Sunday, July 31, 2022


If you ever played Pokémon Go you know of strength and weaknesses. 

For example, water Pokémons  are strong against fire, but weak against electric types.  Ice Pokémons are strong against ground, but weak against fire. 

In life, there is no such thing as perfect strength against everything and everyone.  

It depends upon what and who you are up against.  

It is one of the reasons why having a diverse and well rounded talent team is vital to growth and defense.  

It is another reason why you should not try for invincibility, because there is no such thing especially by oneself.  

Therefore, do not sacrifice love and kindness in fear of threats or delusional invincibility and illusional strength;

Because anyone can be abusive and threaten life.  

Ruthlessness and coldness of heart is not strength of character or wisdom, nor does it eliminate all threats, especially threats to character, peace and salvation.

Any practice that prevents the Holy Spirit from connecting to your spirit and humanity causes weaknesses of spirit and character.  

You cannot see the Lord with a cold heart, only with a pure heart.  

You cannot receive the Holy Spirit with a cold heart, only with a warm, kind and empathetic heart.

Why and how do wars, terrorism and unholy acts happen?

The greatest threat is corruption and sins from within.

Therefore, do not give footholds to sin or unholy behaviors.  

Do not excuse sin or use forgiveness* as a means to bypass redemption, because sinners will then be off the narrow path of salvation forever.

If you sin, confess, repent and atone.  

Clean yourselves up so that you will be presentable to the Lord and wrongs in harm will not continuously happen and occur.

*Forgiveness is for the victim to give, not for the sinner to give, because not the injured party; redemption is for the sinner to receive if able to receive after repentance and atonement.

Saturday, July 30, 2022



Do you find it curious that in sermons, ministers can practice discriminations of hate (in the mundane) against a person's person's race, color, religion and sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation)?  

Use certain parts of scripture to justify the discrimination and hate?  

To groom people against one another?  

Why the focus in the mundane instead of spiritual enlightenment and growth?

Each part of the discrimination law deals with unjust and prejudiced practices about everything you cannot take with you when you die.  

Can you take with you your race, your color, your religion or your sex when you die?  

Then why the hate and hateful sermons and practices in these areas? 

The Pivot Point



Priests should not use the pulpit to spread messages of hate and discrimination; especially, justifying hatred with scriptural texts written before the times of Jesus Christ, making no distinctions between the Old Testament, the Gospels and the New Testament, from an eye for an eye practices to loving thy neighbor as self commandments. 

The constant vacillation between old and new, the conflation of distinct teachings of Christ with Pharisees laws, the lack of discernment, constantly block or distort Jesus Christ's teachings of love, peace, kindness and empathy.  

This constant casting of stones and judgement of others, also without first cleaning up oneself from sin and hateful ways, is unchristian and unholy.  

Pompous self righteous hypocrisy must stop.  

Manipulation of scripture, in self importance, selfish desires, personal gain of power or absolution of sins in judgement and blame, is sacrilegious.  

Priests misleading their flocks away from or off the narrow path of salvation (into the mundane) will be held accountable on Judgement Day.  

Spiritual enlightenment is an evolutionary process and should be treated as a process.  

The pivot point is from that of Jesus Christ and any regressions are points of ignorance and distortions of the Truth.  

Thursday, July 28, 2022


Power of the skin only exists in Caesar.  

When you die can you take your skin with you?  

Will the Lord be judging you on your skin?  

Will the Lord judge you on your weight, your appearance, your gender or anything physical or powerful?  

What will the Lord be judging you on? 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022



Life is short.

Why waste it?  

Why the wasting in fear, hate and malcontent?

Countless deeds yet undone and good memories yet to be made, will never be in senseless wasting.  

Unproductive anger, useless manipulations will never produce anything good.  

Perhaps your friend would like to think twice, before walking the path of shallow, superficial mundane nonsense.

Regardless of your choices and that of your friend, my alliance is with the holy, the Lord and humanity.  

If your friend chooses to be unhappy and unholy that is his problem.  

But if he chooses to bring everyone else down with him, that becomes all of our problem.



Where do you pin your hopes and dreams?  

If you place your bets on the wrong horse, bank on the unreliable, then do not expect great returns.  

It does not take a genius to know that it is unsustainable to continuously double down on liabilities and triple down on sins, because in the end all you would have left are the liabilities and the sins.  

I do not know how far gone in power trips your friend happens to be, but even rats flee sinking ships.  

For your friend to put his fortunes behind sinking ships is unwise.  

Prosperity cannot be created through stupidity, nor peace achieved through cruelty.  

The mundane power of Caesar is transient.  

Therefore, pinning any hopes and dreams on anything other than the holy, will not lead to salvation, peace or prosperity.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2022



I feel like telling that guy, if he is a guy, to "man up", but I know I would be wasting my breath.  

Because, where does the buck stop?  

Apparently, everywhere else, but at his feet.  

Blaming every possible person, but himself for his poor choices and bad decisions.  

Did he take the advice of those closest to him?  

Did he take the advice of his counsel?  

Why then, after he made his bed, does he still insist on blaming others for his bad calls?  

Finding scapegoats and inciting anger, always pointing the finger away from his mistakes and lack of manhood.  

A man takes responsibility for his choices and owns up to his mistakes.  

I have neither the time nor the inclination to waste on poor sports, spoiled brats, and unmanly cowards.  

I would like people to be happy, yes, and not spend their short time on earth always angry and malcontented, finding fault in everyone and everything, instead of looking to help others.  

However, if someone chooses to be angry then that is their choice to remain unhappy and miss out on the good memories in life.  

I find it difficult to not turn my back on poor sport troublemakers, malcontented, because I do not find anything honorable about them.  

You can tell him, if you like that I do not find him to be much of a man, but I wouldn't waste your breath.

Monday, July 25, 2022

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

                                     - John 8:32

There are no inconsistencies in the truth. 

If there are inconsistencies then there are falsehoods and/or misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations.  

Enlightenment in truth leads to clarity of mind and spirit.  

Any impediments to enlightenment and truth, blocks the way to heaven.  

For you cannot not receive the Holy Spirit or walk in the narrow way in falsehoods;

Nor can you walk the Lord's way in your own understanding.

You especially can not receive or know anything holy in misunderstandings and misinterpretations.   

When you paint lies, live those lies, become the lies, then you have no truth in you, forever bound to delusions of grandeur, and no freedom from the harm and injuries the lies may cause.  

Only in truth can you identify in fact and realize the problem and take actionable actions in purposeful measures.   

Otherwise, it is merely an exercise in delusional grandeur that often destroys reality senselessly, cruelly and brutally.

Therefore, seek to find and know the truth, face it (and if sinned, confess) and set yourself free (to be with the Lord and part of humanity).

Friday, July 22, 2022


Forgiveness is not redemption.  

Forgiveness by the victim does not cleanse the soul of the sinner nor does it absolve the sinner of that sin.  

What cleanses the soul of the sinner is redemption.  

In order to begin the process of redemption, the sinner must first confess the sin.

Work through the process of redemption, much like that of getting clean from substance abuse in a twelve step program, repent and atone.  

One does not control sin, like substance abuse, must abstain, expel and exorcise sin or abusive substance.

Do not give footholds to sin.  

Do not assume forgiveness from the Lord and not work on the process of redemption or the path of redemption, because the consequences are dire upon death if sins remain unrepented and unatoned.  


Power is irrelevant in determining character. 

Power is irrelevant in determining good deeds.  

Power does not figure into the Lord's Judgement at any time.  

Presenting power to the Lord does not mean anything.


Power of Caesar is not the way to enter heaven.  

Power of self is not the way to enter heaven.  

Superpower is not the way to enter heaven.  

At no time can you force your way into heaven. 

Abuse of power is worse; it leads to sinful harm and crimes against humanity and is thus damning.  

Continuous and continual abuse of power causes aggravated harm and crimes against humanity and is thus very damning and sacrilegious.

The way to heaven is narrow and its path is but a fine line between good and evil.  

Once you cross that line into the unholy, the only way back is through remorse at the level equal to the level of harm.  

And in order to have that kind of remorse, the sinner must understand why the sin was wrong and so hurtful and harmful.  

The way to understanding is through atoning which allows you to gain empathy and feel what you have put the other person through in harm. 

Without walking the path of redemption, the sinner will not find the narrow way into heaven.

Thursday, July 21, 2022



The problem with the power of Caesar is that it is not the power of the Lord.

Do not confuse power with wisdom.

Power is nothing until wielded properly.

Abuse of power is not power used wisely, but in harm and destruction, thus sinful.

To mistake power within as strength of confidence is to have its force block any reception of what is holy or unholy; a fist cannot receive.

To try to control fears and insecurities is to never face your fears and brave the truth.

To try to use your power to control others is to think only of your selfish desires and never letting that person be themselves and become what the Lord intended, thus very unholy and sacrilegious.

To try to control your sins is like trying to control substance abuse or eating disorders; you must first confess you have a problem before you can get to the root causes, repent and atone and go through the twelve steps.

The Serenity prayer helps to recognize that we are responsible for our own actions.

Let go of the things that are beyond our control.

It does not mean that we do not have a collective responsibility to do what we can to help and serve the Lord and humanity

Do not look upon power as anything, but responsibility; what you are responsible for.

You are responsible for your own actions.

You are responsible for your character while you are determining your action

You decide who you want to be under any situation and any condition; therefore, there is no situation or condition in which you do not have a choice.

That choice determines your character and shapes who you are.

I hope you escape the trappings of the body, the material world and ignorant power, because none of it can be presented to the Lord in the end.

What you present of yourself to the Lord in the end are the culmination of your choices which shaped your character.

If you have managed to pass your tests of character, I doubt you will have any problems entering heaven.

If you have not passed some, there is still time for corrective action; simply acknowledge the fails, repent and atone.

"God, grant me the seren

to accept the things I cannot change

the courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom to know the difference."

                                   - Reinhold Niebuhr

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Note 7-20-22

Generating sexual energy focuses everything on the body; generating sexual abuse focuses everything into the gutter. 

Sexual energy is the opposite of spiritual energy.  

You cannot create or have inspiration from sexual energy only spiritual energy inspires creativity and intellectual thought.  

Monday, July 18, 2022


Let's face it.  

There is a systemic problem with corruption of faith, stemming from an inability to brave the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth.  

Half truths are not whole truths.  

Sometimes it is unintentional, because the mind believes what it wants to see and forces that belief into reality in a confirmation bias.  

Confirmation bias sometimes causes us to believe in lies, because we want to believe it to be true.

We want to believe that when we sin, we will be forgiven; therefore, we will give it greater significance than what can be forgiven.  

"And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven."  

                                        - Matthew 12:31

We can be forgiven for sins, but will be we forgiven by the Lord, by the person(s) you have hurt? 

And how to receive forgiveness without remorse, without confession of wrongdoing, without repentance and atonement?  

My point is that because of confirmation bias, our minds sometimes only hear that we will be forgiven for all of our sins, and do not distinguish between can be forgiven and blasphemy.

If you do not take in consideration that whole verse, then you are only hearing half the truth and not the whole truth. 

By recognizing the need to see the whole truth, however ugly, allows you to see the whole truth, understand and be enlightened.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Dear E-Snowflake ❄️, 

I feel like we live in a world of dreams.  

At times, deeper in sleep than 


In this world of dreams, we are tested 

and in these tests we remake our true 


When we pass, our self esteem rises, our

colors brighten, strengthening our 

wholesome self; what was broken 

mended, what was harmed healed.  

When we fail, our self confidence


falters, defusing our wholeness in fear 

and insecurities, breaking our bonds to

humanity and the Holy Spirit, causing 

our true colors to become bleak, worn,

broken, tattered and at worst, pathetic

and unclean.  

Some people seem doomed to be lost in

the dreams of Caesar, where beauty and

power is only skin deep; forever to be 

covered in the trappings of the mundane 

material world and temptations of power, 

lust, greed, hate, ignorance and deadly 

sins, constantly feeding those insatiable 

beasts of harm, waking to find 

themselves not in heaven, but perpetual 


I know you know that cowardice is not 

an option, because in order to make a 

brighter world for our children and

future generations, we must

keep and uphold the Lord's commands.

We serve the Lord and humanity and 

therefore, we must have practices which

honors the Lord and respects the Lord's

commandments and creations. 

Anything less would be dishonorable 

and sacrilegious.

I hope you are well in spirit as well as

mind and body.

May we wake in the Holy Spirit of




Saturday, July 9, 2022


What has been proven?

     Abilities to create lights, innovate and

     plant seeds of hope and fruit trees for     

     the future?

     If not, then what has been proven?  

     Abuses of power and superpower?  

     At what levels?

What has been revealed?  

     Great deeds of kindness, grace and        

     prosperity helping humanity?     

     If not, then what?

     Great misdeeds of cruelness, disgrace,

     and deprivation harming humanity? 

     At what levels?

Abilities to pass tests of character?  

     Upholding integrity of a wholesome self

     in service to humanity and the Lord in  

     keeping with the teachings of Christ in

     love, respect, honor and decency?  

     If not, then at what level of failures in 

     loss of self in sins and harm?

Friday, July 8, 2022



I do not remember Jesus Christ stating that the way to heaven was the broad way or anything goes way.  

Do you?

I do not recall all sins and sacrileges will be forgiven.  

Is there not a difference between can be and will be?  

I recall forgiving slights, but not unclean sacrileges.  

What do you recall?  

Cut through excuses or footholds in sins; did Jesus say the way to heaven was broad, simple and many will enter?

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


How can copycats, super or otherwise, be truly great or big?  Especially if can't even copy correctly? 

Copycats or Unholies getting off on abusive power, believing oneself to be invincible, does not mean actual invisibility or even longevity greater than anyone else.

Copycats thinking in the grandiose, does not make the thinking actually great or big, just excessively pretentious and overblown.

Claw back any credit to superpower copycats, because copycats were not the originators; therefore, do not deserve any credit, except in harm, abuse and lies.

Real credit belongs to the true creator and teacher, not copycats.

Friday, July 1, 2022



Do you think priests are infallible?  

Through the centuries priests made accurate interpretations of Jesus Christ's teachings and intentions, no mistakes?  

Without the possibility of misinterpretations, how can you question the depth and breadth of understanding?  

Knowing the tip and surface of faith and believing it absolute, will not give you the scope or depth of connection to the Holy Spirit.  

Asking how limited or complete your understanding is of the Teachings of Christ, is asking how deep your enlightenment is to the Holy Spirit and the Lord.

I have a feeling that if Christ were to visit us today unrecognized, most will be telling Jesus how wrong he is, and how right their priests or ministers are.  

If Christ dared disagree, then how bad he is for not believing as you do.  

What do you think?  

Would you be tolerant?  

Or not?

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....