Tuesday, September 22, 2020



Decide now, are you going to put into place processes that honor the Lord?  

Too many times, I have made bad assumptions; like there is no way anyone would get rid of Einstein and replace with a group of quacks and idiots or favor the copy cats that cannot even copy correctly the advanced copy of teacher's answer sheet (by substituting out the correct answers for wrong ones) over the teacher or favor abusive thieves that abuse and torture friendlies and innovators instead of simply asking or giving fair exchange.  

I was proven wrong.  

And I had to ask myself, why would anyone replace the likes of Dumbledore with Lockhart's, Professor Trelawneys and expect to win against adversaries like Voldemort?  

It's like putting more garbage on top of garbage then roll around in it and expecting to come out smelling like a rose (or garbage in and expect genius level work out).  

Why the suspended belief in the nonsensical; like being able to reply physically to an email yesterday that was only sent today or destroying a factory and expect production from it after destruction? 

What causes this type of delusion in impossible nonsensical grandiose thinking?  

Where lies are not lies, but forms of possibilities of imagined realities in fiction, senseless nonsense and abuses of reality and fact?  

I ask these questions, but I still do not know the answers.  

Perhaps, people actually believe the excuses for doing bad, commiting abuses of power, practicing sins or doing whatever it take to get what is desired, no matter the cost to the soul or humanity.  

Whatever the excuse, whenever integrity is compromised, what is lost, is the true sense of self (values and principles that define your character, your word and good name), honor, trust and relationship with the Lord.  

And any hope of putting in best practices and processes that honor the Lord.

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...