Thursday, March 31, 2022


I know, I know time for those that are unholy, playing the power game in abuse of power and blame game, and those complicit to the abuses to be judged early by the Holy Spirit.  

You would have to be very bad, like raping and/or torturing of angels bad, to receive early judgement. But it happens as it did in Sodom and Gomorrah.

If those Unholies and those complicit do not want to end up in the deepest parts of hell, I suggest confession, repentance and atonement; you know, redemption.  

However, the die is cast for most of them and at death the shadows await to take them to hell.  

Since the Unholies like taking things that belong to the Lord and the victim, Unholies and their accomplices will know what it is like to have the shadows take them.  

I am sure the Unholies will not mind, since Unholies like playing and delighting in sins and abuses to have the same things happen to them perpetually.  

Never should the Unholies have forsaken humanity and the Lord for the power of Caesar and power trips.  

Delighting in evil by feeding the beast of hate, power and control and sins, will not endear them to the Lord nor will it grant salvation.   

Those that are complicit should be aware judgement is not fully out on them yet, but likely to head to hell with the Unholies, just not as far down; reason being not just a few counts of crimes against humanity at this point, but hundreds of continuous counts of crimes against humanity and sins.  

Thank You

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