Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Ha! Ha!  

So deranged I forgot to laugh 😏 

What great contributions have those super haters contributed to the world?

Please name them, because I really like to know.  

Please, what magical healing and power did those super-nonsense, messer-uppers contribute?  



Misinformation, fraud?  

Sabotage great works and contributions by the real humanitarians?  


Noise and super-noise in senseless distractions, accelerating their rot of self and damnation? 

Can't read or comprehend anything, but delusional power trips of selfish narcissism and megalomania?  

Well, anyone can accomplish this, but why would they?  

Why give yourself a false sense of security with a bunch of compromised super-nonsense, super- ignorants, abuse of power terrorists perps? 

So that the world can laugh at you with them?  


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