehoods, be prepared to be misled and continue on paths that may not lead to heaven or the Lord.  

Do you know at a glance what position a person holds in the Lord's Design and Purpose?  

Who has passed their tests of character?  

Who has fallen from grace?  

Who the Lord still holds in high esteem?  

Do you know?  

And do you know what is in the unknown?    

Saturday, April 10, 2021



Everything belongs to the Lord.

Do you understand everything the Lord has created?  

There are vast unknown mysteries created by the Lord yet discovered or fully understood. 

There are places considered to be holy places.  

Does this mean there are no other holy places?  


It means there are places holier and more sacred where people take pilgrimages to worship.  

There are places considered to have healing properties where people go to seek its being properties, such as hot springs.

Does this mean there are no other healing places? 


It means some places have stronger healing places than elsewhere.  

The same could be said for creative places where the creative force is amplified.  

There are people who study these places and understand why such places exist.  

Just because you might not understand does not mean these places do not exist for a specific purpose determined by the Lord.  

I would caution you not to close your mind to the mysteries and the unknown.  

After all, we are not omniscient.  

In order to free ourselves from ignorance, we have to study the mysteries and the unknown and know there are forces we humans do not fully understand or yet discovered.  

We will never get closer to any kind of knowledge or spiritual enlightenment if we do not seek, ask and knock upon the doors of the unknown.  

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....