Sunday, March 27, 2022


Let us learn from history.  

Some people do not change and are the same no matter what period of history we are talking about.  

Bullies are bullies and tyrants are tyrants.  

Take a look at Nazi Germany and Axis Japan. 

In the beginning, the Nazis made treaties of nonaggression and made promises to not invade which were quickly broken with invasions of Poland and Russia and annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. 

Axis Japan invaded China and in joint operations with the Nazis attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor.  

Nazis rose to power with hate and power trips; and soon abused their power in crimes against humanity.  

At its core, the Nazis abused and used power to incite and fill the compromised with hate and blame in power trips of destruction and self destruction.

Blaming the victims as if they asked for it.

But who started it?  

Who started the lies? the abuses? the invasion?  

Guess what?  

The tyrants, the abusers, are going to do whatever- regardless.  

Take a look at history.  

Tyrants are going to believe in their invincibility, because no one stood in their way before;

And believe in selfish desires and  wants, because tyrants always in the past got their way.  

And history is going to play out like it always plays out, in reality, not in grandiose dreams of glory or past glory. 

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