Wednesday, March 2, 2022


One of the first prayers we learn, as Christians, is the Lord's Prayer. 

In it, we ask, in prayer, the Lord to "lead us not into temptation"- Matthew 6:13, but to deliver us from the sins of temptation.  

Judas betrayed the Lord, because he was angry that Jesus did not use his power in abuses to subjugate the abusers, causing harm and injustices in authoritarian rule.  

Jesus' way, the truth and life, is not the way of Caesar, the way of grandiose power in abuses, fear and hate. 

The way of Heaven is about wisdom in enlightenment of the heart and mind in love and peace, vested in care and stewardship of humanity and the world.

Anyone not following the commands of the Lord (to love the Lord and thy neighbors as thyself) will not have salvation.  

Living in empty promises of grandiose power and trappings of materialism are nothing, but practices in temptations and sins.  

You cannot present grandiose power or materialistic greed, delusional trophies, to the Lord when you die and expect to pass the Judgement of character. 

To escape from failures of character in damnation, let us assess what has happened, see the harm to humanity and ourselves, the children of the Lord.  

Let us turn away from the temptations of grandiose power, selfish desires and sins, and instead, practice the way of Christ in the Teachings of love and peace.

  “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”        ...