Saturday, October 3, 2020

What Constitutes A Good Parent?


What is the job of a parent?

What are the attributes of a good parent?  

Love, care, kindness and ability to nurture and instill love, care, kindness, trust, honestly, integrity, honor and many additional attributes in their kids.  

Would you consider a person to be a good parent if he or she let their children harm themselves or others?  

Let their child do whatever he or she wants without regard to the consequences of harm to self and others?

Which is kinder and demonstrates true love? 

Let child recklessly fall off a cliff, get into harm and hurt self and others, develop into a monster and into damnation 

or stop a child from reckless endangerment, prevent from harm and injuries, discipline and nurture into good person, steward, and have the possibility of salvation?  

What kind of future do you want for yourself and your children?  

Would salvation be at the top of that list? 

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