Monday, September 28, 2020



The blame game is exactly how it sounds; blame everyone else other than the person responsible. 

The problem with the blame game is that the person playing this game ends up with no honor and no integrity. 

Because the real name of the blame game is to fool everybody in order to get away with it, the sins, crimes or lies this person does not want to be responsible for. 

Unfortunately, if you are the victim of the blame game, it can be very costly when people believe the perpetrator(s). 

It can cost friendships, relationships, livelihoods and even, loss of life. 

Also very prevalent in the blame game, are manipulations in psychological warfare, gaslighting and grooming; forcing people into alternate states of reality where the lies are truths and the truths are lies. 

What happens when some people do not deal in truths? 

Then those people do not deal in reality. 

The reality is that practices in sins, bad behaviors and misconducts, lead no where, but  damnation and further damnation (as ones character becomes more corrupted, erodes over time and more sins and crimes committed in cover-ups). 

And problems in reality are never addressed or solved, only more abuses and problems created with lies that beget more lies, harm, abuses, ignorance and incompetences. 

As the discrepancies of character disrupt the grandiose delusions of the liar, the need to blame and transfer the self loathing becomes even greater. 

The problem with transference is that the victim(s), is then hit with the brunt of the self loathing and hatred in retaliations (as the self loathing is transfered) of the liar. 

Not only is abuse common in these cases, violent ends are also altogether a common place, because the perpetrator(s) deal in blame not reality and therefore have no or little real attachment to the victim (objectified), humanity or have any empathy that is in the way of lies. 

Ultimately the people fooled, groomed or played, become complicit or conspire to keep the delusions alive and protect the perpetrator(s) and blame the victim(s). 

And the cycle of abuses, sins, crimes, lies and blame continues and gets passed on to the next generation of perpetrators or fools. 

Unfortunately, some people are too lost to realize the dangers of not having any real defense in reality and also no real offense in reality to fend off the threats of lies, dishonor, sins, crimes and other external threats to the soul and life. 

Tragedies will befall, such as COVID-19, and still no appropriate response will be mounted in reality and no empathy or sympathy given to the fallen, sick and dead. 

Consequences will reverberate and with no real response, tipping points to the negative across the board will not be prevented and then more tragedies will befall and fall like dominos. 

Unless we recognize the problem(s) and have the courage to brave the truth, take responsibility for our actions, we will never be able prevent preventable tragedies (instead of it befalling upon us with unnecessities and greater tragedy), or be real and realize our full potential in the Lord's truths and live the Life.

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...