Sunday, April 25, 2021

Predict The Future Of Your soul


Trust is lost when there is no integrity, no honesty, no respect.  

Honor is lost when there is no integrity, no dignity, no decency.  

Love is lost when there is no integrity, no kindness, no compassion, no respect, no honor, no trust, no care and no regard.  

Relationships are lost when there are no positive attributes in fellowship.

There is no relationship with the Lord, with your family, friends, yourself and thy neighbor without trust, without honor, without love, respect, decency, dignity and the intangibles of fellowship.

For what is humanity if not the positive connections and attributes of the humane?  

Are we to devolve into rabid and rancid animals, uncivilized, indecent and depraved?  

All the talk about power, superpower without any of the character attributes of humanity and healing, becomes psychotic and grandiose without any redeeming qualities, especially in these times of pandemic.  

When a loved one is sick or when you are sick, do you think super-brawn or power of Caesar will save you?  

Think you will live forever?  

If we had lost the innovation for vaccines in COVID-19 or treatments, where do you think we would be today and into the future?  

The healing of mind, body and soul are paramount to life and quality of life.  

The healing of spirit is paramount to life and quality of life and afterlife.  

Yet, the priority and focus is not on healing, but upon power, superpower and abuse of power (great in bullying, theft and false sense of security, but not so great in intelligence, wisdom, creativity, healing and innovation).  

Will power, superpower somehow increase your I.Q.? 

How about wisdom?  


Think in a false sense of security that it will keep you from getting squashed?  

Did it keep those impacted by COVID-19 from being impacted?  

How about hacked?  

How about being divided?  

How about being played?  

How about being incited into violence and compromised?  

Who actually is perpetrating the abuses and sins?  

If you could go back in time and predict the future, do they match today's outcomes? 2020 outcomes?  

If you could predict the future of your soul, will it match the outcome of the Lord's Judgement?  

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