Thursday, October 8, 2020

Difference Between Holy and Unholy


How would you know the difference between holy and unholy if you are compromised in sin(s) or groomed to accept sin(s)?

When you are practicing sin(s) and bad behaviors, you will not notice or admit the state of your soul until you hit some kind of bottom, and even then you will make excuses to not see.  

When you are complicit to sin(s) and bad behaviors, you have already made a conscious choice to turn a blind eye to sin(s); therefore, you will not see or admit to the consequences with the unholy. 

You can assume someone quoting scripture is good, but if not used for good, but for grooming, manipulations or selfish gain, then that person is committing sacrilege and is not good, but unholy.  

It depends upon intent.  

Whether some spin or cover-up relates to something sinister, treasonous, lascivious, fraudulent or innocuous, depends upon intent, reason and character of the person behind it.  

But the excuses for practicing abuses, harm and sins are many.   

And many are lulled into complicity and even more tempted into sins.  

Selfish desires are no excuses to do something to someone without consent or to steal or to do harm.

In the end, there are no excuses for bad behaviors and sinful practices, because all unholy ways are but pathways away from the Lord and toward Satan.  

Do not pretend you have prophets or prophetic predictions when you do not follow the Law of the Prophets and cannot tell the difference between good and evil, holy and unholy.

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