Tuesday, April 20, 2021

No Correlation


Try to understand super-brawn super-power is not super-intelligence, wisdom, or super-creativity, innovation, or healing powers.  

What is the point of reading without reading comprehension?  

What is the point of predicting the future if you are going to destroy everything today?  

If you have people running around offering themselves up as host for a potentially deadly contagion, then infecting their family and friends, thinking that somehow god is going to protect and save them, and not one of those people have healing powers, then the likely outcome is not going to be good for them or happen in accordance to their wishful and ignorant thinking.

Megalomaniac thoughts will not offer protections against contagions, hacking, sins, ignorance, lies or any threats against that person.  


Because, not defensive in nature.  

Abusing and attacking are not offensive strategies either, but abuse of power and crimes, crimes against humanity.  

Abuse of power, hate and megalomania are practices totally against the Lord's Commandments and the Teachings of Christ to love in fellowship and to be humble, gentle, compassionate and kind in stewardship.

Grandiose thoughts have no correlation to the Lord, humanity, wisdom, healing or anything relevant to a fruitful life.

The origin of inspiration stems from the person capable of being inspired by the Holy Spirit.  

The origin of wisdom stems from the person capable of understanding the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  

The origin of healing stems from the person capable of receiving the healing of spirit from the Holy Spirit.  

Manipulations by force, coercions, misdeeds, falsifying data, lies and gaslighting, cover up the truth and intentionally misdirect, but are never real, never truthful, never wise, never accurate, never healing and never brave.  

In the end, the results and outcomes are to be judged by future generations and by the Lord on Judgement Day.  

Some mistakes can never be corrected, just as some sins can never be fully atoned for.  

Even if we can live with these mistakes, forgive or forget, it does not mean we did not make terrible mistakes or the unholies did not commit heinous crimes and sins not acceptable and forgivable by the Lord.  

You can argue forgiveness by the Lord, but is it solely a question of forgiveness?  

If you fail every test of character, become unholy and incompatible with heaven, what happens then?

Again, judgements by future generations are not based upon what you think, but what they think. 

Judgement by the Lord is not based upon what you think, but based upon the Lord's Judgement.  

And if you are trying to guess at what I am going to do now and in the future in creativity and ideas, it will be based upon what I will be thinking and dreaming, not upon the uninspired, unintelligible imaginings and lying manipulations of the grandiose Unholies.   

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