Tuesday, March 29, 2022


I know, I know, time for the blame game again and again, time for retaliation guises under imaginary wrongs; 

At least, that's what always happens when abusers and tyrants do not get their way or when someone dares to stand in their way or say something other than groveling platitudes at their feet.

The problem is that most of the time nothing in reality will match the grandiose fantasies of power and control and grandeur in the abusers' and tyrants' mind; it's never going to be enough.  

The abusers will steal all of the victim's britches and say to the victim that you need to pull yourself up by your britches; 

Or continuously abuse until the victim is incapacitated and debilitated, near death and say you can't sleep the day away.  

It makes you wonder when the lies of abusers and tyrants take hold and the abuses and sins go unstopped and untold, where in the world has all the good men and people gone?  

It's like watching a stream of priests, Levites and uncaring people walking by and not stopping to help as the abused traveler, laid robbed and dying by the side of the road; and wondering is there such a person as a good Samaritan or does this kind of a person only exist in parables (Matthew 25: 31-46, Luke 10: 25-37)?  

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