Monday, April 26, 2021



Not sure why you would water down excellence and high intelligence.  

Why you would want to see what it is like to have things messed up or not run smoothly? 

Why do you want to see what real world catastrophes are like when you mess up and open up too soon and not where masks when not fully vaccinated?

Still not able to learn from past mistakes and sins.  

Repeating grandiose delusions over again in selfish desires and sinful greed. 

Are we incapable of looking beyond privilege, power, greed, and selfish desires or selfish interests? 

The failures in prioritizing safety first, the collapse of well-being and healthcare systems, impacts lives and economies on a greater detrimental scale than securing, protecting and prioritizing safety and lives to begin with.  

Why think you can do a better job than the experts and teachers with proven track records of excellence?  

Still to this day you cannot tell the difference between excellence and mediocre?  

How much greater are the tragedies suffered with water down policies and incompetent guess works in grandiose delusions of power and bravado?

Why not hold those tripping on abuse of power responsible?  

Instead of blaming the victim for the decisions of those in power for their faults, mistakes, sins, lies, misinformation, gaslighting, sabotages and out and out fraud in guesswork, incompetence, abuses and abuse of power?  

Perhaps you should take a good look at your own choices and judgements before blaming the victim.

And if you think you could do better than the teacher, why then is it not better?  

Why is it so much more tragic and sad?  

Thank You

Thank you brave defenders of democracy and humanity for defending the values, the people and children that make this world a better place - ...