Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Road Taken


When you take one road instead of another, you are determining the path of your life journey.  

The problem arises when you go down the wrong road, because by chance you pick the wrong exit, by fraud and lies you were mislead, or by coercion, deceit and sabotage you played into the hands of adversaries.  

Whatever the reason, you end up in a bad place.  

It becomes even worse when instead of being destined for heaven, you become destined for hell.  

Keep in mind that there is a mundane life path and a spiritual life path.  

Both have to work in conjunction in order to receive maximum learning and positive karma.  

If they are at odds, then the chances of picking the wrong path either in the mundane and/or spiritual life increases many folds.  

If someone predicts for you a great life, filled with riches and wealth (and that is someone's idea of a great life), you miss out on predictions of a happy spiritual life, miss out on the point of life, the purpose of life and ultimately miss the road to heaven.

Superficial predictions lead to focuses upon superficial life and whichever the road picked will lead nowhere.  

Poverty does not bar a person from heaven.  Riches might, if you fall for it's trappings and the same goes for power.  

Being able to see the Lord, the pathways to heaven depend upon purity of heart.  

Therefore, take the road that will lead you to the Lord.  

Thank You

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