Friday, October 9, 2020

Do Not Kowtow


Do not kowtow to abusers, sinners or unholies.  

If you do, it means complicity or conspiracy to abuses, sins and damnable behaviors.  

It may be more difficult for some, because of false beliefs, grooming, compromises and false promises.  

But to continuously downplay the threats to life, liberty and salvation, only increases the threats to life, liberty and salvation. 

Failures to put up adequate defenses against COVID-19, attacks to the Constitution and sins, only causes more sickness, death, tyranny and damnation.  

You can believe in many things, but the Truth is the Truth and reality is reality. 

You can believe that COVID-19 is not a threat or dangerous to life, but it is not the reality; because the evidence is in the dead bodies of over 213,000 that have died in the States from COVID-19 in less than 9 months.

You can believe that if you turn your mind unclean, your heart impure and your soul unholy that you will be forgiven and be able to enter heaven, but it is not the reality; because Jesus said, you have to be pure in heart in order to see the Lord, Matthew 5:8, and Jesus said for the unholies to get away, Matthew 7:21-23.

The reality is that sinful and unholy people, wicked in abuses, sins and thoughts, is incompatible with the holiness of heaven.  

If you value life, liberty and salvation, you must defend and protect it from threats of harm in ignorance, hate, crimes and sins.  

Whether you kowtow to the ignorant, the hate, perpetrators or sinners, will determine the course of your character, life, and the world.

Your future and the future of your children depends on your ability to defend and protect from harm the threats to life, liberty and salvation.  

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...