Saturday, April 10, 2021



Everything belongs to the Lord.

Do you understand everything the Lord has created?  

There are vast unknown mysteries created by the Lord yet discovered or fully understood. 

There are places considered to be holy places.  

Does this mean there are no other holy places?  


It means there are places holier and more sacred where people take pilgrimages to worship.  

There are places considered to have healing properties where people go to seek its being properties, such as hot springs.

Does this mean there are no other healing places? 


It means some places have stronger healing places than elsewhere.  

The same could be said for creative places where the creative force is amplified.  

There are people who study these places and understand why such places exist.  

Just because you might not understand does not mean these places do not exist for a specific purpose determined by the Lord.  

I would caution you not to close your mind to the mysteries and the unknown.  

After all, we are not omniscient.  

In order to free ourselves from ignorance, we have to study the mysteries and the unknown and know there are forces we humans do not fully understand or yet discovered.  

We will never get closer to any kind of knowledge or spiritual enlightenment if we do not seek, ask and knock upon the doors of the unknown.  

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