Saturday, April 17, 2021

Where Is The Healing?


Don't you find it strange that your superpower megalomaniacs only know how to destroy, brag and abuse?  

Which is the complete opposite of Jesus Christ, who heals.  

No true prophet brags about being a prophet; has no real healing accomplishments or abilities to substantively foresee what will happen in reality.   

Take COVID-19.  It is not about the imagined invincibility of a prophet, but about how the pandemic will impact everyone and daily life, now and into the future.  

Did anyone predict impacts and outcomes before there were impacts and outcomes? When and how accurate and how prepared to deal?

Where is the healing by your superpower narcissist?

What kind of healing powers, intellectual powers or creative powers do those superpower grandiose prophets have?  

Predicted anything useful as to COVID-19?  

Came up with life saving vaccines or treatments?

Where is the healing?

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