Friday, October 13, 2023

Equanimity of the Holy


"A just weight and balance are the Lord's; all the weights in the bag are His work."   

                       -Proverbs 16:11

Just as we are weighed on Judgement Day and sorted to our proper placement (heaven, purgatory or hell) each according to our deeds and character, we are weighed in life by the Holy Spirit.

We know from Proverbs 16:11,

"The Lord demands accurate scales and balances; he sets the standards for fairness."*

And in order to arrive at the Lord's standards,

the spiritual consequences on a sinner may be severe or minor depending upon what results will arrive at a holy and positive spiritual energy (not just for the sinner, but also the whole of humanity) acceptable to the Lord.

Sanctus Aequanimitas.

Therefore, while there is time sinners must confess, repent and atone to the proper weight and balance, because once at the end there will be no more chances of redemption.



Monday, October 2, 2023

See if you can figure out and translate the message below:

算 來 算 去

害 來 害 去

轉 來 轉 去

您 是 不 是 忘 了什 麼 ?

空 來 空 去

很 空 空

想 來 想 去

看 來 看 去

想 想 看 看

有 沒 有 到 

天 意 

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Life is Beautiful


Life is not always a bed of roses.

Because life is a journey, we need to look at the whole of a person's life.  

Judging a life based upon the trials and tribulations is not looking at what was endured or sown in deeds and tests of character.

For instance, would you say Jesus led a tragic life because Christ was crucified?  

What Jesus Christ sacrificed and gave in gifts of teaching, enlightenment and healing transcends beyond the pain he had to endure at the close.  

The legacy of Christ's life remains (in what was sown) and in the hearts of true Christians that believe and follow Jesus's teachings of redemption, love and peace in fellowship.

Much like the movie, "Life is Beautiful", which shows that even in the midst of the most heinous crimes against humanity, there is beauty.

There is still love to be found inside the hearts of the innocent and courage in the hearts of the brave.

  When threats go unheeded, tragedy strikes, especially when brothers are turned against brothers and friends against neighbors. So many peo...