Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear Earnest Hearts,

Even in the worst of times, there is much to be thankful for.  

There are not many people with the privilege of knowing you, your Mom and fantastic people.v

The mere existence of people with kind hearts, goodwill, integrity, love of humanity and care for the environment is enough to give hope and light the darkest of days.  

It is also helpful to know the unconditional love of a family pet.  

Yes, I too, get disheartened by selfish and unholy people; however, those sad and pathetic ones never outweigh the good one.  

I do consider myself very lucky to know you and your Mom.

Do not feel sorry for my person, feel sorry for those that do not know love and cannot be love.  

No matter how you are viewed by others, it is how you are viewed by the Lord that matters.  

No amount of abuse or anything by others can change your placement with the Holy Spirit, which is determined by your design and purpose; by your heart, mind, character and talent.  

Not everyone has the chance to know wonderful and kind hearts and live "It's a Wonderful Life", though a bit vicariously and figuratively.  

I have never placed much stock in overly arrogant megalomaniac fools, blinded by greed, lust and power. Their sins will be their undoing. (Not sure why unholies are always in a hurry to see what it is like to live out their hell, manifest out their hell and end up in hell.) 

Now, I have even less stock, if that's possible, in the overly arrogant megalomaniac fools.  

Now, I have greater appreciation for you and your Mom.  

And a greater appreciation for the holy and all the blessings that come from the holy.  

Be careful what you wish for, because I did ask the Lord to teach my person appreciation, but I could have forgoed the lessons in aggravated hate and prejudice and narcissism and megalomania. 

I suppose the greater and greater appreciation part would not be as poignant and great if that was missed.  

As you soar to great heights (of enlightenment), remember to ground yourself in your Mom's teachings and love, the teachings of Christ and the love of the Holy Spirit.

Remember to care for yourself too (as you care for others). Hydrate and exercise. 



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