Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Note: Life is Strange, episodic video game: Impressions

Theory- the purpose of life

Learn to be a better person, strengthen character, through a series of tests of character. 

Not so much the end result as passing tests of character like bravery- speak up, stand up, defend- intervene, face fears, brave the truth.  

Therefore, do not abuse power, especially super-power. 

If Maxine Caulfield had not used super-power in changing time, instead changed herself with acts of bravery, the timeline could be changed without serious side effects.  

What could she have done without using superpower? Startle. By asking to take a picture or simply take the shot of Prescott. Speak. Shouted. Tackle. 

At every turn, perception of reality can be a learned helplessness which stops you from changing outcomes or a learned destruction by messing up outcomes in abuse of power or negative behaviors.

Perception of reality may seem like reality, because it is your reality, but it is not the whole reality.  

*Began 8:43 am finished by 9:00 am 3-8-22

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....