Sunday, April 11, 2021

Unknown 2


Do you judge a book by its cover?  

What about by its title?  

Yesterday's title of "Unknown", did you know what it was about before reading the whole article?  

Even after reading it, did you comprehend the topic discussed?  

You never know how important a book is to revelation of the Lord's enlightenment until you read and comprehend its writings.  

The Bible is a compilation of scriptures, a series of important holy revelations by various holy writers across an extended period of time.  

Obviously there were other less well known holy scriptures and authors that did not make the cut.  

Did the Lord stop talking to holy people after the completion of the Bible?  

No other holy scriptures written?  

For over 2000 years, there were no other major prophets born after its completion?  

Holy history just stopped?  

The majority of the compilation of the New Testament happened forty years after the crucifiction of Jesus Christ.  

The Old Testament was written some 1200 years prior.

Even then, not every author was a direct witness to the teachings of Christ.   

Even if we have stopped recording the teachings of Christ, the holy prophets that predict the current and future impacts of Christ's teachings on future generations, it does not mean that there are no major prophets that have existed or will exist.  

The problem is in the discernment, especially when too many are unclean, groomed into sins and false beliefs, disrespectful of the Lord's commandments and creations, and too often, judge a book by its cover, by its looks instead of content.  

Not only are we arrested in development with Christ, sometimes there are in steep regressions away from Christ.  

Jesus Christ if you want to talk in terms of power is by all accounts the most powerful.  

However, never did he or was tempted into abusing his powers for selfish desires or gain.  

He used his powers for healing.  

His teachings are not about power, but about healing and bringing people closer to the holy, to love and peace, which were encapsulated in the Beatitudes, his sermon of the mount, Matthew 5-:1-7.

Never did Jesus manipulate people; he inspired, educated and enlightened, never puppeteered, coerced or forced.  

Before you judge quickly, step back, use unbiased discernment; take a good look at the content and character, the track record and proof of competency, comprehension, enlightenment and wisdom.  

Reevaluate your judgements and paradigm as new information or evidence come to light.  

If you staunchly hold on to ignorance and falsehoods, be prepared to be misled and continue on paths that may not lead to heaven or the Lord.  

Do you know at a glance what position a person holds in the Lord's Design and Purpose?  

Who has passed their tests of character?  

Who has fallen from grace?  

Who the Lord still holds in high esteem?  

Do you know?  

And do you know what is in the unknown?    

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...