Sunday, September 27, 2020



In the pursuit of _______what happens to you?

Do you imagine you have gained ______when you have lost?

What is the cost or sacrifice?  

Let's say you are pursuing security, either financial or personal security.  But in the pursuit, aggressively going after what you want, you forget what it is for (at the neglect or cost of what the security is for).  

What am I talking about?  


Protecting against insecurities, fears, sins and harm.  

Let's say you aggressively attack and hunt down all external threat, but in doing so, failed to defend internally.  

What happens?  

You might become the monsters or perpetrators you are fighting, because you let in and give footholds to insecurities, fears, sins and harm.  

Thus, leading to infiltration (of insecurities, fears, sins and harm), bad players and internal misconducts.   

The compromises you make for justifying the ends will eat away at your integrity; 

Which get away from for what it is for.  

So what?  

What is your character like today?  

Where is the state of the world?  

Failures in defense means not just giving footholds in insecurities, fears, sins and harm, which leads to compromised behaviors and infiltration, but it means getting played by adversaries (and Satan) in groomed complacency or worse conspiracy.  

Failure in defense also means likely failures in tests of character, which leads to corruption and possible damnation.

Let's take a brief test.  

Have you been made to believe that everything is normal and safe when in reality it was not normal or safe, but dangerous?  

Have you been made or tempted into participating in compromised behaviors or misconducts?

Have you been pressured into obedience or false loyalties? 

Have you experienced emotional blackmail?  

These are just a few indices of grooming (which do not just happen to children, but clearly also to adults, except it is called psychological warfare or gaslighting).  

The point is the victim(s) become tricked into believing everything is normal and fine when in reality it is not.  

The problem with believing this, is that the abuses, sins and injuries in harm continues and escalates.  

Similar to believing that COVID-19 is harmless and then you wind up with over 200,000 people dead and counting, yet some still believing nothing is wrong.  

Similar to believing that you are saved, when not in the practicing of sins and harm (Matthew 7.21-23 and Luke 13.25-27), yet still believing nothing is wrong (with your soul).  

What happens when you fail to defend?

Tragic consequences to your soul, your character, humanity, and the world you are tasked to defend. 

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